Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hot new dubstep action from NONEWYORK

NONEWYORK is pumping out some good stuff right now. I've got a couple of free tracks for you as well as previews of some other releases.

Here is a dark dubstep track they made called "Born In Blood" which contains some audio snippets from the show Dexter:

NONEWYORK - Born In Blood [click to download]

Here is a three track preview sampler of the new release from Hot N Heavy Recordings called 'Junk Funk EP'. The style is termed tropical dubstep and it fits, fun unique sound to these tracks.

Hot N Heavy also recently released their first full length release, 'Bay Area Bass'. The release contains tracks from NONEWYORK, Roommate, Commodore 69, Megalodon and more. Here is a preview widget for the release:

Click Here to go directly to the release page for 'Bay Area Bass' on Juno to buy the tracks.

One more freebie, this is an electro-house remix of Rusko's track called "Da Cali Anthem" which samples "California Love" by 2Pac.

Rusko - Da Cali Anthem (NONEWYORK remix) [click to download]


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