Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fresh new hip-hop track from Arabesque

Devil's Deposit is all about the bullshit that major financial institutions play on American citizens. Great piece of social commentary, and I encourage all of you if you haven't already moved your finances from a major bank to a local credit union to strongly consider doing so. I dumped BofA and Chase for a local credit union and couldn't be happier. Don't support corporate crooks!

"Devil's Deposit" is from Arabesque's latest album, Nuclear Ambition, which was released earlier this year. Click Here to purchase Nuclear Ambition from Itunes.

Arabesque - Devil's Deposit [click to download]

Arabesque official site

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Here is a dope Arabesque video for the track "Understand" which is about the struggles of American immigrants:

Arabesque YouTube

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Sarah Miezer said...

this is crazy, good find.