Thursday, November 18, 2010

Free Release of Elisabeth Troy single from Botchit & Scarper!

from the release notes:

It's been 10 years since the groundbreaking '4 Vini' LP was released to commemorate the passing of Vini Medley, founding partner of Botchit & Scarper and one of the UK underground's true musical mavericks.

Ten years on and in memory of Vini and all that he achieved we are very proud to give to you the 'Forever Young: 10 Years' EP. Originally released across two LP's on Botchit and Emotif this EP brings together all 5 of the stunning remixes for the first time.

This special free EP includes remixes of Elisabeth Troy's touching tribute to Vini 'Forever Young' by such esteemed artists as MJ Cole, Atomic Hooligan, Freq Nasty & BLIM, Ill Logic & Raf and Ray Keith. We hope that you enjoy these tracks as much as we still do and spare a thought for the passing of somebody very special.


1. Forever Young (MJ Cole Mix) 05:40
2. Forever Young (Freq Nasty & B.L.I.M Mix) 08:08
3. Forever Young (Atomic Hooligan Mix) 04:44
4. Forever Young (Ill Logic & Raf Mix) 06:50
5. Forever Young (Ray Keith Mix) 06:30

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