Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hedflux DJ mix + new release info

Hedflux has a new release called "Mindcell" coming out April 26th on Broken Robot Recordings. The release will have the original mix as well as a remix from RMS & Peak. Click Here to purchase music from Broken Robot Recordings on Beatport.

Here is the latest Hedflux DJ mix from February which is a high energy mix of psychedelic tech-funk and breaks.

Hedflux - Feb. 2010 DJ Mix [click to download]

Tracklisting for DJ Mix:

1. Orzels Machine – BC (Trick Music)
2. Lee Coombs – Detox (Access Denied RMX) (Lot 49)
3. Mr Snook – Past The Noise (CDR)
4. Hedlfux – Mind Cell (Broken Robot)
5. Beatman & Ludmilla – Moldova (Ayra)
6. Big Mistake – Fusion Control (CDR)
7. RMS & Peak – New Realms (Hedlfux RMX) (Broken Robot)
8. Robosapiens – Monkey Drummer (Luqas RMX) (Dead Famous)

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