Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fade Records to release Audio Tour 3 mixed by One Of Them

On July 26th, Fade Records is releasing the third installment of Audio Tour mixed by One of Them. It is a great mix of progressive tech. It features tracks from artists such as Android Cartel, Code Talkers, Signal Deluxe and One of Them.


One Of Them - My Bike and Me
Kolo - Intro Tool 1
Kyaro - Vortices (COTK Remix)
Profile 25 - Girls Like Monkeys
One Of Them - Niko It's A Bad Dream (Gravity Pimps Remix)
Crazy Larry - Gargiulo's Scarf (Tanner Ross Remix)
Ray Aguilar - Exhale
Code Talkers - Complete
Crazy Larry - Gargiulo's Scarf (Soul Claps Nice n Ripe Rub)
One Of Them - Contagious Error
Mahel Daniel - 7 Days Straight (Ray Aguilar's Back 2 Basics Remix)
Android Cartel - Hypnotek
Signal Deluxe - Local Detox
One Of Them - 1st of 1st (Addled Redneck Mix)
Code Talkers - A Track
One Of Them - He Is Solo In New York

Enjoy a free streaming preview of the mix:

One of Them MySpace

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