Thursday, November 26, 2009

Scarlette Fever

Scarlette Fever is a new pop singer from the UK with a beautiful voice. Her recently released EP - "Sticky Fingers" is a precursor to her debut LP 'Medication Time' which will be released early next year. We have a free track for you that was featured on the EP, the Justin Wilkes remix of "You Don't Know My Name". "You Don't Know My Name" is the first single from the 'Medication Time' LP.

This remix is a great downtempo / chillout track.

Scarlette Fever - You Don't Know My Name (Justin Wilkes Horizontal Remix) [click to download]

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Scarlette Fever MySpace

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Anonymous said...

I have bought this CD and it is fabulous! Been on her website aswell and there is a lot more to come I believe! Check her out!!!