Monday, June 28, 2010

A Stereo Tribute released by Angel Moraes

Here is what Angel had to say about the track:

Its been 12 years since that cool Montreal night on October 3rd 1998 that a few friends and myself introduced STEREO to the world. This would start a string of unforgettable moments and give us some of the most memorable nights in recent club history. Since then Stereo has changed hands but never without that incredible vibe that was created there originally. In 2008 our beloved sanctuary suffered a fire and was dormant for over a year. Thankfully last year a couple of friends of mine were able to show our mecca some love and re-opened our home in October 2009. The track you are about to hear is something I wrote and produced during the re-construction of the club as a tribute to the wonderful energy, Love and sense of togetherness that Stereo inspires within us all, also as a reminder of all the great times that have lived there, currently live there and will live there for years to come.

Stream "A Stereo Tribute" by Angel Moraes feat. Chanel:

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