Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fresh new EP from dubLoner & Isaac Haile Selassie out today!

New EP from dubLoner & Isaac Haile Selassie - “The Fight, The Spirit” released today by de’fchild Productions.

Isaac Haile Selassie is a singer/songwriter/musician from Los Angeles-by-way-of Ethiopia who teams up with producer dubLoner (AKA Kenneth James Gibson) for an original release that marries a classic sound and socially conscious lyrics with remixes that provide a contemporary flair. It’s an evolutionary step in forward-thinking electronic dub.

dubLoner is the reggae, roots and dub alias for the man known in everyday circles as Kenneth James Gibson. Since releasing his first record in 1994, he’s recorded under the aliases apendics.shuffle, Eight Frozen Modules, dubLoner, The Premature Wig, Men In Slippers, Cascabel Gentz, KJ Gibbs, Reverse Commuter, Bal Cath, Electronic Music Composer, and Hiss & Buzz (with Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto), among others. Gibson was also the founder of noise pop band Furry Things and helped launch Adjunct Records in 2005.

{Isaac Haile Selassie}

Isaac Haile Selassie is the real deal and his global journey is one of intrigue and inspiration. Born in a rural area of Ethiopia, his mother passed away before he was a year old and unable to care for him, his father brought him to the capital city, Addis Ababa and gave him over to the care of the late Emperor, Haile Selassie I. Isaac was placed in His Imperial Majesty’s boarding school, which the Emperor himself established, and was overseen personally by His Majesty and in close proximity to the palace. Isaac’s last name is Haile Selassie because he was raised by Haile Selassie I. When the Emperor was deposed, Ethiopia was thrown into political turmoil and Isaac left his country by foot, walking through the desert and until he reached Sudan, where one night he met a group of other Ethiopians who were listening to Bob Marley, a pivotal moment in Isaac’s life. Marley’s message of love and peace resonated within Isaac’s own experience of dealing with life’s harsh realities first hand. From that point on, Isaac (now based in Los Angeles) has been committed to promoting harmony among people around the world and ending racism through the power of his music and lyrics.


”The Fight, The Spirit”
“The Fight, The Spirit (Djunya Remix)”
“The Fight, The Spirit (Kush Arora Remix)”
“Backoff! (Ruoho Ruotsi Reshape)”

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Here is a free track from the release, this is the Kush Arora remix of "The Fight, The Spirit":

dubLoner & Isaac Haile Selassie - The Fight, The Spirit (Kush Arora remix) [click to download]

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Click Here for a previously posted free remix from Kush Arora that was part of the Nickodemus "Sun People Remixed" album.

Kush Arora website

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