Thursday, June 14, 2012

Monika Kruse LP Traces out now!

I hope a lot of you are already familiar with the name Monika Kruse. She has been a force in the techno world for almost 20 years, getting her start as a DJ in Munich. From there she went on to play at some of the largest venues and parties around the world including Love Parade in Germany, Wire in Japan, and the biggest clubs in Brazil. She also founded the Terminal M and Electric Avenue record labels.

'Traces' is the fourth LP released by Monika, on her own Terminal M label. This 12 track LP is targeted towards the Burningman community, with it's art car album cover and track names like "Playa Dust" and "Namaste".

Traces tracklist

01. Cycle of Trust
02. Playa Dust
03. Exhale
04. One Love feat. Robert Owens
05. Robot Heart Edit
06. Robot Heart Original
07. Wavedancer (Monika Kruse & Thomas Schumacher Remix)
08. Traces
09. Trippy Tipi
10. With Hindsight feat. Nick Maurer
11. Namaste
12. M.U.M

For the most part, the tracks are in the tech house and techno realm. Exceptions include "Exhale", which is a nice dubby track and "Playa Dust", which is a great downtempo song.

Many of the other tracks will work nicely for tech house / techno DJs. Highlights for me are the "Wavedancer" remix, "Trippy Tipi" and the original version of "Robot Heart".

As a concept album, I feel Monika Kruse did a great job capturing the vibe of the playa. I finally made it to Burningman last year for the first time, and am going back this year. The energy of the event is amazing, and there is always so many wonderful things to see and do and so many amazing people to interact with.

Here are streaming preview snippets of a couple of songs from the album:

Click Here to buy the album from Beatport.

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Monika Kruse facebook page

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