Friday, October 1, 2010

Remix contest for Logan Lynn! + 2 free mp3s! All details and remix parts inside

Calling all producers / remixers - remix one or both of these new tracks from Logan Lynn! Entries must be received by 5pm Pacific Time on Monday, November 8th. Winners will be announced on Monday, November 15th.

There will be 3 winners picked for each song - so six winners total. Here is what each winner will receive.

Logan Lynn Remix Contest Prize Packs:

Digital copies of:

Logan Lynn: "GLEE" (2000)
Logan Lynn: "Logan Lynn" (2006)
Logan Lynn: "Feed Me To The Wolves" EP (2007)
Logan Lynn: "From Pillar To Post" (2009)
Logan Lynn: "The Last High" (Dandy Warhols Cover) - Single (2010)
Logan Lynn: "I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday" (2010)
Logan Lynn: "Blood In The Water" Remix Record (2010)

Signed Logan Lynn Tour T-Shirt (2010)
Signed Logan Lynn: "From Pillar To Post" CD (2009)
Signed Logan Lynn: "Logan Lynn" CD (2006)
Signed Logan Lynn poster.

The songs to remix are "Velocity" and "Quickly As We Pass".

Stream and download the original versions of the songs and get the remix parts below. Submit your completed remix entries to as a 320kbps mp3 along with a brief bio and any relevant web links. All genres are welcome!

The songs are from Logan Lynn's new record 'I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday' which was just released as a fundraiser for Portland's Q Center on Tuesday, August 31st!

Click Here to purchase the new album from Itunes.

Logan Lynn - Velocity [click to download]

Click Here to download the remix parts for Velocity (341 mb)

Logan Lynn - Quickly As We Pass [click to download]

Click Here to download the remix parts for Quickly As We Pass (452 mb)

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