Monday, March 15, 2010

Reverse Engineering + OY

Big posting with some crazy music for you. Reverse Engineering is a production group from Switzerland. They have recently released a new album titled 'Highly Complex Machinery'. Click Here to purchase Reverse Engineering music from Itunes.

First up, we have for you a free Reverse Engineering remix of a track called "Liquid Surface" which is the High Tone song "Musical Bonzeye" remixed by Reverse Engineering and Blu Rum 13. This track has an amazing rhyme coupled with an East-Asian influence followed by an instrumental section with the beat kicking in. The track was originally released on the High Tone remixes compilation "Re-Processed #1".

Reverse Engineering - Liquid Surface feat. "Musical Bonzeye" by High Tone [click to download]

Reverse Engineering MySpace

Here is the Reverse Engineering remix of "Snake" by Oy. Reverse Engineering makes this one a real head-nodder. Great beat and they keep the original vibe with the vocal.

Oy - Snake (Reverse Engineering remix) [click to download]

The original version of "Snake" by Oy is a very unique track which I absolutely love.

Oy - Snake [click to download]

Click Here to buy Oy music from Itunes.

Oy MySpace

Enjoy the brief video teaser for Oy's recently released album:

Here is the Acid In My Bed remix by Sutekh. This version is completely tripped out with a huge bassline and haunting synth work. Almost in a progressive tech vein, I can hear this being played out by forward thinking DJs such as Sasha, Digweed, James Zabiela and DJ Three.

Oy - Snake (Acid In My Bed remix by Sutekh) [click to download]

Click Here to purchase Sutekh music from Itunes.

Sutekh MySpace

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