Thursday, March 10, 2011

New release on Atlantic Jaxx (Basement Jaxx record label)

New on Atlantic Jaxx for March 2011 comes the “Hardpaw” EP from DoGbEåTs. Hailing from Portugal, via South London, DoGbEåTs is the canine pseudonym of longtime Jaxx collaborator and live percussionist, Oli Savill. Produced and mixed alongside Felix Buxton at the Jaxx SW9 studio, the “Hardpaw” EP brings 3 percussion led beats to the dancefloor. Kicking off with “Galiza”, described as “batucada for the main room”, followed by an “electro nod to Kuduro” entitled “Salta” (meaning “jump”) and finally the tripped out, swarming bassful attack of “Beez”. The EP also comes with a bangin’ bonus remix of "Salta".

Full streaming preview of "Galiza":

Atlantic Jaxx Recordings SoundCloud

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