Sunday, November 8, 2009

Asthmatic Kitty's Library Catalog Music Series

The Asthmatic Kitty Records' Library Catalog Music Series is an ambitious effort to create soundtracks for every moment in life. Here is some info about 2 of the volumes we found particularly intriguing.

Vol 2: Music for Measurements highlights the infectious groove of deep-soul funk outfit Law of the Least Effort. Music for Measurements propels listeners through 10 cuts of pure soul and marketability. Buddy cop movies, high-impact convenience store branding, Texas Holdem...look no further, these will have you tapping your toe in no time to the tune of cash!

Law of the Least Effort - Law 2 [click to download]

Vol 3: Music for Drums is a collection of quadratic-based marching band drum-core experiments by the geniuses whom produced our first two volumes. We convinced the enigmatic musicians to collaborate in our mountain studio resort to create this focused and highly advanced recording that fills several unique niche markets, that are as of now still untouched. We imagine a polaresque science-fiction intrigue that could very well be Antarctica or Pluto, with sweat, sex and icicles!

Music For Drums - Big Moth [click to download]

Click here for more on this series or to purchase these volumes directly from the label.

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