Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Music video from trance superstars Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond were recently chosen to do the soundtrack for Richard Branson's unveiling of the space ship at his Virgin Galactic project. At an event hosted by Richard Branson in the Mojave Desert, the track chosen to accompany the official unveiling of Space Ship Two was Above & Beyond's club anthem "Buzz", which was inspired by the Apollo 11 moon-landing. After the unveiling of the world's first space tourism spacecraft, Above & Beyond performed an exclusive DJ set in front of an audience of 800 dignitaries, celebrities and soon-to-be astronauts, plus the assembled global media.

Here is the music video for the new edit of the song "Buzz" featuring actual dialogue and video clips from the Apollo 11 mission, courtesy of NASA. It also features concept images of the travels of Space Ship Two.

Above & Beyond were kind enough to share with us the video edit of "Buzz" to stream and/or download:

Above & Beyond - Buzz [Buzztalk] Video Edit [click to download]

Above & Beyond Official Site

Above & Beyond MySpace

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