Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Halo Refuser releases Lumbering EP

This is a great release of downtempo and midtempo beats. 'Lumbering' is the hot new bass-heavy, future-step single from prolifically talented producer/keyboardist and Moog Artist Asher Fulero, under his experimental electronic dance moniker Halo Refuser. Remixes provided by a slew of dope beatmakers including Graintable, Solovox and Auditory Sculpture.

Lumbering EP Tracklist:

1. Lumbering (Original) 04:08
2. Lumbering (Graintable Remix) 03:18
3. Lumbering (Solovox Remix) 03:17
4. Lumbering (Beartrap Mind Remix) 04:06
5. Lumbering (Halo Refuser Remix) 04:42
6. Lumbering (PlumbLyne Remix) 05:26
7. Lumbering (Auditory Sculpture Remix) 04:21

Use this widget to stream and download the tracks. The entire EP is available for free download.

<a href="">Lumbering (Original) by Halo Refuser</a>

Halo Refuser BandCamp page - visit the site to get this full release for free, as well as the first Halo Refuser release, 'Hear Ourself'.

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