Sunday, March 14, 2010

New album coming from Hybrid!

'Disappear Here' is the new album from Hybrid and it will be released April 12th on CD / LP / digital by Distinctive Records. 'Disappear Here' is Hybrid's fourth artist album, and the team of Chris Healings and Mike Truman have been joined by singer/songwriter Charlotte James.

Chris Healings had this to say about 'Disappear Here':
“This album offers a lot more than anything we’ve managed to write in the past. Charlotte comes from that singer/songwriter/performer world and she really inspired us to write something much more song based. Working so much with her we feel like there’s a feeling of going somewhere else or doing something that will last longer in a live capacity. The music definitely reflects our desire to be a band but firmly rooted in dance music.”

Disappear Here Tracklist

1. Empire
2. Can You Hear Me
3. Green Shell Suit
4. Disappear Here
5. Every Word
6. Formula of Fear
7. City Siren (Reprise)
8. Salt
9. Original Sin
10. Take A Fall
11. Break My Soul
12. Numb

The new Hybrid album is amazing and it starts off with a bang with "Empire". It's an epic, brooding piece of electronic music and immediately shows us the maturity and complexity behind the production of the album. The strings on "Empire" were performed live by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Next up is "Can You Hear Me". This track is full of energy and the interplay between the male and female vocal parts is great. "Green Shell Suit" is an instrumental electronic piece on the more chill side of things and brings back memories of other timeless Hybrid downtempo tracks.

The title track, "Disappear Here" is a real journey and showcases the magic that is the new Hybrid. "Every Word" has a subtle pulsating bass line and is another great track that features Charlotte's vocals. "Formula of Fear" has the same big energy as "Empire" and gives the listener an idea of what the group sounds like in their live performance.

"Salt" is an emotional song that is one of the real stand out tracks on the album. I couldn't stop listening to this one. "Original Sin" is reminiscent of classic Hybrid with a full electronic sound firmly rooted in tech house and nu skool breaks. "Take A Fall" is a fusion of breakbeats and electric guitars and features vocals by Tim Hutton. "Break My Soul" is going to be the first single from the album and is another huge tune like "Original Sin" but a little more chill.

The album brings us back down after a great journey with the closing track "Numb". "Numb" really showcases the talent of Charlotte James as a songwriter.

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