Saturday, August 25, 2012

Off to the Playa

The posts have been a little slow lately as I was finishing up summer gigs and getting ready to head to Burningman. DJ Tronic will be camped with Slutgarden again this year at 9pm + Esplanade. I seriously get the best view of the playa from my DJ booth, being able to see the man and the temple. I will be playing an extended set of House and Techno Monday night for our welcome home party, as well as other sets throughout the week, including another extended set Saturday night after the man burns. If you are heading to the playa, stop by Slutgarden and say hi to DJ Tronic.

Here is a mix I recorded earlier this week to give you an example of some of the sounds I'll be playing this year. Not all new stuff, but we just like to dance and have a great time!

Slutgarden facebook page

Tronic facebook page

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