Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Trap.Avoid releases Presence EP

Trap.Avoid is a production duo from Brooklyn consisting of Patrick Billard (aka DJ Duckcomb) and Gerrard Garone. They have been likened to Giorgio Morodor and Ratatat for their lush electronic compositions. Their recent release, the 'Presence EP' was released in March on Dither Down. Available on vinyl and digital formats, purchase links below.

The Digital release of the 'Presence EP' contains a total of 5 tracks. Original versions of "Presence", "Little Countries" and "Is This The Argument?" as well as remixes from Sal Principato & Neurotic Drum Band and Nick Chacona. The vinyl release has the original version and Nick Chacona remix of "Presence" and the Sal Principato & Neurotic Drum Band remix of "Little Countries".

Stream and download a 128 version of the Sal Principato & Neurotic Drum Band Remix of "Little Countries".

Trap.Avoid - Little Countries (Sal Principato & Neurotic Drum Band Remix) [click to download]

Click Here to purchase the EP on vinyl from Dither Down Records.

Click Here to by the Presence EP by Trap.Avoid from iTunes.

Trap.Avoid Facebook Page

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