Thursday, March 8, 2012

New John B album Light Speed out now

I've always had a great respect for John B. He makes fun, uncompromising music and reaches a very broad audience around the world. From the fun and campy songs like "Take Me Home", "American Girls" and "I've Been Stalking You On MySpace"; to the classics like "Sight Beyond", "The Way I Feel" and "Sax Therapy". He also has a very forward thinking and fun fashion sense, and is excellent at engaging his fans for someone with such a big following.

To celebrate the recently released album, John B gave away this free track via his YouTube page called "Send My Love To Mother Russia":

John B - Send My Love To Mother Russia [click to download]

Here are straeming preview snippets of all 13 songs from the new album:

Click Here to purchase the new John B album, 'Light Speed' from Beatport.

Click Here to buy John B music from iTunes.

John B official site

John B Facebook page

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John B SoundCloud

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