Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Introducing new Finnish duo Zebra and Snake

Zebra and Snake are a production duo from Finland, that claim the zebra and snake are their respective power animals. Whatever spirit they are channeling, they are making some really cool sounds. With a definite nod to the past, their productions have elements of nu disco, indie rock, deep house and new wave.

The duo is getting ready to drop a debut album later this year. In the mean time, we've got lots of goodies for you.

Here is the music video for their new original song "Money In Heaven":

Here are a couple of free remixes of "Money In Heaven" to stream and download.

This remix from Helsinki 78 82 is definitely on the nu disco vibe. I think people that like Bloc Party will dig this version.

The other remix of "Money In Heaven" comes from Renaissance Man. This version is a slow groover with less emphasis on the vocals and about halfway through takes a turn for the darker. Very unique track.

Here some free remixes from Zebra and Snake that I am also digging.

This remix of 'Call of the Wild" by Florrie is a really fun vocal track, also on the nu disco / indie dance vibe.

I found it only appropriate for a production team channeling spirit animals to remix a song called "Be My Animal".

Zebra and Snake Facebook page

Zebra and Snake Twitter

Zebra and Snake SoundCloud

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