Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New music from Onset Audio [drum-n-bass + dubstep]

Onset Audio, a label based in Seattle, WA, is dropping some big releases on us. Release numbers 12 & 13 from the label - #12 is the Contemplate EP from Surpass.

Surpass - Contemplate EP tracklist

1. Contemplate
2. Survive
3. Treatise
4. Set Me Free

"Contemplate" is a nice chill drum-n-bass song. "Survive" picks up the energy with a vocal drum-n-bass track that should appeal to a very large audience of fans of drum-n-bass as well as those that like electronic music in general. "Treatise" has a rolling drum-n-bass vibe and a simple but moving piano line. "Set Me Free" drops the tempo and ends the release with a heavy vocal dubstep track.

Stream clips of each of the tracks from the EP:

Here is a free track from Surpass called "M.I.M." - it's a great dubstep tune:

Surpass - M.I.M. [click to download]

Release #13 is from San Diego's Phrenik and consists of two tracks - "Timeline" and "Different World".

"Timeline" is a big drum-n-bass track that has a lot of energy and a dark edge to it. "Different World" is a dubstep banger with mega deep bass and a cool sci-fi vibe.

Stream preview clips of both tracks:

As a bonus, here is the Phrenik remix of "Disturbia" by Rhianna.

Rhianna - Disturbia (Phrenik remix) [click to download]

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Onset Audio main site

Onset Audio SoundCloud

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