Thursday, September 27, 2012

Free EP - Club 27 : celebrating great musicians who died at the age of 27

Really loving the re-makes of some great songs from very talented artists who left this world too soon. In the infamous 27 club, artists who are represented on this project are Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Brian Jones.

This project was put together by Cheese N Onion, a talented production duo from Germany. They did remakes of Kurt Cobain, The Rolling Stones (Brian Jones) and The Doors (Jim Morrison). Other artists contributing to the project are Tyler Durden remaking Jimi Hendrix, Kinky T remaking Amy Winehouse and Cubus remixing Janis Joplin.

Here are all six songs in full. This is a free EP release, so you can download the songs individually via the SoundCloud widgets, or simply Click Here to download all 6 songs as a zip file.

We'll start off with "Love Me" the Jim Morrison tribute song - a re-imagining of "Love Me Two Times" by The Doors. This song is an amazing piece of deep house.

Next up is the Nirvana remake to honor Kurt Cobain. The song is called "As I Want You" - the Cheese N Onion take on the Nirvana classic "Come As You Are". With this one, they did a complete re-work, with a female vocalist instead of sampling Kurt's voice. I thought that odd at first, but the more I listened to the song, the more it grew on me. More of a straight up dance song, I think people will go nuts once they realize what the song is.

I've gotta go with Jimi Hendrix next. This version is called "Soul Of Voodoo" and is Tyler Durden's remake of "Voodoo Child". A nice funky house / tech house groover. I love how he teases and teases with the guitar licks, and then finally lets it take off after the breakdown.

Next up is "Pleased To Meet You", Cheese N Onions remake of "Sympathy For The Devil" by The Rolling Stones to honor Brian Jones. Another great house groove, making great use of the guitar and vocal parts from the original.

The Amy Winehouse tribute from DJ Kinky-T is called "No Good" and is a remake of "I'm No Good" with a deep house groove.

Closing out the collection is "Tomorrow Never Happens" the Cubus remake of "Ball and Chain" by Janis Joplin. This one is fun and has good energy. We get to hear Joplin's voice almost right away, and he allows it to really work with the track. This track to me is pretty versatile, and can be played with deep house, house and tech house sets.

Cheese N Onion SoundCloud page

Cheese N Onion facebook page

Tyler Durden SoundCloud

Kinky-T SoundCloud page

Cubus SoundCloud page

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Free EP from Think 2wice Records

Think 2wice has recently signed producer Andrew Sinclair to the label, and they will be releasing a full EP of his original material this winter. To build anticipation for that release, they have a single from him called "Nite Drift" and along with the original, they are also giving away 4 remixes of the track.

The original has a great chilled out uk garage vibe to it.

My favorite remix of the track is the one from Graintable. His beats work really well with the vibe of the original and slows it down a bit.

Other remixes also included in the free release are from Secret Sauce, Sigrah, and Don Valdez. The Secret Sauce and Don Valdez versions are in the moombahton realm. The Sigrah remix sounds like a trap version.

Click Here to download the full EP as a zip file via Mediafire.

Click Here to buy music from Think 2wice via Beatport.

Think 2wice SoundCloud page

Think 2wice facebook page

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jess Mills - For My Sins single out now + free remix from Gorgon City!

Jess Mills first got noticed after working with Breakage in 2011, and now she is ready to come in to her own as an artist. Her debut artist album is due out in January 2013. Her new single "For My Sins" is available in the UK via Island Records.

We've got 3 full streaming remixes of the track, from Gorgon City, Phaeleh and Etherwood. The Gorgon City remix is free to download, and is the quality you've come to expect with a fun bass driven club track. The Phaeleh remix is a nice UK Garage version, and the Etherwood remix gives it the drum-n-bass treatment.

Jess Mills official site

Jess Mills facebook page

Jess Mills Twitter

Dancefloor Mayhem show from Techno.FM aired 9-23-2012

Setlist for Dancefloor Mayhem on Techno.FM 9-23-2012

Jesse Futerman - Dawn Wawn
Brunetto - License To Beat (Pulshar remake)
Interface, Minus & J Wilcox - Delicious
Krystal Klear feat. Jenna G - More Attention
John Dimas - Falling Skies
Krink - Here I Come
Waifs & Strays - For A While
Manuel Gerres - Yellow (Helly Larson remix)
Cesar Caballero - Funketeao
Danny Quattro - Kerri's Theme
Moussa Clarke & John Ashby - Much Better
Chinese Flash Mob feat. Alexander III - Fade 2 Black (Beckwith remix)
Basti Grub - Push
Synapsis - 6 a.m. (Riccicomoto 'Do You Want it' session)
Aldo Kapone - Stay Tonight
Dibby Dougherty & David Young - Fine Day (DhARMA Rekonstruction)
Burex - Bombs Over Capitals
Christian Fischer - Tactical Protection (Sven Tasnadi remix)
Hector Villenueva - Self-Consciousness (John Massey remix)
M. Fukuda - Stone Mask
Duckhunter - Grenade
Pale - Silverstair

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Love On Another EP from Leftroom Limited label

This release came out earlier this month, and I am really digging the deep house vibes on the two original tracks. I'm got streaming preview snippets of all three songs from the EP, which features two original tracks from Waifs & Strays, as well as a remix from Matt Tolfrey & Huxley. The remix is more in the house / tech house realm.

Click Here to buy the EP from Beatport.

Leftroom Records SoundCloud

Waifs & Strays facebook page

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Brunetto to release License to Beat EP on Irregular label - free remix from Pulshar

The EP is not going to be released until some time in November, but I wanted to get this in your hands now because it is so good. The original version is an epic journey of electronic sounds in the downtempo / midtempo range of things.

The Pulshar remix takes the track to the next level. A beautiful piece of electronic music with plenty of bass. DJs take note - grab the download now - it's a high quality download (WAV file) and may be limited to the first 100 people to grab it via the SoundCloud widget.

Click Here to buy music from Irregular Label on Beatport.

Brunetto SoundCloud page

Irregular Label official site

Irregular Label facebook page

Irregular Label SoundCloud page

Pulshar SoundCloud page

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New EP from Zed Bias out September 24th on Digital Soundboy

Zed Bias has been making a variety of music in the broken beat / uk garage / bass genres for many years. His new release is a like a breath of fresh air compared to all the gimmick laden dubstep garbage that is everywhere.

The title track is a really fun groove with lots of movement:

I've also got a full streaming preview of "Hurting Me" which is a great vocal track which has a stripped down garage vibe to it.

Digital Soundboy facebook page

Digital Soundboy Twitter

Click Here to buy music from Zed Bias on Beatport.

Zed Bias facebook page

Friday, September 14, 2012

New video from Black Butter Records

F.E.A.R. is a musical collective from London that recently released the Digital Heart EP on Black Butter Records. Here is the official music video for "I Was There":

Click Here to purchase the EP directly from the Black Butter Records digital shop.

Here is a DJ mix from F.E.A.R. that is free to download, includes several tracks from the new EP:


1) F.E.A.R - Treat Me Right
2) F.E.A.R - Astrid
3) Climbers - Equal Responsibility
4) Finnebassen - I'm in Love with You
5) Bondax - Baby I Got That (Justin Martin Remix)
6) Disclosure - Whats in your head VIP
7) Henrik Schwarz - Feeling you
8) Monte - True
9) Larse Candi Station - Hallelujah Anyway
10) Bo Saris - She On Fire (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
11) Eats Everything - Jagged Edge
12) F.E.A.R - I Was There
13) John Talabot - Cheaters - Classic Vocal Mix

F.E.A.R. facebook page

Black Butter Records facebook page

Black Butter Records Soundcloud page

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Free electro house track from Gosteffects

I am really picky when it comes to electro house, and this remix is great. Lots of energy but not over the top gimmicky crap, just a solid track for the clubs.

Click Here to download the track for free.

Gosteffects SoundCloud page

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Hot new vocal house track from Alex Kenji and NDKj

Here is a preview clip of the original version of the track. Remixes on the release from Tom Buster and Mike Vale. I can't wait to play this one in the clubs.

Click Here to buy the release from Beatport.

NDKj SoundCloud page

NDKj Facebook page

Alex Kenji Facebook page