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New DVD/CD of LIVE action from The Prodigy!

The Prodigy have recently released "World's On Fire" - the group's first ever Live album! This double disc release on DVD/CD and BluRayDVD/CD features live footage from their largest show ever - July 2010 the Warrior's Dance Festival at the Milton Keynes Bowl.

a note from The Prodigy about the concert:
“A lot of thought went into the place where we could throw the best party, we never wanted the typical stadium venue so Milton Keynes Bowl was perfect for our first ever UK Warrior’s Dance Festival coz it felt like a mad party in a field. The night was massive for us. It was important to us to bring a proper festival day and night for the people to remember and bring the same intense atmosphere like when we play Brixton Academy.... and it was. Standing on that stage was a truly triumphant feeling for us as the whole place kicked off, we looked out and we were fuckin' proud……We never intended to do a live DVD, but when we saw the footage we knew it had to be done…and born out of that we realised we had a great live album too!”

Here is the video clip for the live version of "Firestarter" from the DVD:

from the press release:
With the audio for the DVD & Blu Ray versions having been engineered by Liam Howlett himself in 5.1 surround sound it’s a chance to re-live that feeling of standing in the crowd all over again or witnessing their blistering performance for the first time.

The release will be a chance for fans to see brand new and re-worked footage of the band including films taken on the road during their ‘Invaders Must Die’ world tour – see the boys in Brazil, Japan, America and of course select performances taken from their explosive tours in the UK and Europe.

There’s also some exclusive gallery photos to explore and some hidden extras which you’ll have to navigate an interactive menu to find!

Directed by award winning director Paul Dugdale, the MKB footage was devised with heavy input and direction from the band throughout.


Audio CD & DVD/ Blu-Ray – Live @ Milton Keynes Bowl:
1. Intro (Live)
2. Breathe (Live)
3. Omen (Live)
4. Colours (Live)
5. Thunder (Live)
6. Warriors Dance (Live)
7. Firestarter (Live)
8. Run With The Wolves (Live)
9. Weather Experience (Live)
10. Voodoo People (Live)
11. Omen Reprise (Live)
12. Invaders Must Die (Live)
13. Smack My Bitch Up (Live)
14. Take Me To The Hospital (Live)
15. Everybody In The Place (Live)
16. Their Law (Live)
17. Out Of Space (Live)

1. Run With The Wolves, Brixton, London
2. Spitfire / Mescaline, Brazil
3. Breathe, Slane Castle, Ireland
4. Poison, Glastonbury, England
5. Warning, T In The Park , Scotland
6. Japanese Film
7. Smack My Bitch Up, Isle Of Wight To Download, England
8. USA Film
9. UK Arena Tour Film
10. Voodoo, Bestival and Paris, France

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Here is my review of the DVD::

This live set is a great representation of their unique take on electronic music that was birthed in the early stages of rave music. A hardcore breakbeat orgy with punk influences.

The camera work is excellent, making you feel right there at the show, alternating between close-ups of the band and sweeping crowd shots bathed in the seizure-inducing light show.
Once it gets dark, the night sky is lit up with an impressive laser display.

Highlights of the live DVD for me include the opening shots of the size of the crowd which are near jaw-dropping. The group quickly get the crowd bouncing with "Breathe" showing they've got as much raw energy as they did 20 years ago. Next up is "Omen". The entire place is bouncing and everyone is singing and shouting along.

With "Warriors Dance" they invoke a massive mosh pit and the place explodes. They go way back with "Weather Experience" giving the frenzied crowd a moment of rest before launching into a great live version of "Voodoo People".

The set is capped off with a fun version of "Out Of Space" with the crowd singing along.

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