Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Free remix of ShadowBox by Chrome Canyon

ShadowBox aka Bonnie Baxter is a vocalist, instrumentalist, & producer, who recently announced the arrival of the Haunted by Colors EP, set for release on vinyl and digital download July 24th in North America via the UK based label Pictures Music.

Currently residing in Brooklyn, NY, Baxter admits that she draws inspiration from sound sculptures of the 60's (Daphne Oram/Delia Derbshyre/Tangerine Dream) as well as futurists philosophies, books about metaphysics, space exploration, and the relationship of technology and nature.

The Chrome Canyons remix of "AM" is a beautiful downtempo electronic track with shimmering synth sounds and her vocals floating throughout the track.

Haunted By Colors tracklist:

D 60
Let's Not
Loveless Child
Running Like A Ghost

ShadowBox official site

Shadowbox facebook page

ShadowBox Twitter

Pictures Music official site

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