Monday, May 31, 2010

Mochipet vs Devo

I've got a couple of free Mochipet mp3s for you, but first wanted to let you know that Mochipet has not one, but TWO albums coming out soon on Daly City Records - 'Vendetta' (featuring MC Zulu) and 'Rawr Means I Love You In Dinosaur'.

Mochipet took Devo's classic "Whip It" and turned it on it's head with a heavy dose of dubstep.

Mochipet vs Devo - Whip It (Mochipet's Nitrous Oxide Mix) [click to download]

This "Thriller" remix was also available as a free download from Mochipet.

Mochipet vs Michael Jackson - Thriller (Mochipet Dubstep remix) [click to download]

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New release from Abe Duque with remixes from John Digweed & Nick Muir

New release "Hypocrisy" from Abe Duque will hit Juno Download on June 7th, and all other retailers on June 21st. The release is on Process Recordings.

This release is going to be huge and is already being supported by Sasha, John Selway, Tom Novy, Marc Romboy, Timo Garcia, Elite Force, Chris Fortier, Samuel L Seesion, Sander Kleinenberg, Dave Clarke, Meat Katie, Miss Kittin and Phil Hartnoll.

Enjoy streaming previews of all three tracks:

Click Here to purchase music from Process Recordings at Beatport.

Click Here to purchase Process Recordings music from Juno Download.

New release coming from NAPT

NAPT is celebrating the release of their new single on Funkatech Records by giving away a free track called "Dateline". You can stream and download the free track below. On June 7th, NAPT is releasing "Naarcotics" & "Fuck Critics" as a digital and vinyl release. "Dateline" is a high energy track of breaks and tech funk that the boys like to call N-Funk. Enjoy!

NAPT - Dateline [click to download]

NAPT MySpace

NAPT SoundCloud

New EP from KiloWatts on Thoughtless Music

KiloWatts has just released the Time Keeper EP on Thoughtless Music. The release includes 3 original tracks as well as a remix from Limacon - one of the hottest names in tech house right now.

Time Keeper EP Tracklist

The Ringing Spheres
Speed of Time
Speed of Time (Limacon remix)
Solar Clock

"The Ringing Spheres" is a minimal tech house groover. "Speed of Time" is chilled out tech house. The Limacon remix takes the groove of the original version and adds a fun bouncy beat to kick up the energy level of the track. "Solar Clock" is another minimal tech house gem. This EP should appeal to a wide spectrum of electronic music fans. This release has received support from Timo Maas, Nick Warren, Laurent Garnier, John Selway and Slam.

Click Here to purchase this release at Beatport.

Here is a free 128kpbs version of Solar Clock:

KiloWatts - Solar Clock [click to download]

KiloWatts website

Saturday, May 29, 2010

New remix from Shir Khan

Munk recently released the 'La Musica' EP on Gomma Dance Tracks and the release includes remixes from Audiojack, Azari & III, Mercury, Tiago and Shir Khan.

Click Here to purchase 'La Musica' from Beatport.

As a bonus, here is the Shir Khan remix for you:

Munk - La Musica (Shir Khan remix) [click to download]

Shir Khan MySpace

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fresh new EP from dubLoner & Isaac Haile Selassie out today!

New EP from dubLoner & Isaac Haile Selassie - “The Fight, The Spirit” released today by de’fchild Productions.

Isaac Haile Selassie is a singer/songwriter/musician from Los Angeles-by-way-of Ethiopia who teams up with producer dubLoner (AKA Kenneth James Gibson) for an original release that marries a classic sound and socially conscious lyrics with remixes that provide a contemporary flair. It’s an evolutionary step in forward-thinking electronic dub.

dubLoner is the reggae, roots and dub alias for the man known in everyday circles as Kenneth James Gibson. Since releasing his first record in 1994, he’s recorded under the aliases apendics.shuffle, Eight Frozen Modules, dubLoner, The Premature Wig, Men In Slippers, Cascabel Gentz, KJ Gibbs, Reverse Commuter, Bal Cath, Electronic Music Composer, and Hiss & Buzz (with Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto), among others. Gibson was also the founder of noise pop band Furry Things and helped launch Adjunct Records in 2005.

{Isaac Haile Selassie}

Isaac Haile Selassie is the real deal and his global journey is one of intrigue and inspiration. Born in a rural area of Ethiopia, his mother passed away before he was a year old and unable to care for him, his father brought him to the capital city, Addis Ababa and gave him over to the care of the late Emperor, Haile Selassie I. Isaac was placed in His Imperial Majesty’s boarding school, which the Emperor himself established, and was overseen personally by His Majesty and in close proximity to the palace. Isaac’s last name is Haile Selassie because he was raised by Haile Selassie I. When the Emperor was deposed, Ethiopia was thrown into political turmoil and Isaac left his country by foot, walking through the desert and until he reached Sudan, where one night he met a group of other Ethiopians who were listening to Bob Marley, a pivotal moment in Isaac’s life. Marley’s message of love and peace resonated within Isaac’s own experience of dealing with life’s harsh realities first hand. From that point on, Isaac (now based in Los Angeles) has been committed to promoting harmony among people around the world and ending racism through the power of his music and lyrics.


”The Fight, The Spirit”
“The Fight, The Spirit (Djunya Remix)”
“The Fight, The Spirit (Kush Arora Remix)”
“Backoff! (Ruoho Ruotsi Reshape)”

Click Here to purchase this release from Itunes.

Here is a free track from the release, this is the Kush Arora remix of "The Fight, The Spirit":

dubLoner & Isaac Haile Selassie - The Fight, The Spirit (Kush Arora remix) [click to download]

Click Here to purchase other dubLoner music from Itunes.

Click Here to purchase other music from Isaac Haile Selassie from Itunes.

Click Here for a previously posted free remix from Kush Arora that was part of the Nickodemus "Sun People Remixed" album.

Kush Arora website

Monday, May 24, 2010

Free Track from Plump DJs!

Plump DJs are London based production and DJ duo Lee Rous and Andy Gardner whose energetic, quirky productions and skillful, pounding DJ sets have acquired a loyal and admiring fan base the world over. The Plump DJs sound is a high energy blend of Breakbeat, House and Techno.

Here they take one of their original beats, and layer it with snippets from Kelis and The Beatles to provide a kick ass club banger.

Plump DJs vs Kelis vs The Beatles - The Volcano Coalition [click to download]

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Plump DJs MySpace

Plump DJs Facebook

Plump DJs Twitter

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cosmo Vitelli’s I’m a Cliché records to release Bot’Ox – “Overdrive EP”

The new Bot’Ox 'Overdrive EP' is being released June 7th on vinyl and digital.

from the press release:
Parisian motor fetish electro poppers, Bot'Ox (Julien Briffaz and Benjamin Boguet, one-half of Tekel and the whole of Cosmo Vitelli) puts it into gear and takes to the Autobahn with their latest single, "Overdrive" out on I’m A Cliché Records this June. Jam packed with up-tempo rhythms, mad synth lines and freaky melodies at every sharp turn, "Overdrive" is the perfect long haul, road trip soundtrack as you put pedal to the metal on the highway to where ever.

A tried and tested formula, the reaction to the track at the end of the band’s new live set has proven to be most welcoming. The crowd loves it and so do Bot’Ox. Already a staple fixture in the buzzy Parisian scene, the duo’s debut album will be released in September and the boys look set to rev it up.

The 12" package comes with 4 choice remixes.

Morgan Geist, of Metro Area fame and Environ's head honcho, adds a furious groove to the original while keeping the tension alive. French duo Logo, hotly tipped newcomers, take it straight to the dance floor and last but not least, Welcome Stranger (aka Thomas Bulllock from Rub n Tug) uses the handbrake to give us a deep, beatless, dubbed out version.


A1: Overdrive (Original)
A2: Overdrive (Logo remix)
B1: Overdrive (Morgan Geist remix)
B2: Overdrive (Welcome Stranger’s Cold Hard Light of Day Mix)

I have for you a free mp3 of the Morgan Geist remix:

Bot'Ox - Overdrive (Morgan Geist remix) [click to download]

Bot'Ox MySpace

II’m A Cliché Records website

Free Breakbeat track from DJ Sean Timothy

DJ Sean Timothy has shared with us the Bbq Sauce remix of his track "Gravity Bleed". This is a good breakbeat track with a nu skool breaks vibe to it.

DJ Sean Timothy - Gravity Bleed (Bbq Sauce Mix) [click to download]

DJ Sean Timothy on SoundCloud - more free downloads on his SoundCloud page.

DJ Sean Timothy MySpace

Music Video from Corrugated Tunnel

Video for the upcoming single "Remedy For My Soul" by Corrugated Tunnel, featuring vocals by Antoinette. Filmed in Dublin by Ian Lawton of Reasonably Shorts.

The single will be released on Process Recordings in July 2010, with remixes by Rennie Foster, Jay Riordan and Shane Robinson.

Click Here to purchase music from Corrugated Tunnel at Beatport.

Friday, May 21, 2010

New release from Jubilee [techno | tech house]

Hidden Recordings welcomes up & coming Washington DC-based producer Jubilee to their roster with the delightfully sinister Dopamine EP. Featuring remixes from Thoughtless Music’s Noah Pred and Hidden’s own in-house production team of Deepak Sharma & Dieter Krause, this single is the first in a series of quality releases from the label due out in 2010. This release is comprised of two original Jubilee compositions: “Dopamine” and “Histamine”. The pair of tracks are remixed by Pred and Sharma & Krause respectively.

Click Here to buy Hidden Recordings music from Beatport.

Here is a free 128kbps mp3 of the Noah Pred remix of "Dopamine":

Jubilee - Dopamine (Noah Pred remix) [click to download]

Jubilee MySpace

Filterwolf releases full-length album - Music From Tomorrow

Filterwolf has released a new album on Process Recordings called Music From Tomorrow. This album is full of great production inspired by the future. Forward thinking techno at its finest. Hard to name favorite tracks, as the entire album is high quality.

Enjoy a streaming preview of all the tracks from the album:

Click Here to purchase music from Process Recordings at Beatport.

Here is a free track off the album - "Nocturne", it's deep and techy goodness:

Filterwolf - Nocturne [click to download]

Filterwolf website

New release from Southern Cross

Southern Cross has a new release on Voco Records called "Difference" which includes the original track and a remix by McCreary & Boshell. The release offers two great progressive house tracks. This release is already being supported by Nick Warren, Danny Rampling and James Zabiela.

Click Here to purchase Southern Cross's Difference single from Beatport.

A free track from Southern Cross - a remix of "Make My Body Rock" by Jomanda. This is a great track of vocal progressive house. I love it.

Jomanda - Make My Body Rock (Southern Cross remix) [click to download]

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2 Hour Techno Mix

TronicPDX - May 2010 2-hour Techno Mix

Dancefloor Mayhem SoundCloud

A two hour mix of techno that was first featured on


01. Gui Boratto - Terminal
02. Mumzoo - Eleven (Isaak Lozano remix)
03. Francois Le Roy - Taj Mahal (Fallhead remix)
04. Tim Sheridan - Bionic Language (Adultnapper remix)
05. Hummingbirds - Crawl
06. Tractile - Ardorant (Marc Houle remix)
07. Gusgus - Add This Song (Gluteus Maximus remix)
08. Mike Monday - Your Body
09. Tolfrey & Ramirez - Bounce To Me (Lauhaus remix)
10. Tuxedo - Sous-Sol
11. Acid Pauli - Nil
12. Limacon - Sans Rip
13. Zemi vs Angel Alanis - Live On (Inert Vocal Mix)
14. Emrah Celik - Combiotic
15. JAK - Automatic (Audio Injection remix)
16. Michael L Penman - Fun
17. Torro Remote - Magma
18. Ristoker - Boots Up
19. Winx - Don't Laugh (David Tort remix)
20. Phil Kieran - Again & Again
21. Aoo&ooA - Sputnik
22. Vadim Lankov - Expectation
23. Elektrochemie - Pleasure Seeker
24. Ratz Lukas - Tricky

mixed by Tronic | TronicPDX

Monday, May 17, 2010

New single from the Scissor Sisters!

The Scissor Sisters have a new album coming out June 28th called 'Night Work'. From that album we have the original version of "Invsible Light" along with the House of Stank remix.

Scissor Sisters - Invisible Light (House of Stank remix) [click to download]

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

New single coming from Cicada

Cicada has a new single coming out June 6th called "Magnetic". We've got full streaming previews of the original mix and the Naked Mix.

Cicada - Magnetic (Original Mix)

Cicada - Magnetic (Naked Mix)

Click Here to purchase Cicada music from Itunes

House Music Reviews from DJ Dennis of Selekta Recordings

Dancefloor Mayhem is proud to announce a partnership with DJ Dennis - who will be providing us with some reviews of new house music releases. DJ Dennis is the founder of Selekta Recordings - a label based in Philadelphia focusing on house music but they also release techno, breaks and downtempo music. I have worked with Dennis for quite a few years, we were both writers / DJs for the Selekta website that used to feature live DJ shows, archived DJ mixes, event reviews, music reviews and book reviews. The record label is a nice extension of the original vision of the website.

Zweikland feat Esteban Garcia – Destination Unknown – Solardish Recordings

Solardish’s sixth release is packed full of genres made for multiple dance floor freaks. 5 different remixes, ranging from tech house, to progressive, to deep, and one that sounds like a mini DJ set accompany the original on this release. The original mix of ‘Destination Unknown’ is a playful mix of sub-bass, bubbling under twangy synth stabs, accentuating the drum buildups and big swoosh sounds; a great track to help a DJ bring their set up a notch. The ‘Beach Lounge Mix’ drops it down with swooning pads, and a mellow break beat. Those who are fans of dub tracks off of the Defected label will enjoy the string buildups and pounding bass of Paul Gilmore’s remix, seriously well thought programming and sweetness throughout. For those of you who like to play the deep tech, and want to focus on bass frequencies and trippy vocal snippets, peep out the Alvaro Hylander remix. Systemfunk’s remix is the version which I see having the most overall appeal to crowds. Its mix of commercial sounding chords and pianos, over reverbed and echoed keys, mixed with just the right bit of percussion makes for a solid track. YUG’s remix is HUGE. This truly sounds like they recorded an Ableton DJ session with all the parts of the song and were triggering all of the wirey effects and sound loops on the fly. It’s fun, powerful, and will definitely be a factor in burning away some of that rubber off of the soles on your dancing shoes.

Bang Bang – Broken – Lost My Dog

This 7 track EP from South Africa’s Bang Bang is the 29th release from Lost My Dog. “Broken’ is a glorious piece of funky, deep house wrapped around a fabulous male vocal. Its original mix, as stated before, focuses on funky house rhythms, spaced out effects, and an original sounding male vocal, which is a blessing in disguise. So many vocal house tracks these days have male vocalists that sound exactly the same, or are TRYING to sound like other vocalists. So Bang Bang, thank you for sounding like YOU, and not anyone else! The other remixes walk down a path that shows the many painted colors of the genre of house. Giom’s deep and techy mix rides smooth, strong drive, yet never going over the top. Pete DaFeet’s remix should find its way into a Joe Claussel DJ set, heartbreakingly soulful, and solely focused on the beauty and power of the vocal. Yse’s remix drops the tempo, around 119/120 bpms, and has a skip to its drum programming. Lush pads and ethereal atmospheres surround synths and beat drops. Even though it’s a slower tempo, don’t let it fool you, it’s just as moving as the rest. Oh yeah, there’s a DUB version too! Sean Smith’s version is a mix of classic Chicago warehouse and Detroit underground vibes. And Bang Bang wraps up this EP with their own ‘Shattered Dub’ which takes the elements from their original, stretches out the grooves for those long mixes where your dance floor wants to keep feeling and gyrating to what you got going on.

Click Here to buy this release from Beatport.

Ilija Rudman – Calypso – Red Music

Croatian Ilija Rudman seriously creates his own time capsule of funk and dance within this 2 track EP off of his own label, Red Music. How many producers do you know can still say they are making all of their music on a complete ANALOG studio set up? Fan of Rong Music or the dub sets of Mancuso? Yes, you will enjoy Ilija’s newest release, ‘Calypso’ to the fullest extent. Its simplicity is why it will stand the test of time. Straight up ‘disco’ tempo at 120 bpms, it will allot any DJ to drop this in the middle of a House, Disco, Funk, or Urban set and have it move asses on the dance floor. Funky plucked bass, classic conga rhythms, big toms, hand claps, and MORE COWBELL that has the welcoming groove which will help set the pace for whatever direction you want to take it in your set.

Click Here to buy this release from Beatport.

Tovar – No One EP – Candy Music

The man who brought us the Bob Marley remix of ‘Say Something’ from a while back is in full effect with his own EP on Jay West’s Candy Music. This time around it’s a 3 tracker of straight up original work. Expect to hear his signature style of ‘bump n funk’ house throughout all 3 tracks. ‘No One’ is a floaty and fun house ride with consistent reverbed synth stabs, and underlying sub bass, a track that is very ‘heady’ with its repetitious groove. “Give Me More” delves into the dub house atmosphere, with some spacious echo effects, and blippy synth melodies, percolating over one seriously heavy bass line, all the while playing around with really great panning effects throughout the song. “Taking Control” is my favorite booty bouncer on this EP. Straight up funky house with beautiful flamenco guitars, female vocal drops, and uplifting breaks and pads. Even though this EP might be a different flavor from those who were feeling his ‘Change Has Come’ EP on So Sound, followers will be pleasantly surprised to see the path he is creating and traveling. I am sure you will see this in many DJs’ top ten lists when it drops later this month.

Click Here to purchase this release from Beatport.

Easy Street – Dancin – Hawt Music

Easy Street is Neal G. (owner of Hawt Music), and Mikey Valazquez and Gelly Kusuma (aka Easily Influenced). The threesome come together for Hawt Music’s 2nd release, and team up with fellow club rockers DJ Sneak and Bobby Valentine for a ‘HAWT’ ass release. The vocal hook on this release is sure to be used over and over upon its release, as its seriously infectious, and will have the crowds humming right along after they’ve heard it a couple of times. ‘Baby I been watchin' you…watchin' every single move…please don’t stop that thing you do…please don’t stop DANCIN!’ The bounce of this vocal begs your body to move, and the original mix from Easy Street just kicks it into gear setting the standard for the rest of the mixes. Sneak’s ‘Reheat’ mix is a Chicago stomper, and is a fine example of what Sneak is known to deliver. Pounding kicks, multi layered filtered vocals, and a thunderous drive is infamous in his productions, and he delivers! Bobby Valentine’s remix adds to the package with a pummeling bass line, and some looped key riffs that echo off into the distance, a bit more of a tech house groove than the others on this EP. Wrapping up the EP is the ‘House of Stank’ mix which is a bit more playful, with its horns, twitchy bounce, and sample progression. Hawt Music has put together some FIRE for you!

Click Here to purchase this release from Beatport.

Inaya Day – Better Days – Broken Records

This might sound funny to some folks, but I truly felt like I was in 4 different clubs in 4 different parts of the U.S. when I heard ‘Better Days’ and all its remixes. Jesse Saunder’s Broken Records bangs out another group of diverse house music. When listening to Scott Langley’s remix, all I could imagine was a New York club, playing huge, bangin', tribal vocal house to some hot sweaty crowds. His vibe is very ‘big room’ on this, and I could imagine a room of 1000 or more swinging their hands in the air. Lucius Lowe’s Disco Mix and Disco-Strumental are driving, string laden, piano dropping monsters; very ‘FreeMasons’ in production style. I can see some of the glam clubs in L.A. shining bright on the glittering dance floor with these two mixes. Aphreme’s mix is the full on vocal and has that gospel uplifting affect to it. His mix of the backing chorus and the spoken word are deep in all the right places, and uprising to your spirits. The ‘Dubber Days’ is truly my favorite. It stouts the male spoken word, talking about times when the ‘Better Days’ are here, and what to expect from them. Its deeper groove, and simplistic bass line will create a hypnotic effect on the dance floor, having your crowds entranced, listening to his message. This is a righteous and complete package from Broken Records and Jesse Saunders.

Click Here to purchase this release from Beatport.

Jevne – Moderize – Native Soul Recordings

Onethirty Records owner, Jevne, drops a remix project to his boys in Albuquerque at Native Soul Recordings. This 5 track EP showcases the talents of Asad Rizvi, Jay Tripwire, and Sebby Fresco. On the original ‘Moderize’ mix, you simply cannot get enough of the live bass (done by Jevne himself!) He slices up a female vocal, plays with it over some synth work, and smoothes it out with some cleverly placed chord work. Sebby Fresco throws things way left field on this EP with a SICK dub step rendition, warbling sub bass, rattling percussion, and chilling soundscapes. Asad’s remix is way more laid back, and is a chillin' deep house groove filled with church organs, solid kicks, and a hypnotic melody that comes in and out throughout. Tripwire also stays in the deep house realm, but adds a bit more bounce with a fatter bass line, acidic tendencies, and a tech house progression. Jevne also tosses in another mix. This time his ‘Tekness’ mix rocks a heavy kick, and sparse arpeggiated synths, filtering in and out of the frequencies to jack with your head. What’s great about this EP is that each song could find itself in a different hour of the night throughout a DJ’s set, helping each hour become stronger and stronger. I’m looking forward to more from Jevne in 2010!

Click Here to purchase this release from Beatport.

Dj Mourad pres urban Tactics EP – Minimal Soul Recordings

I’ve been lucky enough to hear Mourad progress as a producer for over a decade now, as he is also a producer on my label, Selekta Recordings. Mourad always has a flavor that is distinctively his, no matter what genre he decides to work on. His release for Minimal Soul is another solid collection of tracks that showcase his ability to allow his inner funk and techno muse speak out. “Waistline Mover” is an acidic and special house tempo’d track with classic techno elements; acid arps, synth stabs, and a warehouse party vibe. "Stubby Sunday” breaks the mold of traditional Detroit-esqe techno, with an offbeat clap, wirery slabs of synths layered over looped strings, and some heavy drum work. “Funky Brothers,” tempo at 135bpm may be a bit fast beat wise for most, but its ethereal elements make it feel like a glide over a circuit board in a micronaughts world. Wrapping up the EP is one of my favorites, “Beyond the Sun.” I like to explain it as ‘dub-electronic jazz’ as it truly has the elements of dub, but infuses acid, and reverb elements on his pads that give it its electronic feel, and the eerie horn melodies portray its jazz. For those that want to take a step across traditional genre borders, I highly recommend you add Dj Mourad as a favorite artist; his ideas and productions are vast and wide, and full of surprises.

Melissa Rapp – Lapsed – Tarantic

San Francisco’s Tarantic Recordings whips up some funky and wonderful house beats in their latest release. Melissa Rapp’s voice is very reminiscent of what you would hear on past Kaskade tracks, yet also has some definite Lisa Shaw emotions in her vocal expressions. This EP shows the talents of remixers Amit Shoham, Andrew Phelan, George Cochrane, and BradElectro. Amit’s mix is based around a funky slap bass, and double kicks, full of life and vigor in its production. On the collab between Mr. Phelan and George Cochrane, prepared to get beat across the head with a huge warbled bass, phat kicks, with an array of classic drum machine samples and spacey arps that surround Melissa’s luscious vocal. Fans of Mylo will be drawn straight to the BradElectro mix, with its array of snazzy synth work and funky electro bass line. However much funk and dance floor material is on this EP, DO NOT let it deter you from checking out the original mix. The original mix is in the vein of Morcheeba, soulful and deep, midtempo utter loveliness. This is something that I would see Giant Step in New York picking up for a compilation, or part of their series of soul music. Tarantic, thank you for introducing me to some fantastic new music.

Click Here to purchase this release on Beatport.

Reynold feat Janvier Jones – To Know You – Trenton Records

Groovy Rhodes set the stage for this wonderful vocal house track. The original mix has a deep and classic vibe, respectably as it’s inspired from the time when label owner, Sam Rouanet (Reynold) spent time in Chicago, home of House Music. Janvier Jones’ vocals are sultry and pleasant on the ear, never overbearing or goin the ‘diva’ route, keeping it sweet. ‘Let me Rock U from the Top Down…the top down…ya’ FANTASTIC! Reynold also has a ‘long ass mix’ that tosses in some mellow acid lines for those longer mixes, and adds some more reverb to the vocal on the extended mix…simply making it a longer groove. Manual Peres and Alvina Red work it a bit more up-tempo, keeping Janvier’s vocal in the same fashion of the original, but mixing it amongst some razzy bass, and expansive pad work. This mix is more for the deeper underground joints, and more focused for a later hour on the dance floor. Last but definitely not least, is the Hakan Lidbo remix. In my first set of reviews I covered Hakan’s release on Depth, and this remix is a total flip from that release. It’s still just as top quality, however, his ability to change up his musical styles is so vast. His filtering of Janvier’s vocals throughout the mix is a little creepy, but creates a mysterious vibe. His ability to take a dub beat, and make it fully danceable is a true talent. Trenton Records, you’ve created an excellent well rounded set of HOUSE!

Click Here to purchase this release from Beatport.

Brett Johnson – Missing You – Eight Tracks

The ‘Missing You’ EP has a tempting platter of flavors to choose from. Brett Johnson’s original mix offers up some hefty bass, that rolls underneath a jackin' house beat, but not meant to be a full on peak time track. Its infused elements are moody, and dreamy, not to light, yet not to dark…like your floating inches above the dance floor, yet can still feel the stomp from the other dancers. His ‘Space Bump Dub’ goes into a more techy realm, and pumps up the bounce element, adding some space between the echoed vocals and pad work. Q-Burn’s mix goes the furthest away from the original, as it dives deep into the bellows of dub, purely focused on different layers of bass and freaky synth work, it will absolutely grab the attention of your crowds, both for its simplicity in its elements, and for its power of those components working cooperatively. And from the mind of San Francisco’s Alland Byallo, be prepared to be beat over the head maliciously with heavy tech house. His driving force of beats and mechanical ambience interlaced within will beckon you to move incessantly.

Click Here to purchase this release from Beatport.

Red Axes – Red Axes – Statra Records

New York based Statra Records, known for its voluptuous amounts of top quality house releases, adds another one to their roster. New to Statra, but making waves in Tel-Aviv, Red Axes (Djs Dori Sadovnik, Niv Arzi, and Udi Naorv) drop 3 tracks that are a tall tell tale of what you can expect from the moving forward. Not so much electro, but stealing away the mind melding high pitch squelch and synth/pad concoctions, they intricately work them together with powerful and dominating tribal house rhythms. “Midnight Safari” wraps some effects around some crazy jungle noises, and tight drum programming. On ‘Say No More’ the Red Axes set their foundation with a huge bass line, toss in some shanty shaker business, add an entrancing arp that gets a little filter work, and some French sounding horns with a bit of phasing and flanging. ‘White Murder’ is rockin’ a Latin influenced horn hook that will blow you back. Entrancing dub-matic echo work throughout the track helps progress its driving deep techno feel. This is my first introduction to the Red Axes, and I will continually be on the lookout for any of their future releases.

Click Here to purchase this release from Beatport.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Introducing Tomas Klein

Tomas Klein is a progressive house and tech producer from Munich with releases out on Bonzai and Musashi.

Click Here to purchase Tomas Klein music from Beatport.

I have a free track from Tomas Klein to share with you. It's a remix he did for Hady Basha.

Hady Basha - Detroit to Beirut (Tomas Klein Remix) [click to download]

Here is a streaming preview of his latest track "Eternal Sunshine"

Tomas Klein MySpace

Tomas Klein SoundCloud

Label Spotlight :: Artizan Music

Artizan Music is a UK-based label with artists from England, Russia, Spain, Italy and the U.S. releasing quality slices of house, tech house and deep house. The label was started in 2005 by Andy Touchfingers, Jafar and Maxime Cescau, and they are now getting ready for their 15th release.

There are also some podcasts on the label site to stream and download. Besides the founders of the label, other artists on Artizan Music include Poussez, Poetiquette, Nacho Marco, Eightbitrate and Spieltape.

Click Here to purchase Artizan Music releases from Beatport.

Here is a full streaming preview of Eightbitrate's 'Yes Weekend EP'

Here is a full streaming preview of the Poussez release 'Modern Identity'

Here is a streaming preview of the full versions of the original versions and snippets of the remixes from Spieltape's 'I Deal E.P'

Artizan Music homepage

Artizan Music SoundCloud

Sunday, May 2, 2010

New from Dimitri from Paris - Get Down With the Philly Sound - pure disco heat!

On May 18th, BBE will be releasing 'Get Down With the Philly Sound' from Dimitri from Paris.

This release is going to be a 2xCD set - this first disc will have the original tracks and the second disc will be Dimitri's edits and remixes. This release is the first ever to document the birth of disco in Philadelphia and the work of the unsung musicians who played on the numerous hits that came from the Philadelphia scene and featuring platinum selling hits from Melvin & Blue Notes, Teddy Pendergrass, The Trammps and The Jackson 5.

There will also be a special vinyl release featuring Dimitri from Paris remixes and edits with bonus cuts that will not be on the CD or digital versions.

Get Down with The Philly Sound Tracklisting:

CD1 - Original Tracks
01. Harold Melvin & Blue Notes - The Love I Lost
02. The Jackson’s - Living Together
03. Teddy Pendergrass - You Can’t Hide From Yourself
04. Carl Bean - I Was Born This Way
05. John Davis - Night & Day
06. The Trammps - The Night The Lights Went Out
07. Teddy Pendergrass - The More I Get The More I Want
08. TJM – I Don’t Need No Music
09. Charles Mann - Do It Again
10. Eddie Kendricks - He’s a Friend
11. Harold Melvin & Blue Notes - Tell The World How I Feel About ‘Cha Baby
12. Harold Melvin & Blue Notes - Bad Luck (Pt. 1 & 2)
13. Philly Devotions - Hurt So Bad
14. The Girls (Brown Sugar) - I’m Going Through Changes

CD2 - Remixes and Edits by Dimitri from Paris
01. Harold Melvin & Blue Notes - The Love I Lost (DFP remix)
02. The Jackson’s - Living Together (DFP edit)
03. The Trammps - The Night The Lights Went Out (DFP edit)
04. Teddy Pendergrass - You Can’t Hide From Yourself (DFP remix)
05. Teddy Pendergrass - The More I Get The More I Want (DFP remix)
06. Eddie Kendricks - He’s a Friend (DFP remix)
07. Harold Melvin & Blue Notes - Tell The World How I Feel About ‘Cha (DFP edit)
08. Harold Melvin & Blue Notes - Bad Luck (Pt. 1 & 2) (DFP edit)
09. Philly Devotions - Hurt So Bad (DFP remix)

Here is a promo mix from Dimitri from Paris, with voice overs introducing the music and giving some good background information on some of the songs.

Dimitri from Paris - 35 Minutes of Philly [click to download]

Dimitri from Paris MySpace

New album from Streetlab out now!

Streetlab have recently released their new full-length album 'Auto Spkr' featuring 14 tracks of their unique sound.

Auto Spkr Tracklisting:

1) Supernatural
2) Need a Response
3) Lights Go Down (featuring Noelle)
4) NYSound (featuring MESH)
5) Enjoy Your Life (featuring Noelle)
6) Lay Me Back (featuring Van Scott)
7) What Is It For? (featuring Dawnie Love)
8) It Sure Ain't Me (Featuring Noelle)
9) Good & Evil
10) Hottt (featuring Christina Cacéres)
11) Keep On Gettin' Up (featuring Billy Drease Williams)
12) Rat Racer (featuring Noelle)
13) Twisted Up (featuring Christina Cacéres)
14) Take Care (featuring Noelle)

You can preview all of the songs on the album here.

Here is a free copy of the track "Take Care":

Streetlab - Take Care (feat. Noelle) [click to download]

Click Here to purchase Streetlab music from Itunes.

Streetlab official site

Streetlab Facebook page