Thursday, May 26, 2011

Free Deep House track from Trinity & Beyond

Here is a free mp3 courtesy of Beef Records. They are releasing the single + remixes from Pezzner and Turkish producer Sezer Uysal on May 31st. Trinity & Beyond is a production team from Sydney getting set to make some noise in the deep house scene. This original version of "Near & Far" is a great piece of hypnotic deep house, and for me this could work at the beginning or end of a set, depending on the timeslot.

Trinity and Beyond - Near & Far [click to download]

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Free Disco House Track from Second City Rhythm

Second City Rhythm consists of Adulture and Ghosts of Venice. As Second City Rhythm they are forming their own record label and in June will be touring the U.S. "Da Musik" is a great Disco House track and is their second single, serving as a follow-up to "You Got Me".

Second City Rhythm - Da Musik [click to download]

Second City Rhythm SoundCloud

Second City Rhythm Facebook

Hot mashup from Ally Brown

I'm not the biggest mashup fan, it has to be done just right. This mashup should kill dancefloors. Lots of different samples in the mix, and a strong tech trance beat to keep the whole track bumpin'.

Indecent Noise vs SVD vs Gary Maguire vs M.I.A vs Rhys Thomas - Internet Demand (Ally Brown Mashup)::

Ally Brown SoundCloud

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Short Circuit to release debut EP May 23rd

Short Circuit is the solo music project of Andrew Verner. Inspired by disco, funk, and classic electro, the EP sounds like a lot of fun and will give you 80s flashbacks. The EP is titled 'Late Night Drive' and is being released by Binary Entertainment.

Late Night Drive tracklisting

1. Nothing's On The TV
2. Get Up
3. How We Speak
4. Keep It Together
5. Charmed
6. Late Night Drive

"How We Speak" is going to be the first single from the EP, and we have it for you to stream and download:

Short Circuit - How We Speak [click to download]

Short Circuit Facebook

Short Circuit SoundCloud

Poker Flat to release new EP from Alex Niggemann

Steve Bug's Poker Flat label has recently signed Alex Niggemann, and next week they will be releasing his new EP called 'Lately'. The EP features the title track, as well as "Madness" and "Smash Your Face". The songs are a lot of fun - fusing elements of classic house, acid and techno.

Here is the music video for the title track "Lately":

Click Here to purchase the EP from What People Play.

Alex Niggemann SoundCloud

Alex Niggemann Facebook

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Free Techno track from Meat Katie!

I love this free Techno track from Meat Katie! To get the track as a free mp3, just click the down arrow, and then the "buy" button. You'll be taken to the Lot49 label free goodies page, where you can grab any of the the free tracks and DJ mixes by signing up for the mailing list. Free goodies from Meat Katie, Lee Coombs, Dylan Rhymes, Vandal and Odissi.

Meat Katie 'Puncture' (Free Download) by Meat Katie

Monday, May 16, 2011

A great Tech House track from Yariv Bernstein

A great Tech House track:

Yariv Bernstein - Highsus (Kalden Bess (aka m0h) Remix)

Yariv Bernstein SoundCloud

Yariv Bernstein Facebook

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Smooth Hip-Hop from 4th Pyramid

4th Pyramid is a producer/dj/mc from Toronto. He is releasing his debut LP shortly.

Here is a free track that will be on the album:

4th Pyramid - LookOut [click to download]

Here is a previously released single from 4th Pyramid featuring Greg Nice & Cosmo Baker.

4th Pyramid featuring Greg Nice & Cosmo Baker - It's So Hot [click to download]

4th Pyramid official site

4th Pyramid SoundCloud

Debut Album coming from David Vangel

David Vangel's debut LP for Equinox Records is titled 'Breadth Control' and is being released on May 20th. From what I have heard so far of the album, it is going to be mind blowing. People that like DJ Shadow are going to dig David Vangel. Intricate drum programming and layers and layers of depth.

from the press release ::

"Breadth Control", the debut full length from David Vangel (formerly Vangel), is a mind altering affair loaded with emotive melodies, explosive dynamics, and savage gauntlets of fierce drum programming. Raising the bar, the 13-track collection is a fusion of sampling and live instrumentation, including elements of hiphop, jazz, indie rock, electronic, gentle psychedelia, and even world music. The journey of "Breadth Control" is intense; moving listeners with orchestral string arrangements and an overall cinematic quality that creates abstract visions ranging from optimism to melancholy.

Enjoy a free mp3 from the album courtesy of Equinox Records:

David Vangel - Sandpaper Script [click to download]

Here is a teaser video for the album:

Here is a MegaMix album preview to stream via MixCloud:

Here is a free remix of Jazzanova by Vangel (via his Bandcamp page):

Jazzanova - I Can See (Vangel remix) [click to download]

David Vangel official site

David Vangel Bandcamp

David Vangel Facebook

Equinox Records MixCloud

Equinox Records Twitter

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hot dance remixes from Reynaldo Klawa

Reynaldo Klawa is a DJ and producer from Brazil that makes great dance remixes. I have included a few here for you to download and stream. Links below include his SoundCloud page and personal blog which both have more free music on them.

Adele - Rolling In The Deep (Reynaldo Klawa Remix) [click to download]

Click Here to buy Adele music from iTunes.

Amy Winehouse - Stronger Than Me (Reynaldo Klawa Remix) [click to download]

Click Here to buy Amy Winehouse music from iTunes.

Katy Perry - Peacock (Reynaldo Klawa Remix) [click to download]

Click Here to buy Katy Perry music from iTunes.

Rihanna - Rude Boy (Reynaldo Klawa Remix) [click to download]

Click Here to buy Rihanna music from iTunes.

Reynaldo Klawa SoundCloud

Reynaldo Klawa Blog

Reynaldo Klawa Facebook

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Free Drum-n-Bass Track from Holistix

Really digging this free song from Holistix. If you like classic vocal drum-n-bass, I'll think you'll enjoy it. It's a very soulful track. Holistix is a production/DJ trio from Los Angeles consisting of Living Proof & Magnafide & Teal from the Fourth Level Collective. Representing Peer Pressure Recordings and Soul Deep Recordings.

Holistix - If This Was [click to download]

Holistix SoundCloud

Saturday, May 7, 2011

New 2 Hour DJ Mix of House and Techno for Dancefloor Mayhem from Tronic!

New 2-Hour Mix of House / Tech House / Techno for you to stream below.


Boon Dang - L to F
Germano - Kuerten - Back to Yucatan
Means & Ends - Blue Skies (Black Reign)
Phil Kieran - Lady Bird
Unique 3 - Shades of Grey (Alison Marks remix)
D. Ramirez - 8 Bit Trumpet (Original Club Mix)
Hamza - Mali Dreams (Original Mix)
Juan Atkins - Dayshift (Oliver's Nightshift remix)
Munk - Rue De Rome
Yariv Bernstein - Highsus
Radio Jack - Off Kilter
Jacob Seville - Hepar Sulfur
Dave Moreno - Evening Arabia
Mauro Picotto - Manipulator
Paul Lyman - Witchcraft
Filthy Rich - Hold Me Tight (Original Club Mix)
Tim Xavier & Insideout - Girl On Fire (Dana Ruh remix)
Lars Moston & Ben Mono - People (Joyce Muniz & Shanti Roots remix)
Dama - Calling
Mind Against - Space Thru Me
Viker Turrit - Mitro
Daytona Team & Repajaro - Paella
Irradiation - Absorption
Manny Ward & Joi Cardwell - All Night (Nino Bellemo & Elliot Dehoyos remix)

Tronic Facebook Page

Tronic DJ blog