Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nickodemus "Sun People" album gets remixed!

from the press release:

Although summer’s long gone Brooklyn’s DJ Nickodemus is ready to heat up your soundsystem with Sun People Remixed. As the title suggests, this release brings together some of the world’s finest and most eclectic remixers for brand new interpretations of original tracks culled from Nickodemus’ critically acclaimed sophomore artist album Sun People.

Earthrise Soundsystem’s take on the title track is a tribal moment; packed with West African chants, while The Spy From Cairo brings a deep island reggae sound to “Just Move Feat Kwasi” Next, The Pimps of Joytime take Brooklyn & Bucharest on down to the Big Easy with that New Orleans funk groove and both Red Astaire and Tal M Klein lay down a thick layer of funky bass on their interpretations of “Sun Children” and “N’Dini,” respectively.

J Boogie brings a wonderfully warm electronic vibe to the soothing Middle Eastern vocal on ““Didibina” while Swedish producer HIRD (Fever Ray, Little Dragon) brings out a treasure trove of percussion on “La Lluvia.” The warehouse doors fly open with techno on Christian Prommer’s driving and beautiful remix of “The Love Feeling;” a proper warm up for Kush Arora’s bone rattling 2 step crusher on “2 Sips & Magic.” A comedown is necessary after that scorcher and Adham Shaikh offers the perfect R&R through his downtempo take on “WEriseWEfallWerise” Day turns to evening and the sun sets on this CD with Pablo Sanchez’s smooth Hip-Hop flavored take on “Sun Children” and a gorgeous house remix of “The Love Feeling” from SABO feat new vocals from Dario Boente.

Conceptually, Sun People was built with songs made for people who love the sun, sunshine and brighter days to come. Appropriate, of course, as Nickodemus has made his mark soundtracking NYC summers with his massively popular Turntables On The Hudson live events (More than just 4/4 beats and a night out, Nickodemus is known for adding something a bit more musical and spiritual to the mix at his parties). The original versions were inspired by various people Nickodemus met and places he’s been, along with his collective feelings of optimism. It’s these positive sonic vibes from all over the globe that Nickodemus matches with collaborators hailing from destinations including Guinea, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Romania, India, Turkey, United Kingdom and New York City. These are the Sun People.


01. Sun People (Earthrise Soundsystem Remix)
02. Just Move Feat Kwasi (The Spy From Cairo Remix)
03. Brookarest (The Pimps of Joytime Remix)
04. Sun Children (Red Astaire Rollerskate Remix)
05. N’Dini (Tal M Klein Remix)
06. Didibina (J Boogie Remix)
07. La Lluvia (HIRD Remix)
08. The Love Feeling (Christian Prommer Remix)
09. 2 Sips & Magic (Kush Arora Remix)
10. WEriseWEfallWerise (Adham Shaikh Remix)
11. Sun Children (Pablo Sanchez Hip Hop Remix)
12. The Love Feeling (SABO Remix feat Dario Boente)

Enjoy a free track from the album, the Kush Arora remix of "2 Sips & Magic" which is a really great track with a dope bassline.

Nickodemus - 2 Sips & Magic (Kush Arora Remix) [click to download]

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