Saturday, November 20, 2010

This Is Suicide Dub Volume 2 coming soon!

This Is Suicide Dub Volume 2 is full of bass-heavy bangers that you are going to love! Featuring artists such as High Rankin, Hostage, RackNRuin, Light Shapers and Evolve or Die. The new compilation is going to be available November 29th as a CD and digital download from Suicide Dub.

This Is Suicide Dub Volume 2 Tracklisting

1. High Rankin – The Things You Do
2. High Rankin – Flowers On Your Rave
3. Lightshapers – When I Fall
4. Alexis K – State of Play
5. Evolve or Die – Hail To The King
6. Magic Mash – M.A.G.I.C.
7. RackNRuin – Forward Thinking
8. Cliffhanga – Lock This Down
9. Hostage – Take A Lick
10. Faceman & High Rankin – Public Service Announcement
11. ConRank – Had Enough
12. Temper D – Moon Boots
13. High Rankin/Evolve or Die vs. Wizard Sleeve – Lockdown

As a bonus, here is a High Rankin dubstep remix of the trance anthem "As The Rush Comes" by Motorcycle.

Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes (High Rankin remix) [click to download]

Check out the tracks from the first volume of Suicide Dub:

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Anonymous said...

Love the High Rankin remix! I think I saw it on as well.