Friday, November 13, 2009

Kid Koala presents The Slew

Ninja Tune will be releasing the album '100%' by The Slew on November 24th.

What started as a soundtrack to a film never made has turned into a turntable rock experience.

Four and a half years ago, Eric San (aka Kid Koala) and Dylan J. Frombach (aka Dynomite D) started working on a rock record. The pair, who met on the Beastie Boys tour in 1998, had been approached to soundtrack a documentary feature film. The film was eventually abandoned, but with Mario C on board for mixing, San and Frombach were already deep into the psych rock-influenced score and there was no turning back.

Teaming up with Chris Ross and Myles Heskett, the former rhythm section of Grammy Award-winning band Wolfmother, The Slew set out to put together a full-blown rock band experience to do justice to the material in a live setting. And justice was served: The truly excessive six turntables, drum, bass, keyboard and wall of amps that made their way across North America this October made for a full-on raw, pummeling rock experience. The Slew bring punk rock attitude back to the turntable unlike anything you've ever heard.

We've got two free mp3s from the upcoming album and a video for you:

The Slew - It's All Over [click to download]

The Slew - You Turn Me Cold [click to download]

The Slew MySpace

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