Friday, August 17, 2012

New release on Sasha's Last Night On Earth label out Monday, August 20th!

from the press release:

Along with releases from established artists, the label continues to build careers for upcoming talent. The next release from ThermalBear is an example of the young producers coming through. Dennis White aka ThermalBear was chosen by Sasha as someone who stood out from the crowd with his classical take on modern electronic dance music.

His single 'U Love' featuring vocals from Maiday is an expertly crafted piece of electronic brilliance. The track, with its cleverly programmed drums and haunting synths, captures the listener and is sure to be one of those tracks that plays over and over in your head.

Sasha provides a deeper take on the original with his remix. Transforming 'U Love' into a sound that Sasha does better than anyone and in the way we have all admired and loved over the years.

Here are streaming preview clips of both tracks:

Click Here to check out Last Night On Earth music on Beatport.

Last Night On Earth SoundCloud page

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ThermalBear facebook page

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