Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Release coming from Rebel Sonix [drumstep and dubstep]

The latest Rebel Sonix single includes the tracks Waiting for Jah and Shangri-La.

Waiting for Jah is a collaboration between Rebel Sonix and Geek Boy and features a sample of Cocoa Tea from a BBC documentary on Jamaican music. This is actually a remake of one of Rebel Sonix Larry Holcombe's first ever tracks. The original was a Drum and Bass track but this new version is an epic Drumstep roller feat. dirty bass stabs and uplifting synths. Phil Rebel Sonix video features a load of classic Jamaican images mashed up in true Rebel Sonix style.

The second track on the ep is Shangri-La featuring rolling bass and eastern tinged vibes. The track also features a cheeky Bruce Lee sample from 'Enter the Dragon'. The track was produced around the time of Glastonbury festival, 2011. Rebel Sonix performed on the Shangri-La stage which seemed like a fitting name for the track.

The release will be out March 5th on Eight FX.

Here are full streaming previews of each track:

Rebel Sonix vs Geek Boy - Waiting for Jah

Rebel Sonix - Shangri-la

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