Sunday, May 2, 2010

New album from Streetlab out now!

Streetlab have recently released their new full-length album 'Auto Spkr' featuring 14 tracks of their unique sound.

Auto Spkr Tracklisting:

1) Supernatural
2) Need a Response
3) Lights Go Down (featuring Noelle)
4) NYSound (featuring MESH)
5) Enjoy Your Life (featuring Noelle)
6) Lay Me Back (featuring Van Scott)
7) What Is It For? (featuring Dawnie Love)
8) It Sure Ain't Me (Featuring Noelle)
9) Good & Evil
10) Hottt (featuring Christina Cacéres)
11) Keep On Gettin' Up (featuring Billy Drease Williams)
12) Rat Racer (featuring Noelle)
13) Twisted Up (featuring Christina Cacéres)
14) Take Care (featuring Noelle)

You can preview all of the songs on the album here.

Here is a free copy of the track "Take Care":

Streetlab - Take Care (feat. Noelle) [click to download]

Click Here to purchase Streetlab music from Itunes.

Streetlab official site

Streetlab Facebook page

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