Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A couple of Whitney Houston remixes for you

I was sad to hear that Whitney Houston had passed away, she had some really big dance hits. It is always sad to see such a public figure lose a battle with addiction, and this case was no different. I didn't receive as many Whitney remixes as I thought I would, but I did get a couple that are great. Two distinct styles, one is a disco house bomb, the other is a UK Garage / Future Bass jam.

Whitney Houston - Love Will Save the Day (Hagenaar & Albrecht Bootleg) [click to download]

Whitney Houston - I Learned From The Best (Reilly Steel Remix) [click to download]

Click Here to buy Whitney Houston music from iTunes.

Reilly Steel has a new release out on Rock It Science Labs. Click Here to buy the release from Beatport.

Reilly Steel SoundCloud

Rock It Science Labs official site

Free Deep House track from Sandy Rivera

Sandy Rivera sent out a free track to his mailing list which you can grab below. A really nice deep house track with saxophone.

Sandy Rivera & Simon Mattson - Moxa Sax [click to download]

Click Here to buy Sandy Rivera music from iTunes.

Sandy Rivera Facebook page

Sandy Rivera Twitter

Sandy Rivera SoundCloud

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Introducing JAK | SubSensory Recordings [Techno | Tech House]

JAK aka Jack Coleman has been spinning techno and house music since 1997. His precise mixing, moving DJ sets and singular dedication to the techno sound — along with his work as a producer — earned him a reputation as one of the most respected underground artists in the region. Over the past decade, JAK has headlined events up and down the West Coast, as well as throughout Chile.

He’s also the founder of the SubSensory Recordings label and DJ collective. Now approaching 50 releases, including many of JAK’s own productions and contributions from some of techno's leading artists, the label continues to represent Portland’s amazing underground techno scene and link it to the broader global electronic music community.

SubSensory’s monthly event STATIC, after two years of continually packed dance floors, has proven to be one of the most loved monthlies in Portland’s techno history. In 2011, JAK co-founded an ambitious new project called Closer Electronic Music Festival. Closer is a four-day multi-venue music event with a distinct focus on Portland’s underground electronic music scene.

In addition to his releases on SubSensory, JAK’s original tracks and remixes have been featured on Nude Photo Music, 530Techno, HardPlace Records, *Cutz, Backs/ash Records, Loopsfreaks Black and Aguenring Records and HardDrive Records.

JAK’s releases have broken the top 50 on leading outlets including Beatport, WhatPeoplePlay, TrackitDown and DJ Download. His tracks have been remixed by industry heavyweights including Audio Injection, Mario Miranda and Angel Alanis. His late 2011 EP on SubSensory “The Botch” smashed up the tech-house charts, hitting top 10s on a variety of outlets.

Preview clip of JAK's remix of "Free Air" by LilRoj being released March 5th on SubSensory:

Here is a recent DJ set of Tech House from JAK, recorded live at Groove Suite December 23, 2011:

An Interview with JAK

1) When and how did you begin producing music?

I started in around 2000 after 4 years of DJ-ing. I began working regularly in the Protoculture studio in Tacoma, Washington. The gear belonged to my friend Masa Ueda who had moved to the West Coast from Japan and he taught me all the basics. I was lucky in that I had the chance to learn with a diverse selection of hardware including classic tools like the MPC, various analog synths, tape echos and so on.

2) What prompted you to get into music production?

The gear absolutely fascinated me and I loved the process for writing tracks. Once I discovered production I was so hooked that since I didn’t have my own gear I’d drive a few hours from Portland to Tacoma several times a month and spend the weekend geeking out nonstop. The hours we put in there were hugely beneficial to my learning curve. Eventually the Protoculture studio relocated to Portland so I was able to spend even more time in the studio.

3) Do you remember the first record you ever bought?

The first dance record I bought was actually a drum & bass record, an early Moving Shadow release. I have it somewhere. I remember trying to beat-match it with a house record and wondering why it wouldn’t work.

4) Tell us about your work as a DJ.

My passion for DJing has shaped everything I do with electronic music and there are very few things that I find more rewarding. I started about 15 years ago and after some experimentation with various genres I fell in love with techno in the late 90s, thanks to the sounds coming out of places like Holland and Sweden. These days I’m playing regular club gigs around the Pacific Northwest with frequent Portland bookings and appearances in places like Eugene, Seattle and San Francisco. I run a regular club night called STATIC that’s now in its third year. I’d describe my current sound as ultra-modern techno with a touch of house. I aim to keep my sets interesting and dynamic by mixing everything from minimal to funky techno, tech-house, some deep house, an occasional house jam, some classics and whatever else fits in.

3) Tell us about your label SubSensory Recordings.

After helping launch the Protoculture label in the early 00s I had a pretty good idea that I wanted to start my own label eventually. However, it took a few years to get my own studio together, bring my production up to par and develop the concept and brand. I launched SubSensory in 2007 while I was living in South America. Originally it was an outlet for my tunes as well as music by a few friends from North and South America but these days we feature releases from artists around the globe. In fact, later this year we’re celebrating 50 releases and 5 years of the label. Our releases mirror my ethos as a DJ. We release a broad mix of techno, tech-house, minimal and related sounds. The tunes are regularly hitting the top 100s on all the stores where we sell and we’ve had great support from many of our favorite international DJs. It’s been a great experience.

5) What is your current studio setup? (What hardware and software do you currently use to produce music)

Ableton 8 is my workhorse and I like to use a combination of hardware and software to create a dynamic sound. I get good use out of my Nord Lead 3, JoMox X-Base drum machine and a few analog synths. I’m really into using digital tools for intensive audio processing, but I also have a serious addiction to synthesis. My original tracks almost always include strong synth elements, maybe more so than most current techno producers.

6) Tell us how the Closer Music Festival got started and what is your role with the festival.

I started Closer in 2011 with Gustavo Lanazas, a friend and local label boss for Nude Photo Music. We’d been talking about putting together a festival-style event and in early spring 2011 the stars aligned and a few venues became available the same weekend, so we decided to make it happen. Year one featured eight events including a daytime park event, a variety of showcases and an epic afterparty. It was an awesome experience and the post-festival buzz was incredibly positive. We’re really excited to do it again this year, the dates are June 21-24, 2012, with an even better selection of venues, more events, and more diverse musical offerings. However, regardless of genre, we’re definitely aiming at keeping the music distinctly underground. There are no commercial dance sounds at Closer. We’ve booked some great guests and we’ll again feature many of Portland’s key DJs, labels and producers. My role is everything from booking, to promotion, PR, coordination. In fact, last year I put up over 300 posters myself!

6) Who would you consider your favorite current producer and why?

Picking favorites is difficult as every producer is hit and miss, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that current favorites include Christian Smith, Maetrik, and Alexander Kowalski. Those three in particular have a unique ability to create big moving tunes that don’t feel overly hyped up. The production quality is excellent and their tunes have an undeniable dancefloor sensibility. Plus, I like that they use a lot of strong bass and synth sounds to create their music rather than simply creating standard drum tracks that you tend to forget the minute you play them. They make tracks you can remember the next day. That’s what I aim to do as a producer too.

Free Tracks from JAK!

JAK - A Thought Apart (Original Mix) [SubSensory Recordings 034]

JAK - 25 Grams (Original Mix) [SubSensory Recordings 042]

Summer 2011 DJ Mix Series from JAK

JAK produced this series of three 72-minute mixes, each highlighting a different variety of techno sounds.

Part 1, Instinct, delves deep in to dark techno territory.
Part 2, Full of Life, explores the progressive side of modern techno.
Part 3, Surreal, focuses on tech-house.

Stream + Download all three mixes:

Click Here to purchase music from JAK at Beatport.

Click Here to purchase music from SubSensory Recordings at Beatport.

Click Here to purchase music from SubSensory Recordings at Juno Download.

JAK official site

JAK Facebook page

JAK on Twitter

JAK SoundCloud

SubSensory Recordings official site

SubSensory Recordings SoundCloud

SubSensory Facebook page

SubSeonsory Recordings Twitter

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fresh Remixes of Wagon Cookin' Track - Come Into The Light

I really loved the original version of this song from the album, and was stoked to get remixes, especially from Chus & Ceballos! The remix package includes the full length original version, a vocal and dub version from Chus & Ceballos, a remix from Ammie Graves and a remix from The Cruising. Remix EP is out this Tuesday, February 28th!

Here is a full streaming preview of the original version of "Come Into The Light":

Wagon Cookin' - Come Into The Light

and teaser snippets of my two favorite remixes in this release:

Wagon Cookin' - Come Into The Light ft. Roberto Q. Ingram (Chus & Ceballos Remix) (Smoke N' Mirrors) (Clip)

Wagon Cookin' - Come Into The Light ft. Roberto Q. Ingram (Ammie Graves Remix) (Smoke N' Mirrors) (Clip)

Click Here to buy Wagon Cookin' music from iTunes.

Click here to buy Wagon Cookin' music from Beatport.

Wagon Cookin' official site

Wagon Cookin' SoundCloud

Wagon Cookin' Facebook page

Wagon Cookin' YouTube channel

Wagon Cookin' Twitter

Great new Vocal Dance Track from Heavyfeet featuring Nate James

On March 18th, Champion Records is releasing a great Vocal Dance track from HeavyFeet featuring renowned UK singer Nate James. The song is titled "Back Foot" and the release includes remixes from Wideboys, Stonebridge, Project Bassline and 8th Note.

The official video for the song is really fun:

Below is a full streaming preview of the original version, as well as edits of some of the remixes.

HeavyFeet & Nate James - Back Foot (Original Mix)

HeavyFeet & Nate James - Back Foot (StoneBridge Classic Radio Edit)

Heavy Feet - Back Foot (Project Bassline Remix Radio Edit)

Heavy Feet - Back Foot (Wideboys Remix Radio Edit)

Click here to purchase music from Champion Records at Beatport.

Champion Records Facebook page

Champion Records SoundCloud

Champion Records Twitter

Champion Records YouTube

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Free House bootleg featuring Erykah Badu vocal snippets

This is a freebie from Exploited Records. Got it a little while back and I love it! Enjoy!

Joyce Muniz - Erykah [click to download]

Click Here to buy Joyce Muniz music from iTunes.

Click here to buy music from Exploited Records from Beatport.

Exploited Records Facebook page

Friday, February 24, 2012

New Deep House Release from Axel Bartsch

Axel Bartsch recently released a great deep house EP called Prophetic Dreams which includes remixes from AKA AKA & Thalstroem, Axel Boman and Matthew Sargeant. Album artwork (pictured above) was created by Alland Byallo.

Streaming preview clips of all 4 tracks on the release:

Click Here to buy this release from Beatport.

Click Here to buy the release from iTunes.

Axel Bartsch official site

Axel Bartsch Facebook page

Free download and new music video from Marbert Rocel

Marbert Rocel is a four piece group from Leipzig that makes compelling electronic music, and is getting ready to release a third full length album on Compost Records in April.

Their sound includes downtempo, acid jazz and deep house vibes. The free track we have for you is called Monsterparty and reminds me of The Brand New Heavies.

Marbert Rocel - Monsterparty [click to download]

We also have a brand new video from the group for the song "Whether The Night" which will be on the new album released in April.

Click Here to buy Marbert Rocel music from iTunes.

Marbert Rocel official site

Marbert Rocel SoundCloud

Marbert Rocel Facebook page

Marbert Rocel Twitter

Thursday, February 23, 2012

New House EP out now on Southern Fried Records

Southern Fried Records just released a four track EP from Frogs in Socks called 'Swamp Beats'.

The tracks on the EP are "Swamp Beats", "Andre the Giant", "Jet Skiis" and "Clowns". The EP is in the House / Deep House vein.

Here are streaming preview snippets of my two favorite tracks from the EP:

Frogs In Socks: Andre the Giant [preview clip]

Frogs In Socks: Swamp Beats [preview clip]

Click Here to purchase the Swamp Beats EP from Beatport.

Frogs in Socks Twitter

Bonus! Free download - here is a bootleg Frogs In Socks did that is a fun jazzy house tune featuring Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington:

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Great free electronic track from Loz Contreras

This song is amazing, I can't stop listening to it.

Loz Contreras - Break You Down feat. Sanna [click to download]

Loz Contreras SoundCloud

Introducing Doe Paoro

Doe Paoro has an amazing voice that melds beautifully with electronic music. She just released her debut album last week, and we have a free mp3 for you to download and enjoy!

from the press release:
Doe Paoro’s self-described “ghost soul” music hovers on the edge of ethereal, entreating the listener to be transported to a shape-shifting, cosmic black hole of sound and anti-sound where her voice is utilized as an uncommon instrument and the space between notes shoulders as much significance as the notes themselves.

Doe Paoro - Born Whole [click to download]

Click Here to buy Doe Paoro from iTunes.

Doe Paoro Facebook

Doe Paoro Twitter

You can also purchase Doe Paoro music at the Doe Paoro Bandcamp page.

Adele hit Set Fire to the Rain remixed by Ranny!

Ranny is an amazing remixer who can take any pop song and transform it into a big dance hit with his signature circuit sound.

Adele - Set Fire to the Rain (Ranny Big Room Mix) [click to download]

Click Here to purchase Adele music from iTunes.

Click Here to buy Ranny music from iTunes.

Ranny SoundCloud

Ranny Facebook page

Ranny Twitter

Dancefloor Mayhem Sessions from TechnoFM 2-19-2012

Here is the latest mix that aired on our weekly Techno.FM show on Sunday, February 19th. The show is every Sunday night at 6pm Pacific time / 9pm Eastern time. Two hours of fresh new music in the mix with DJ Tronic each week.

Dancefloor Mayhem loves to showcase a variety of genres and this mix was really fun to put together. The bulk of the mix tends toward House / Tech House / Techno, but it starts out with some more chill deeper tracks, and ends with a variety of broken beat sounds including a 2-step track and a drum-n-bass song to wrap thing up. Hope you enjoy!


Julien Dyne - So Far feat. Mara TK
Maribou State - Olivia (MAO remix)
Phillippe Liard - Organic Food
Tacito - Lession
Mario & Vidis - Ryyk
ThreeSixty & Jason Tyler - Masquerade (Matteo DiMarr remix)
Robert Solheim - Syv (John Tejada remix)
Vince Watson - Sequential
J Alexander - Phased (Alex Q remix)
Roberto - The Land of The Midnight Sun
Tobia Coffa - True Friends
Kiko - Spank (Jake Childs Bound To 8 Mix)
Monsanto - Saxodisco
Pig & Dan - London's Calling
LilRoj - Chuckle (Kala remix)
The Advent - Distract
Phil Kieran and Green Velvet - Free Yourself (Patrick Lindsey Mix)
Fisso & Spark - Freefall
Metric - End of the World (Amtrac remix)
Graphics - MacGrackleton
Stadium ft Blue Pearl - Take My Breath Away (Luke Holden 2-Step Mix)
Netsky - Give & Take

Dancefloor Mayhem Facebook page

DJ Tronic Facebook page

Monday, February 20, 2012

New Alex Celler release on Leftroom Limited!

Alex Celler - Sourire du Sphinx EP : being released February 27th

The release includes two tracks:
Conundrum (7:28)
Sourire Du Sphinx (10:19)

"Conundrum" is a continually evolving tech house groove with some unique bell sounds and chorus snippets.

"Sourire Du Sphinx" is an epic workout at over 10 minutes in length. It starts off innocent enough, with a nice tech house vibe. Then, just after getting two and a half minutes in, the clanking sounds begin and the track launches into pure insanity. A very unique track that also has an underlying tribal feel to it.

Three minute streaming previews of each track:

Alex Celler - Conundrum [preview clip]

Alex Celler - Sourire Du Sphinx [preview clip]

Leftroom SoundCloud

Click Here to purchase Leftroom music at Beatport.

New breakbeat release from Ground Level Recordings

If you are like me, then you probably like your breakbeats and tech funk like you like your green. Ground Level makes it happen with their new release from Joe C - Skunky. The release features the original mix and a remix from Rebel Sketchy. To celebrate the release, we have a free track for you! The Rebel Sketchy remix of Emile Sande's big hit, "Heaven".

Emile Sande - Heaven (Rebel Sketchy Remix) [click to download]

Full streaming preview of both tracks:

Click Here to purchase this release from Beatport.

Ground Level Records SoundCloud

Ground Level Records Facebook page

Rebel Sketchy SoundCloud

New Drum-n-Bass release out today on LU10 Records

Hot new drum-n-bass remixes of Katie McLeod out today on LU10 Records. Remixes by Enigma Dubz. Also includes a Bashment mix which is on the midtempo vibe.

Full streaming previews of all three songs in the release:

Click Here to purchase this release from Beatport.

LU10 Records SoundCloud

LU10 Records Twitter

New Music from The 8th Era

Hot new track from The 8th Era. I really like the new direction they have taken with this track. Very unique and engaging sound.

The 8th Era - Vanguard [click to download]

The 8th Era SoundCloud

The 8th Era Twitter

The 8th Era Facebook page

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Colourbox to release 4 CD Box Set

To celebrate their 30th anniversary, 4AD is to release the ultimate Colourbox compilation. Entitled simply Colourbox (in keeping with the band's albums), it is a 4 CD box set of all their released studio recordings and mixes which has been sequenced by Martyn Young.

Colourbox emerged from the diverse mix of musical cultures that formed the post-punk era, inevitably incorporating synthpop, indie, reggae, dub, soul and funk. They were dance pioneers in the pre-sampling era, where effects were painstakingly assembled in the studio. From 1982 to 1986 they created an eclectic body of work incorporating their influences, but imploded after the collaboration as M/A/R/R/S on 'Pump Up The Volume' went to No.1 - subsequently making them the only number one-hit wonders that never bothered to release a follow-up recording.

CD1 is the 1985 album, Colourbox, and includes all the tracks from the free album that was included with the original 10,000 LPs. The second disc is the 7" singles and the third is the 12" mixes. The final disc has the 4 track mini-album, Colourbox, an unreleased early mix of Arena and eight tracks recorded in session for the BBC.

You can pre-order the Box Set now directly from 4AD. Click Here to pre-order for $30.

One of my favorite tracks from Colourbox is "Baby I Love You So", a great dub track. Here is the full 12" version of the song streaming:

Click Here to purchase Colourbox music from iTunes.

New Release coming from Rebel Sonix [drumstep and dubstep]

The latest Rebel Sonix single includes the tracks Waiting for Jah and Shangri-La.

Waiting for Jah is a collaboration between Rebel Sonix and Geek Boy and features a sample of Cocoa Tea from a BBC documentary on Jamaican music. This is actually a remake of one of Rebel Sonix Larry Holcombe's first ever tracks. The original was a Drum and Bass track but this new version is an epic Drumstep roller feat. dirty bass stabs and uplifting synths. Phil Rebel Sonix video features a load of classic Jamaican images mashed up in true Rebel Sonix style.

The second track on the ep is Shangri-La featuring rolling bass and eastern tinged vibes. The track also features a cheeky Bruce Lee sample from 'Enter the Dragon'. The track was produced around the time of Glastonbury festival, 2011. Rebel Sonix performed on the Shangri-La stage which seemed like a fitting name for the track.

The release will be out March 5th on Eight FX.

Here are full streaming previews of each track:

Rebel Sonix vs Geek Boy - Waiting for Jah

Rebel Sonix - Shangri-la

Click Here to buy Rebel Sonix music from iTunes.

Rebel Sonix SoundCloud

Rebel Sonix Facebook page

Monday, February 13, 2012

Brand New DJ Mix of House and Tech House sounds from Tronic


Alessandro Diga - Winter Blues
The Recycler - Washing Machine
Alexander Fog - Palindro Mono
Murray Richardson - memory Loss (Paul Hardy & McKai remix)
Aniss Hypnoise and Ivan Miranda - Helele (Dynamik Dave Terrace Rewerk)
Boogaloo - Monkey See Monkey Do
Mr. AB - Tribal
Spellband - Dogzmatic
ThreeSixty & Dirty Harris - Manta
Addalog - Summer Cake
LilRoj - Free Air (JAK remix)
Octave One - I Need Release (Alexander Kowalski remix)

Downloads of this mix will be turned on after 500 plays. Help spread the love and share the mix with your friends!

In March, DJ Tronic is launching a unique donation-based subscription service where you can get Hour Long DJ mixes like this every week, with all new music. Minimum donation of $5 / month, or special of $50 / 12 months if you pay for a year at once. You may also gift subscriptions to people. All forms of payment accepted via Paypal.

Drop me a line at djtronicpdx @ gmail . com for more info or to become a subscriber to the weekly mix series. Subscribers are also entered in a drawing for tickets to all DJ Tronic events and eligible for other goodies such as free mp3 tracks and more!

All DJ mixes are for promotional purposes only, and all rights are retained by the artists and labels. If you like the music on the DJ mixes, please support the artists and purchase the individual tracks.

Dancefloor Mayhem SoundCloud

Tronic Twitter

Friday, February 10, 2012

NGUZUNGUZU announce US tour this March with Salva, including SXSW dates

Nguzunguzu is the Los Angeles duo of Asma Maroof and Daniel Pineda. They make unique varying tempo forms of electronic music.

March 7 - Los Angeles, CA - Los Globos*
March 8 - San Francisco, CA - Monarch*
March 9 - Vancouver, BC - The Waldorf*
March 10 - Seattle, WA - Chop Suey*
March 11 - Portland, OR - VENUE TBD*
March 14 - SXSW
March 15 - SXSW - Barcelona Friends of Friends Day Party ^
March 16 - SXSW
March 17 - New Orleans, LA - Buku Arts and Music Fest #
March 19 - Philadephia, PA - The M-Room (Mad Decent Mondays)*
March 21 - Boston, MA - Wonderbar *
March 22 - Montreal, QC - Blue Dog *
March 23 - New York, NY - 287 Kent *
March 24 - Miami, FL - Electric Pickle (Winter Music Conference) *

*with Salva
^with Salva, Shlohmo, Ernest Gonzales, LOL Boys

This music video is very cool if you like electronic music + computer generated visuals:

NGUZUNGUZU - Water Bass Power (Timesup Sand Mix)

Click Here to buy music by Nguzunguzu from iTunes.

Nguzunguzu SoundCloud

Thursday, February 9, 2012

New music from Kris Menace

Kris Menace is going to be releasing a new album this year called 'Electric Horizon' on his own Compuphonic label. The first release from that album is the single "Falling Star".

Here is the video for "Falling Star":

Kris Menace YouTube

Click here to visit RCRD LBL and download "Falling Star" for free.

Click Here to purchase Kris Menace music from iTunes.

Kris Menace SoundCloud

Kris Menace Facebook

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Maribou State EP out now!

Fat! Records released the new Maribou State EP "Olivia' on February 6th.

Here is the official music video for Olivia:

Free remix download! Enjoy the LeVingtQuatre remix of "Bricks":

Maribou State - Bricks (LeVingtQuatre Remix) [click to download]

Click Here to puchase Maribou State music from iTunes.

Click here to buy Maribou State music from Beatport.

Maribou State SoundCloud

Maribou State Facebook

Maribou State Twitter

In case you missed these free Maribou State remixes in our prior post about them, here there are to enjoy again.

Lauryn Hill - Doo Wop (Pedestrian & Maribou State Remix) [click to download]

The 2 Bears - Work (Maribou State remix) [click to download]

Fresh New 2 Hour DJ Mix of House + Techno from Tronic!

Stream the entire mix:


Benoit & Sergio - Everybody
Dada, Rui Da Silva feat. One - Crazy Love (Mastiksoul remix)
Hardrive - Deep Inside (Harry Choo Choo Romero Dirty Piano remix) [Tommie Sunshine Edit]
Patrick Zigon - Momento Magico feat. Caramelo Criminal (Pascal Feos and Frank Leicher remix)
Random Soul - Music Inside
ThreeSixty & Dirty Harris - Brass Haus
Dean Mickoski - Me Fatije (Club Mix)
Lee Guthrie - Do This (Minicoolboyz remix)
Luke Marsh - Yeah
Scottie B & King Tut - African Chant (Sandy Estrada remix)
Uner - Cocoua
D-Unity - Shake It (D-Unity 2011 re-touch)
The Advent - Distract
Hollywood Hills & Drew Scott - Tetra (Leisuregroove & Rustem Rustem remix)
Resolutions - Chibella (Kenny Ground remix)
Dilo and Pablo Denegri - Albatros Toma
Erreome - Fat Dolly (Pitwo remix)
Ivan Dbri & Wirik - Ibossim (Android Cartel remix)
Marco Bailey - Oriental Disco
Riera - Do It
Eros Marez - Fresno el Viejo (Dottet remix)
Jack Harris - Loco
Ronnie Maze - Last Time

Tronic Facebook page

Dancefloor Mayhem MixCloud - with over 50 hours of music in the mix to stream!

DJ Tronic Twitter

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Free Music from Mux Mool + Live Tour Dates!

New Mux Mool Album!!!

Mux Mool - Planet High School
Out Now Digitally, Out 3/6/12 Physically on Ghostly International

Live at 7-11
Palace Chalice
I Ruin Everything
The Butterfly Technique
Hand On the Scantron
Raw Gore
Cash 4 Gold
Get Yer Alphabets (Guns)

Full streaming preview of every song on the album:

Here are two free songs from the album:

Mux Mool - Palace Chalice [click to download]

Mux Mool - Raw Gore [click to download]

Click Here to purchase 'Planet High School' by Mux Mool from iTunes.

This video was produced to act as an album teaser:

Mux Mool YouTube


Feb 11 - Seattle, WA - Chop Suey
Feb 16 - Denver, CO - Cervantes
Feb 17 - San Francisco, CA - 1015 Folsom w/ Shigeto
Feb 18 - Missoula, MT - The Palace Theatre w/ Shigeto
Feb 25 - Amherst, MA - Hampshire College w/ Shigeto
Feb 29 - Boston, MA - Wonderbar w/ Shigeto
Mar 1 - Burlington, VT - Metronome w/ Shigeto
Mar 2 - Buffalo, NY - Soundlab w/ Shigeto
Mar 9 - Lincoln, NE - The Granada Theatre
Mar 14 - SXSW - Ghostly Showcase
Mar 15 - SXSW - Surefire Showcase
Mar 30 - University of Pennsylvania w/ Sepalcure, Machinedrum
May 5 - Cambridge, MA - M.I.T. Campus

Mux Mool Facebook page

Mux Mool SoundCloud

Friday, February 3, 2012

Dancefloor Mayhem presents Future Urban Volume 1

Dancefloor Mayhem presents Future Urban Volume 1. The first in a series of compilations that will include hip-hop remixes, dope original hip-hop, neo soul, dubstep, garage, brokenbeats, and more.

Here is the tracklisting, if a song is available for free via Dancefloor Mayhem, that is indicated and the link is a direct mp3 download. Otherwise, the link will be to where you can purchase the song. Stream the entire compilation below using the MixCloud player.

Future Urban Volume 1 Tracklisting

01. Ernest Gonzales - Upon the 49th Day (Cyne remix) [iTunes]
02. Pretty Lights - We Must Go On [FREE - direct mp3 download]
03. Lauryn Hill - Doo Wop (Pedestrian & Maribou State remix) [FREE - direct mp3 download]
04. Doomtree - String Theory [iTunes]
05. e-dubble - Grey Skies (produced by Villain) [FREE - direct mp3 download]
06. Joker - The Vision feat. Jessie Ware and Freddie Gibbs [iTunes]
07. Lauren Pritchard - Stuck (Various Productions remix)
08. Pinch - Get Up (feat. Yolanda) [iTunes]
09. Error Response - Real Props (feat. The Protege) [iTunes]
10. DJ Vadim presents The Electric - Beautiful (Memory 9 remix) [iTunes]
11. Toddla T - Take It Back [iTunes]
12. Bassnectar - Land of the Lupes [FREE - direct mp3 download]
13. Mr. Scruff - Nice Up the Function feat. Roots Manuva [iTunes]
14. Bugz in the Attic - Move Aside (ThyLord & Phountzi remix)
15. Busta Rhymes - Dangerous (Kraddy remix) [FREE - direct mp3 download]
16. Cypress Hill x Rusko - Roll It, Light It [FREE - direct mp3 download]
17. Arch Nemesis - Reward is More Breaks [FREE - direct mp3 download]
18. Dizzee Rascal - Da Feelin' [Beatport]

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Free track from D-Unity

D-Unity is one of my favorite producers. Making a great mix of Tribal and Tech House sounds that always sound amazing on loud soundsystems. I am excited to be able to give away one of his tracks on Dancefloor Mayhem that was from his SoundCloud page.

D-Unity - Shake It (D-Unity's 2011 re-touch) [click to download]

Click Here to buy D-Unity music from iTunes.

Click here to purchase D-Unity music from Beatport.

D-Unity / Beat Therapy Records SoundCloud

D-Unity Facebook page

D-Unity Twitter

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New release from Exploited Records by Claptone

So the single is called "Cream" and uses a great sample from the Wu-Tang classic of the same name. Really fun tech house track. DJ support from DJ Hell, DJ Sneak, Oliver $, Eli Escobar, J. Phlip, Malente, Jacob London, Phonique, Seth Troxler, and many more!

Here is the full-length streaming preview of "Cream" by Claptone:

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Hospitality 2012 Drum-n-Bass in the mix Out Now!

Just released on Monday was Hospitality Drum-n-Bass 2012. 31 tracks of fresh drum-n-bass in the mix. Hospitality, the award winning events arm of Hospital Records, which recently won “Best Event” at the Drum & Bass Arena Awards, brings you the next installment in the critically acclaimed “Hospitality Drum & Bass” series, mixed by Hospital director and studio stalwart Tomahawk.

The mix is a great blend of various drum-n-bass sounds and should have something for everyone. TONS of big name producers in the mix, including Netsky, London Elektricity, High Contrast, Calibre, Marcus Intalex, Makoto and Blu Mar Ten.


01 Skream feat Sam Frank - Anticipate (Netsky remix)
02 TC - Tap Ho
03 S.P.Y - Seconds to Midnight
04 Emeli Sande - Heaven (Nu:Tone remix)
05 Jazzsteppa - Raising The Bar (Stray remix)
06 Camo+Krooked - Cryptkeeper
07 London Elektricity - U Gotta B Crazy (Enei remix)
08 Ms Dynamite - Neva Soft (Nu:Tone remix)
09 S.I.N. - Oldy
10 Frederic Robinson - Laughing At Clouds
11 Maduk - Avalon
12 High Contrast feat Tiesto & Underworld - The First Note Is Silent
13 N3gus - Kites
14 Camo+Krooked - Hot Pursuit
15 High Contrast - Fearful Symmetry
16 Blu Mar Ten - Problem Child
17 Taxman - My House
18 Muffler - Tear Your Soul
19 Rido feat. Thomas Oliver - Twisted
20 Calibre - Blazin'
21 NZ Shapeshifter - Monarch
22 Rollz - Don't You Know Its You
23 Urbandawn - Astrolabe
24 Logistics - Fibreglass
25 Phace & Rockwell - Rat Race
26 Brookes Brothers - Snowman
27 Krome & Time - License (Break remix)
28 Resonators - Sweet Love Affair (Cyantific remix)
29 Logistics - Back 2 U
30 Marcus Intalex - Virgo
31 Makoto – Bubbles

Click Here to purchase the album, Hospitality: Drum & Bass 2012, from iTunes.

Hospitality official site