Sunday, April 4, 2010

Robbie T

Robbie T is a talented producer from the UK who makes 2-step, bassline house and drum-n-bass and records as Robbie T, Liquid Funkstar, Soul Master and Wolverine. He has released over 30 tracks and remixes since he first started producing in 2005. He is giving away some of his older tracks, and we have two of them for you.

First up is "Losing My Mind" - a drum-n-bass track with a female vocal that Robbie released as Liquid Funkstar.

Liquid Funkstar - Losing My Mind [click to download]

The other free track is a bassline tune called "U Just Don't Get Me".

Robbie T - U Just Don't Get Me [click to download]

Robbie T MySpace

Robbie T Soundcloud - Robbie T has more tracks for you to download and stream on his SoundCloud page.

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