Sunday, November 22, 2009

Moussa Clarke - Regret

Moussa Clarke is a talented producer and DJ from London that runs Oven Ready. He was kind enough to share a previous release of his with us called "Regret" including the original version and some great remixes. Enjoy the music and explore the links to find out more about Moussa Clarke and Oven Ready.

The original version of "Regret" is a big club track with a lush breakdown and lots of energy.

Moussa Clarke - Regret (Original Mix) [click to download]

The remix by 6884 is a nice techy version with elements of tech house and minimal techno in the mix:

Moussa Clarke - Regret (6884 remix) [click to download]

The Daniel Lindeberg remix is more on the progressive house vibe and is also really good:

Moussa Clarke - Regret (Daniel Lindeberg remix) [click to download]

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thanks for the support dude!