Saturday, November 27, 2010

Two hour DJ mix of house and tech from Tronic

Here is a mix I recorded for the Dancefloor Mayhem show on Techno.FM. The mix first aired on Sunday, November 14th. Don't forget, the show is every Sunday night on Techno.FM 6pm - 8pm Pacific / 9pm - 11pm Eastern time. The show features house, techno, tech house, tribal, progressive, breakbeats and more! Drop us a line with any tracks or guest DJ mixes you want featured on the show.

Here is the playlist for the mix:

01. Chakaharta - Alembe
02. DJ Hiro - Sunshine
03. Pete Moss - Wisdom
04. Vipul Angirish & Aman Nath – Dream Surfing
05. Derek Marin – Outside In (Funk Shuei Edit)
06. Dynamik Dave – Want It (Addiction) (Vlada Asasin remix)
07. Noon - Pancho
08. Groove Junkies – In The Zone (Groove Junkie’s Prime Time Filth Mix)
09. X-Press 2 – Siren Track (Club Mix)
10. Gypsymen – The Music 2010 (Cotto Club Mix)
11. Echo Vacio – Pandora’s Box (Ruzhynski remix)
12. Ruslan-set – Reflexion of Heavenly Bodies (Kasa Remixoff & Hakan Ludvigson Remix)
13. Arabnoise – Bottle of Wellbeing
14. Hima – Empire of the Sun
15. Niederflur - Mimesis (Jonas Kopp Filtered Mind Mix)
16. Nutek - Blade
17. Jason Sparks – Gangsters (Sparks remix)
18. Paul Brtschitsch - Monoplaine
19. Armando Biz – Granita de Caffe
20. King Britt feat. Astrid Suryato – Now

Click Here to visit the Dancefloor Mayhem profile on MixCloud to hear more DJ mixes.

Click Here to visit Tronic's personal page.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Free Steve Lawler remix from Iaell Meyer

Just got a fresh tribal house remix of "Gimme Some More". The original is from Steve Lawler, the remix is done by Iaell Meyer & Charles Lima.

Steve Lawler - Gimme Some More (Iaell Meyer & Charles Lima remix) [click to download]

Iaell Meyer SoundCloud

Buy Iaell Meyer music from Beatport

Iaell Meyer MySpace

Monday, November 22, 2010

Free dubstep tune from Saviour + info on latest release

Saviour is a dubstep producer from Belgium who recently released a new EP on Paradise Lost Recordings.

The EP consists of three big tracks - "Burst Into Fire", "Burst Into Fire" remixed by Dubtek and Boot, and "Taedium Vitae".

Here is a streaming preview of all three tracks:

Click Here to purchase the release from Beatport.

Click Here to purchase the release from JunoDownload.

To celebrate the release, the label is giving away Saviour's track "Fire and Forget" from the first release on Paradise Lost.

Saviour - Fire and Forget [click to download]

Paradise Lost SoundCloud

Paradise Lost Facebook

Paradise Lost MySpace

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Saturday, November 20, 2010

This Is Suicide Dub Volume 2 coming soon!

This Is Suicide Dub Volume 2 is full of bass-heavy bangers that you are going to love! Featuring artists such as High Rankin, Hostage, RackNRuin, Light Shapers and Evolve or Die. The new compilation is going to be available November 29th as a CD and digital download from Suicide Dub.

This Is Suicide Dub Volume 2 Tracklisting

1. High Rankin – The Things You Do
2. High Rankin – Flowers On Your Rave
3. Lightshapers – When I Fall
4. Alexis K – State of Play
5. Evolve or Die – Hail To The King
6. Magic Mash – M.A.G.I.C.
7. RackNRuin – Forward Thinking
8. Cliffhanga – Lock This Down
9. Hostage – Take A Lick
10. Faceman & High Rankin – Public Service Announcement
11. ConRank – Had Enough
12. Temper D – Moon Boots
13. High Rankin/Evolve or Die vs. Wizard Sleeve – Lockdown

As a bonus, here is a High Rankin dubstep remix of the trance anthem "As The Rush Comes" by Motorcycle.

Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes (High Rankin remix) [click to download]

Check out the tracks from the first volume of Suicide Dub:

High Rankin blog

High Rankin SoundCloud

Fresh new hip-hop track from Arabesque

Devil's Deposit is all about the bullshit that major financial institutions play on American citizens. Great piece of social commentary, and I encourage all of you if you haven't already moved your finances from a major bank to a local credit union to strongly consider doing so. I dumped BofA and Chase for a local credit union and couldn't be happier. Don't support corporate crooks!

"Devil's Deposit" is from Arabesque's latest album, Nuclear Ambition, which was released earlier this year. Click Here to purchase Nuclear Ambition from Itunes.

Arabesque - Devil's Deposit [click to download]

Arabesque official site

Arabesque Facebook

Here is a dope Arabesque video for the track "Understand" which is about the struggles of American immigrants:

Arabesque YouTube

Fresh new track from Lazer Sword + Tour Dates!

Lazer Sword released a fresh full-length self-titled album earlier this month and are touring to support the album. The are also giving away a track called "Batman" which is featured on the album and has also been released as a vinyl single with "I'm Gone" as the B-side.

Click Here to purchase the "Batman" vinyl single from Stones Throw.

Lazer Sword single tracklist

1. Batman
2. Batman (Lando Kal Remix)
3. Batman (Nguzunguzu Remix)
4. I'm Gone (Low Limit Remix)
5. I'm Gone (Rustie Remix)
6. I'm Gone ft. Turf Talk

Click Here to purchase the Lazer Sword album from Itunes.

Lazer Sword tracklisting

2. Agrokrag
3. Surf News
4. I'm Gone ft. Turf Talk
5. Batman
6. Topflights ft. M Sayyid
7. 4Loko
8. Machine ft. Zackey Force Funk
9. Web Swag
10. Skybox
11. Def Work
12. FUBU
13. Owl Tats
14. Cosmic Ride ft. Myka Nyne
15. Beast's Reprise

Enjoy a free mp3 of "Batman" from Lazer Sword:

Lazer Sword - Batman [click to download]

Lazer Sword Tour Dates

@ 560 Club

@ Cabaret Just For Laugh

@ The Airliner / Low End Theory

@ The Loft

@ Mighty

ST. LOUIS, MO 12/9
Lazer Sword @ 2720 Club

FARGO, ND 12/10
Lazer Sword @ The Aquarium

AUSTIN, TX 12/11
Lazer Sword @ The Parish

Lazer Sword @ Club TSI

Low Limit @ Spaceland

Lazer Sword @ Branx

Lazer Sword MySpace

Lazer Sword Twitter

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Free Release of Elisabeth Troy single from Botchit & Scarper!

from the release notes:

It's been 10 years since the groundbreaking '4 Vini' LP was released to commemorate the passing of Vini Medley, founding partner of Botchit & Scarper and one of the UK underground's true musical mavericks.

Ten years on and in memory of Vini and all that he achieved we are very proud to give to you the 'Forever Young: 10 Years' EP. Originally released across two LP's on Botchit and Emotif this EP brings together all 5 of the stunning remixes for the first time.

This special free EP includes remixes of Elisabeth Troy's touching tribute to Vini 'Forever Young' by such esteemed artists as MJ Cole, Atomic Hooligan, Freq Nasty & BLIM, Ill Logic & Raf and Ray Keith. We hope that you enjoy these tracks as much as we still do and spare a thought for the passing of somebody very special.


1. Forever Young (MJ Cole Mix) 05:40
2. Forever Young (Freq Nasty & B.L.I.M Mix) 08:08
3. Forever Young (Atomic Hooligan Mix) 04:44
4. Forever Young (Ill Logic & Raf Mix) 06:50
5. Forever Young (Ray Keith Mix) 06:30

Monday, November 15, 2010

Announcing the winners of the Logan Lynn Remix Contest!

The remix contest for Logan Lynn featured two songs from his latest album 'I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday'. The songs that were remixed for the contest were "Velocity" and "Quickly As We Pass".

We had two winners for each song. Below you will find the original versions of each song followed by the remix contest winner submissions. All songs are free to stream and download.

Click Here to purchase the new album from Itunes.

Each contest winner will receive the following:

Digital copies of:

Logan Lynn: "GLEE" (2000)
Logan Lynn: "Logan Lynn" (2006)
Logan Lynn: "Feed Me To The Wolves" EP (2007)
Logan Lynn: "From Pillar To Post" (2009)
Logan Lynn: "The Last High" (Dandy Warhols Cover) - Single (2010)
Logan Lynn: "I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday" (2010)
Logan Lynn: "Blood In The Water" Remix Record (2010)

Signed Logan Lynn Tour T-Shirt (2010)
Signed Logan Lynn: "From Pillar To Post" CD (2009)
Signed Logan Lynn: "Logan Lynn" CD (2006)
Signed Logan Lynn poster.

Here is the original version of "Velocity":

Logan Lynn - Velocity [click to download]

The first remix winner for "Velocity" is the Kohlensäure remix. His remix is a brooding futuristic industrial-tinged reworking with filtered vocals. Kohlensäure is a producer from Germany who includes Paul Hardcastle and Frankie Goes To Hollywood as influences. Learn more about Kohlensäure by visiting his MySpace page.

Logan Lynn - Velocity (Kohlensäure remix) [click to download]

The other remix winner for "Velocity" was the remix we received from Cubosity. Cubosity is a new project from San Francisco-based producer/creative director Josh Feldman. His submission was a nice extended version with a dream-like quality to it.

Logan Lynn - Velocity (Cubosity remix) [click to download]

Here is the original version of "Quickly As We Pass":

Logan Lynn - Quickly As We Pass [click to download]

The first winning remix of "Quickly As We Pass" comes from Vaccaro. Vaccaro is a remixer from Argentina. He provided a great re-interpretation that adds energy to the track. The limited breakdowns keep the song moving.

Logan Lynn - Quickly As We Pass (Vaccaro remix) [click to download]

The other winning remix for "Quickly As We Pass" comes from TechnoBears - a producer from Massachusetts. He did a nice job retaining the quirky electro-pop vibe of the original.

Logan Lynn - Quickly As We Pass (TechnoBears Redux) [click to download]

For more on Logan Lynn, visit his website -

Thanks to everyone that submitted entries! Stay tuned for more remix contests in the future!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Drum-n-Bass remix of track by James Talk and Ridney

Here is the Featurecast drum-n-bass remix of "Forever" by James Talk & Ridney. Forever was relased by James Talk & Ridney earlier this year on Defected.

James Talk & Ridney - Forever (Featurecast Remix) [click to download]

Friday, November 12, 2010

Free funky house track from Geoffrey James

This is a really fun funky house jam that I am going to play out this weekend so I wanted to share it with you.

Geoffrey James - The Husss [click to download]

Geoffrey James MySpace

Geoffrey James SoundCloud

Monday, November 8, 2010

2 hot dance remixes from Christian Luke

I've got a couple of great dance remixes from Christian Luke for you. Christian Luke is a producer from Australia that has been making big waves in the dance music industry in Australia, South America and Europe with his brand of upbeat house music meant for big club soundsystems.

We have previously featured his remix of the Black Eyed Peas smash hit "Boom Boom Pow" and we now bring you his remixes of "Free" by Punk Ninja and "Love Show" by Skye. Enjoy the music and be sure to learn more about Christian Luke at the links provided below.

Punk Ninja - Free (Christian Luke Remix) [click to download]

Skye - Love Show (Christian Luke 2010 Reboot) [click to download]

Christian Luke Facebook page

Christian Luke SoundCloud

Christian Luke MySpace

as a bonus, here is his previously featured remix of "Boom Boom Pow":

Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow (Christian Luke ReBoot) [click to download]

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Free Gui Borrato remix of a track from Arsenal

Arsenal is a production duo from Belgium who make very catchy music and often feature guest vocalists. Their recent release, Lotuk, came out earlier this year on Playout Music.

We have a free remix from Gui Borrato of the first track from that album called "Estupendo". It's a great vocal electronic track.

Arsenal - Estupendo (Gui Borrato remix) [click to download]

Click Here to purchase Arsenal music from Itunes.

KujoRock drops a dope new album of futuristic sci-fi beats

KujoRock is a producer from Portland, OR. His latest album is 18 tracks of futuristic sci-fi influenced beat wizardry. Enjoy a full streaming preview of the entire album via Bandcamp. You can purchase the album for $10.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rick James remixed by Glasnost

Glasnost sent over this remix of "Give It To Me Baby" by Rick James and I really liked it. Glasnost is a producer from Houston, TX. Be sure to check out his SoundCloud link (posted below) for more remixes and original productions, including some other goodies to download.

Rick James - Give It To Me Baby (Glasnost remix) [click to download]

Glasnost SoundCloud