Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New EP from Sevenfive out today with a free remix for you

Sevenfive are releasing their second EP on The Dead Speaker Office label today, and they have sent over a free download of the Deux Point Zero remix of "Take Off" which you can download for free.

Here is the full streaming preview of the original version of "Take Off":

In addition to these two tracks above, the EP also has another original track "Her Eyes", a remix of "Her Eyes" by Come Close, and another remix of "Take Off" by Samoth Nessin.

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The Dead Speaker Office official site

Fresh new free remix from Mighty Mouse

Mighty Mouse has just put out a fresh free remix of "Come For Me" by Moonlight Matters. This song is fairly genre-defying. It is epic. It has elements of disco / 80s / pop / dance. Perfect for summer. The energy is infectious. Listen and download now.

Want more Mighty Mouse? Check out these other freebies.

"Kids In Space" is a Mighty Mouse original. This song is a chill nu disco track.

Here is a great edit of one of my all time favorite songs from Prince, "Controversy".

Mighty Mouse official site

Mighty Mouse SoundCloud

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Mighty Mouse Facebook page

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dancefloor Mayhem mix from Techno.FM 6-17-2012

A fresh 2 hour mix that starts out with deep house, then moves into disco house, house and tech house. I included two tracks from Monika Kruse. Her new LP Traces is out now. For more info and purchase links, check out the Traces post on Dancefloor Mayhem.

Dancefloor Mayhem on Techno.FM setlist for 6-17-2012

Andrea Colina & Victor Elle - The New Number Is
Soulmelt - Sunkissed (Vocal mix)
Pete Dafeet - Rough Rider
Sean Dizzyfunk - Thinking (Steve Littlemen remix)
Anthony Atcherley - Overdrive
Fashen - Ecstasy
Double M - Groove'in
Justin Ryan - Big, Hateful and Notorious
Danny Daze - Ghetto Fab
People Get Real feat. RJW - Fascination (Voytek remix)
Art Of Hot - The Vision
Eddie F - Faze Action
Monika Kruse - Trippy Tipi
Roby Howler - Flute Girls (Wiwek remix)
T. Orlando feat. Lori J Ward - Phaze Me
Andre Rigg - Come Back Baby (Adan Mor remix)
Mark Stacey - Annie's Groove
Tom Demac vs Silverclub - Throat Trip (Tiger Stripes remix)
Christian Sol - Mist
Mark Reeve - Planet Green
Tim Sheridan - Oriental Clockwork
DJ Sulli - Mercury Rising
Joy Marquez - Sabrosa (Alex Acosta & D'Monzon One mix)
PHNTM - Revolution (Acida Corporation remix)
Monika Kruse - Traces

The Dancefloor Mayhem show airs on every Sunday night. 6pm - 8pm Pacific time / 9pm - 11pm Eastern time.

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Introducing Italian electro disco duo Fanny Games

Fanny Games is an Italian electro disco production duo with a new release out now on MoFoHiFi.

Here is the full streaming preview of the song "In The Club (On The Street):

Here is the Luxar remix which is free to download:

Click Here to download the remix.

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Fanny Games Facebook page

Fanny Games SoundCloud

Fanny Games Twitter

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More free breakbeats from the Unstable Label!

The latest release from Unstable Label is "Rolling Thunder" by Hoffman & SaVannaH. The release also includes a remix from The Rumblist. Below are both tracks in full for download and streaming!

Unstable Label official site

Unstable Label SoundCloud page

Unstable Label Facebook page

Unstable Label Twitter

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Monika Kruse LP Traces out now!

I hope a lot of you are already familiar with the name Monika Kruse. She has been a force in the techno world for almost 20 years, getting her start as a DJ in Munich. From there she went on to play at some of the largest venues and parties around the world including Love Parade in Germany, Wire in Japan, and the biggest clubs in Brazil. She also founded the Terminal M and Electric Avenue record labels.

'Traces' is the fourth LP released by Monika, on her own Terminal M label. This 12 track LP is targeted towards the Burningman community, with it's art car album cover and track names like "Playa Dust" and "Namaste".

Traces tracklist

01. Cycle of Trust
02. Playa Dust
03. Exhale
04. One Love feat. Robert Owens
05. Robot Heart Edit
06. Robot Heart Original
07. Wavedancer (Monika Kruse & Thomas Schumacher Remix)
08. Traces
09. Trippy Tipi
10. With Hindsight feat. Nick Maurer
11. Namaste
12. M.U.M

For the most part, the tracks are in the tech house and techno realm. Exceptions include "Exhale", which is a nice dubby track and "Playa Dust", which is a great downtempo song.

Many of the other tracks will work nicely for tech house / techno DJs. Highlights for me are the "Wavedancer" remix, "Trippy Tipi" and the original version of "Robot Heart".

As a concept album, I feel Monika Kruse did a great job capturing the vibe of the playa. I finally made it to Burningman last year for the first time, and am going back this year. The energy of the event is amazing, and there is always so many wonderful things to see and do and so many amazing people to interact with.

Here are streaming preview snippets of a couple of songs from the album:

Click Here to buy the album from Beatport.

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Monika Kruse facebook page

Monika Kruse Twitter

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dancefloor Mayhem Mix from Techno.FM 6-10-2012

A fresh mix of a variety of genres that aired on Techno.FM on 6-10-2012. Mixed live by DJ Tronic, this mix goes from bass / broken beat, into house and tech house, then we feature a couple of progressive house tracks from the new Perspectives Digital Volume 3 compilation and end with a few more House tracks.

The Dancefloor Mayhem show airs on every Sunday night. 6pm - 8pm Pacific time / 9pm - 11pm Eastern time.

Dancefloor Mayhem on Techno.FM 6-10-2012 setlist:

Boylan - High Life (Sinjin Hawke remix)
Kone - Power Came To Them
Lokrain - Rain Dub
DJ Zero One - A Warrior Of Peace
Rebel Sonix - Back It Up Riddim
Goldie - Kemistry (Justin Martin remake)
Katie McLeod - Dancefloor (Enigma Dubz Garage Mix)
Alex Niggemann - I Don't Care (Ride Mix)
Kate Simko - Kabuki Drop (John Tejada remix)
Norm Talley - Travelin
YSE feat. Frank H. Carter III - Magic In Your Eyes (Giom remix)
Danny Daze - Ghetto Fab
Patlac - Chp
Konrad Black & Art Department - Graveyard Tan (Version One)
Ludowick - Monoplastic (Pete Weasel remix)
Resumo - La Musica (Ricky Tenaglia remix)
Ramon Tapia - The Cry (Secret Cinema remix)
Darin Epsilon & Tom Sela - Metamorph (Deepfunk's Main Mix)
Gosh & Kanov - Thinking (Tom Glass remix)
Dave Shtom - Magic Moments (Eelke Kleijn Magical Dub Ride)
Kartell - Riviera
Orphans STHLM - Jeet Kune Do
SCSI-9 - From East To West
Kate Simko feat. Jem Cooke - Go On Then

Connect with Dancefloor Mayhem::

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Fresh Deep House Mashup for free from Jacob Bech

Usually when I see the word mashup in my inbox I cringe, as most are just plain awful. Never fear though, I always listen to everything people send in, and this time I was pleasantly surprised.

This track is from Jacob Bech - born in Copenhagen and his formative exposure to electronic music was in Ibiza. 2012 has been a big year already for Jacob, with releases and remix work on labels such as Neurotraxx, Ibizarre, Sound of Copenhagen, House of House, and Royal Plastic Digital.

Here is the free track, Badalamenti Vs. Papa & Liss - Twin Peaks (Jacob Bech Mash-Up):

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Jacob Bech SoundCloud

Jacob Bech Facebook page

Thursday, June 7, 2012

New album of Middle Eastern Dub sounds from The Spy From Cairo

I've got a real passion for well produced downtempo electronic music, and this new album from The Spy From Cairo sure fits that description. A perfect fusion of classic Jamaican dub elements with Middle Eastern influences, this new album is highly recommended. The best thing about the album to me is that there are no samples. Zeb aka The Spy From Cairo did all the programming, as well as playing traditional Middle Eastern stringed instruments called the Oud, Chifteli and the Saz himself.

We've got a free album track for you and a fun video for that song.

Click Here to download the mp3 for Alladin Dub.

Here are streaming previews of a couple of the other songs from the album:

Click Here to buy the album from Beatport.

Click Here to buy the album from iTunes.

The Spy From Cairo Facebook page

The Spy From Cairo SoundCloud

New 2 Hour Mix Of House -> Tech House -> Techno

This mix first aired on Techno.FM on 6-3-2012. Don't forget, the Dancefloor Mayhem sessions are every Sunday, 6pm - 8pm pacific time / 9pm - 11pm eastern time on Every week we have 2 hours of all new music in the mix with DJ Tronic.


Citizen - Came Through
Loree feat. ikm - Musa
Todd Terry & House of Gypsies - Samba (Matthias Heilbronn Soulflower mix)
JR from Dallas - Body & Soul
DJ Kue - Dancin' Love
Alistair Albrecht - Dirty Chic
Dynetic - Bombaclot
Tainted Train - Get Down
Ant Brooks - Burn You
Fuchsberg - Can't Hold Me Down (Dub Resort Fly Mix)
Monty Luke - In Love With A Dancer (ML Tronik edit)
Orbital - Wonky (CSY & Stripes remix)
Fish Go Deep - Being Supreme
Monoton & Minimal - Sprinkly Dustyfield (Pierre Delort remix)
Red Carpet - Alright (Vecs remix)
Alessio Mereu - Distraught Again (Guido Schneider remix)
KineZzz - Cathode
Pete McCarthey - Forgotten Paths (Bastards of Funk & Sonic Union remix)
Beatmortelz - Der Kelte In Der Kaelte (Lars Wickinger remix)
Sergio Vilas - Resentments
Danny Ocean - Mirage
Tom Eirh and Dolby D - Red Creek (Piatto remix)

Tronic Facebook page

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Dancefloor Mayhem MixCloud page - with tons of DJ mixes!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Breakbeat release on Ground Level + free Beastie Boys bootleg!

Out now on Ground Level is "Rubberband" by Joe C with a remix from Andy McAllister. Full streaming preview of both tracks:

And here is the bootleg of "Body Movin'" by the Beastie Boys from Joe C! Free to download:

Click Here to purchase from Beatport.

Ground Level SoundCloud

Ground Level Twitter

Joe C SoundCloud

Joe C Facebook page

Free track from Christian Strobe

Christian Strobe sent us this great track that is part of the Sound of Neon compilation - celebrating five years of Neonized. His track is a great dance track that can best be described as progressive disco house. Lots of classic disco elements and the energy continues to build throughout the track.

Click Here to check out the rest of the album - all 12 songs are free to download. Donwload links to a zip file of the release on this page.

Christian Strobe Facebook page

Christian Strobe SoundCloud

Christian Strobe Twitter

Click Here to buy Christian Strobe music from iTunes.

A Night To Remember - 2xCD compilation of 70s and 80s Dance Hits

This is a great 32-song compilation put together by DJ Tony Okungbowa and JoJo Flores that highlights some great moments in dance music from the 70s and 80s. The release is available as a 2xCD physical version or digital download. So many good songs it is hard to even get started highlighting them all. Some of my personal favorites included in this collection are "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life", "Double Dutch Bus", "Let's Love Dance" and "Keep On Jumpin'". As you can see, the release does a great job showcasing a variety of sounds from that era, and the common theme is these were all fun to dance to in the clubs.

from the press release:

“A Night to Remember was an opportunity to deliver a DJ playlist to a wider audience, music that we would listen to ourselves,” says Tony Okungbowa. “People always ask me, what kind of music do you listen to? What do you like? And this is it. This is the music I love.”Jojoflores continues, “This project was a journey through the past for us musically. When we added in France Joli’s “Gonna Get Over You” I was flushed with memories of growing up. It’s just such a good feeling, so uplifting. I hope our listeners will enjoy the record in the same way and that it will take them on a journey of their own.”

A Night To Remember Tracklisting

Disc One

1. Jocelyn Brown – Somebody Else’s Guy
2. France Joli – Gonna Get Over You
3. Fat Larry’s Band – Act Like You Know
4. Empress –Dyin’ to be Dancin’
5. Inner Life – I’m Caught Up
6. D-Train – Keep On
7. Chemise – She Can’t Love You
8. Unlimited Touch – Searching To Find The One
9. Gayle Adams – Stretchin’ Out
10. Suzy Q – Get On Up And Do It Again
11. Geraldine Hunt – Can’t Fake The Feeling
12. Secret Weapon – Must Be The Music
13. J.R. Funk & The Love Machine – Feel Good Party Time
14. Shalamar – A Night To Remember
15. Toney Lee – Reach Up
16. Indeep – Last Night A D.J. Saved My Life

Disc Two

1. Frankie Smith – Double Dutch Bus
2. Nightlife Unlimited – Let’s Do It Again
3. The Whispers – And The Beat Goes On
4. Weeks & Company – Rock Your World
5. Bobby Thurston – Check Out The Groove
6. Bombers – Everybody Get Dancin’
7. Carrie Lucas – Dance With You
8. Carol Douglas – Midnight Affair
9. The Strikers – Body Music
10. Gino Soccio – Dancer
11. Gary’s Gang – Let’s Love Dance
12. Machine – There But For The Grace of God Go I
13. Sylvester – Do You Wanna Funk
14. Musique – Keep on Jumpin’
15. Tavares – It Only Takes a Minute Girl
16. Carol Jianni – Hit ‘N Run Lover

Click Here to buy the entire digital album from Amazon for $13.98 or individual tracks for just $0.89 per song.

Click Here to purchase from iTunes. $13.99 for the entire compilation.

Tony Okungbowa Facebook page

Tony Okungbowa Twitter

JoJo Flores Facebook page

JoJo Flores Twitter

Fresh Nu-Disco / Deep House release on Union Match Music

New 2-track EP out now from Compuphonic & Kolombo - Artifice Part One. The EP is available now from Beatport. The two tracks are "Walkin On A Cloud" - a great nu-disco track, and "Artifice" - a nu-disco / deep house groove. Full streaming preview of both tracks below.

Click Here to buy the release from Beatport.

We also have a couple of great free bootlegs for you.

Compupohnic did a remix of the Gotye hit:

Kolombo had a cool Prince bootleg on his SoundCloud page:

Union Match SoundCloud

Union Match Facebook page

Compuphonic SoundCloud

Compuphonic Facebook page

Kolombo SoundCloud

Kolombo Facebook page