Saturday, August 13, 2011

Free song from Big History

Big History is a six piece group from New Orleans ready to burst on to the scene. The song they gave us to pass on, "Wardrum", is a beautiful piece of electro-pop. Very infectious.

from the press release:
Big History is a six-piece soul/pop/electro act roaring out of New Orleans. Anchored by the smoky vocals of Meg Roussel, the group's catchy hooks pour from laptops and violins alike. The band has crafted a bedroom pop debut flashing with the pulse and shimmer of a 3 A.M. dance party, but smooth and hazy enough to be revisited the morning after. Having caught the eyes and ears of eager listeners both at home and abroad, Big History is ready to show the world what else is up their sleeves.

Big History - Wardrum [click to download]

Big History Facebook page


Anonymous said...

This is amazing! Please keep posting more Big History!!

Anonymous said...


vocal samples said...

I'm in agreement with the first comment. Please can you post more from Big History. There's a very good sound and vibe here!