Friday, November 30, 2012

Fresh heat from Dirtybird!

Claude Von Stroke teams up with the UK duo Kry Wolf for this fresh new bass heavy house track. In that famous Dirtybird style, this one is going to be blowing up dancefloors around the world. Full streaming preview via the youtube clip and Beatport purchase link below.

Click Here to buy Turbosteppa at Beatport.

Free Techno music from Dub Shephard

Dub Shephard is a new project that Dibby Dougherty is involved with and they are giving away a free two-track EP and they are offering up all the parts for download so you can do your own remix of the song. The EP is called "The Others" and consists of two versions of "The Others" - a black version and a white version. The trick is the black version is the lighter vibe of the two, and the white version is the darker sounding track. Both versions are amazing. Don't forget they are free to download! If you decide to do a remix, we would love to hear it!

Click Here for direct download of "The Others (White)"

Click Here for direct download of "The Others (Black)"

Preview and download all the song parts available for doing a remix, or download all parts in a zip file:

Dibby Dougherty SoundCloud page

Dibby Dougherty facebook page

Dibby Dougherty Twitter

Monday, November 19, 2012

Wu-Tang House Heat!

Grab this hot free download from Norman Bassey. He took the original "C.R.E.A.M." from Wu-Tang Clan and layered it over the Claptone house edit. This is huge.

Norman Bassey is part of the Automatic Reaction team from NYC.

Automatic Reaction official site

Automatic Reaction SoundCloud page

Automatic Reaction Twitter

Automatic Reaction facebook page

Friday, November 16, 2012

Free EP of Bass music from The Wild Knights

The Wild Knights are relatively new as a production group having just celebrated a year, but they have received support from the likes of Radio 1, XFM, Sub FM, Rinse FM, and KISS radio and from DJs such as Rob Da Bank, Rusko and Chris Coco. To celebrate their early success, they are giving away a two-part, six-track EP called Presence, which we have all six tracks for you below to stream and download.

The EP opens with "Love Struck", a beautiful future bass song with fun vocal snippets. This track also has a bit of a uk garage vibe to it.

Next up on the release is "There". The bass gets heavier on this one, and there is more vocal work. Another solid future bass track.

The third and final song from the first part of the EP is "Soul Riot" featuring Farrah. This song shows their versatility, as this song is more in the vein of modern r&b.

The second half of the EP begins with "Fall Down". This track has a great old school rave influence to it.

Next we have "Everyone Knows". This one is fairly mellow and has a male vocal. A fun and playful song.

The EP concludes with "Always With You". The song has a subdued emotional vibe, and this one has a bit of a jungle influence.

The Wild Knights SoundCloud page

The Wild Knights facebook page

The Wild Knights Twitter

New House EP from Doorly on Southern Fried Records featuring Roland Clark

Doorly has a hot new two-track EP out now on Southern Fried Records. The title track, "Something To Say", features Roland Clark, and is a great funk-filled house jam that channels both classic house and classic hip-hop elements. The other track, "Don't Worry About It" goes a little darker with a great tech house groove. Streaming preview clips and purchase link below.

Click Here to purchase the EP from Beatport.

Doorly facebook page

Doorly Twitter

Southern Fried Records official site

Southern Fried Records SoundCloud page

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hot new Tribal House release on Zulu Records!

Zulu Records is the label run by My Digital Enemy and they have just released a hot new tribal house bomb. They provided the remix and the original is from Jorge Montia. We've got extended streaming previews of both versions, along with purchase link and social media links. Be sure to grab this one now for your weekend sets!

Click Here to purchase this release from Beatport.

Zulu Records SoundCloud page

Zulu Records facebook page

My Digital Enemy facebook page

New album out now from Photek!

Photek has been making waves in electronic music since the release of his first drum-n-bass singles back in the mid-90s. The release of KU:Palm marks his first full-length studio album in five years, and it was well worth the wait.


01. Signals
02. Quadrant
03. Aviator
04. Pyramid
05. Shape Charge
06. Munich
07. Quevedo
08. Mistral
09. Oshun
10. Sleepwalking feat. Linche
11. One Of A Kind Feat. Breakage & Veronika Coassolo
12. This Love (feat. Ray La Montagne)

The album starts off with "Signals" and the signal is that this album is going to be exceptional. "Signals" is a really fun brokenbeat track that sets the mood for things to come. Next up is "Quadrant". "Quadrant" has a nice funky bassline and is a great midtempo track. Here is a full streaming preview of "Quadrant":

Next up is "Aviator". Another midtempo jam, the mood on this one is lighter than on the previous two songs. The song does a great job of continually evolving. Then we get to the "Pyramid". "Pyramid" features exquisitely crafted percussive elements and some very alluring background sounds. Here is a full streaming preview of "Pyramid":

You can get a free download of "Pyramid" by joining Photek's mailing list at his official site.

"Shape Charge" is the next song, and I've also got a full streaming preview of that one for you. A minimal vibe with scattered beats and bleeps, you can feel his classic drum-n-bass sound in the elements of this track.

Next up is "Munich". "Munich" is an abrupt change of pace, starting off with nothing but piano, slowly building into an epic sounding 4/4 groove, perfect for a movie soundtrack. "Mistral" promptly returns us to the broken beat vibe, this time adding an acid line. "Mistral" is another slow burner.

Now we dive in the "Oshun". This song also sounds like a great movie soundtrack song. It's got a 4/4 back beat, and is the most uptempo song on the album so far. Next up is "Quevedo". Slowing the tempo back down, this one has some great use of vocal snippets.

The final three songs all feature collaborations. 'One Of A Kind" features Breakage & Veronika Coassolo. This one is a great 4/4 track in the house tempo, but I wouldn't call it a house track. This song is uplifting without being cheesy. "Sleepwalking" features the vocal talents of Linche. Another piano-driven track, this one has great crossover potential. A nice heavy bassline and great lyrics make this a standout track. We end with another great song allowing a good vocalist to be featured, this time it is Ray La Montagne on "This Love". I am very picky when it comes to male vocalists with electronic music, and this combination works great. Another bass heavy monster, this one should satisfy those silly dubstep loving kids.

We also have a couple of free downloads for you from Photek. First up is a track that he gave away earlier this year that was from his DJ Kicks compilation. "No Agenda" is a great track with a deep tech house vibe to it.

You can also download his recent Essential 1 mix that features several songs from the new album:

Click Here to buy the album from Beatport.

Click Here to buy Photek music from iTunes.

Photek official site

Photek SoundCloud page

Photek facebook page

Photek Twitter

Deep House from Suruba Records

I was thrown off by the name at first, but it is Jorge not George, so we're talking deep house, not deep space. Jorge Takei recently released a great three-track EP of deep house, and I've got streaming preview clips of all three tracks. If you like what you hear, be sure to pick up your copy from Beatport via the link below, and also you can support the label by following them at their social media links also below.

"Things You See" is my favorite of the three tracks.

Click Here to buy the EP from Beatport.

Suruba Records SoundCloud page

Suruba facebook page

Suruba Records Twitter

Monday, November 12, 2012

New release out today from Maribou State!

Maribou State has been blowing up ever since their debut song, getting bigger and bigger with each release and remix. Today they release a new EP on Southern Fried Records. The four track EP features Saint Saviour on the title track "Scarlett Groove" of which we have a full streaming preview for you.

We also have preview clips from two other songs from the EP:

The EP is amazing, click the link below to grab your copy from Beatport.

Click Here to buy the EP from Beatport.

Click Here to buy Maribou State music from iTunes.

Maribou State SoundCloud page

Maribou State facebook page

Maribou State Twitter

Free Vocal House track from letthemusicplay

letthemusicplay have another free track for us, this time it is the Ari Gold club mix of their new release "& I Love You". The release is out now on Hed Kandi Records and includes the original version, the Ari Gold remix, and remixes from Todd Edwards and UTRB. We've got the free remix, and full streaming previews of the other three versions!

Click Here to buy the EP from Beatport.

letthemusicplay SoundCloud page

Free 5-track EP from Black Butter Records!

Black Butter has been a favorite label of ours since their inception, and we are proud to share with you a free five track EP of remixes of Kidnap Kid songs. Black Butter Records has been a leading label in the global future bass movement and they also release quality deep house and bass heavy house music. Their releases have featured remix and production work from such artists as Eats Everything, Hostage, Jody Wisternoff, Scuba, Gorgon City, RackNRuin, Rudimental, Warrior One, Woz, Throwing Snow and many others.

This EP is the first in the new "Black Butter Spread Love" series. The free downloads are at 192kbps quality, with selected tracks available to buy in wav and 320kbps formats on the forthcoming BB Spread Love compilations.

The Jonty Skrufff remix of "Vehl" is my favorite on this release. A very cool house version.

"Vehl" was also remixed by Matta, This version is a very cool broken beat / future bass version.

"Be More" was remixed by 3hrs and Woz and is another broken beat / future bass style track.

Music legend Vince Clarke lends his production talents to this release with a remix of "Lazarus Taxon".

Also remixing "Lazarus Taxon" is South Soul Project. This sound is classic Black Butter with it's hybrid sound of house, bass and broken beat influences.

Click Here to buy music from Black Butter Records directly from their web shop.

Click Here to buy Black Butter music from Beatport.

Black Butter SoundCloud page

Black Butter facebook page

Black Butter Twitter

Black Butter tumblr

Kidnap Kid SoundCloud page

Kidnap Kid Twitter

Kidnap Kid facebook page

Friday, November 9, 2012

Check out the Beloved EP from DustyFruit including a remix from Christian Martin!

This EP was released earlier this year, but was just recently brought to my attention, and I'm very glad it was. If you like that Dirtybird sound, you will definitely love the underground house vibes on this release from DustyFruit on Rebel Hill Recordings. The four track EP includes two originals from DustyFruit as well as remixes from Christian Martin and Kashii. I've got streaming preview clips of all four tracks:

Click Here to buy the EP from Beatport.

DustyFruit SoundCloud page

DustyFruit Twitter

Rebel Hill Recordings SoundCloud page

New label, Brick Recordings offer up 3 slices of deep house due out November 26th

Brick Recordings is a new label out of the UK that will be releasing music on vinyl as well as digital formats. Their first release is a 3-track EP from Rob Gribbin.

The tracks on the EP are "Cracking Skies", "Sorry We Missed You" and "Canyon".

"Cracking Skies" is a great track. Lots of energy and it has an ethereal disco vibe to it. Here is a brief snippet of the song:

"Canyon" is the other stand out track for me on this release. A little more on the quirky side of things with some interesting sounds and vocal snippets. Here is a teaser clip:

Brick Recordings official site

Brick Recordings SoundCloud page

Brick Recordings Twitter

Groove Armada recently released a new EP on Hypercolour!

Groove Armada have been making quality electronic music for many years. The "No Ejector Seat' EP is their second release on Hypercolour, foloowing up their release of 'Pull Up' earlier this year. This release has a couple of stand out tracks on it. "Activate My Heart" is a nice quirky house number with plenty of energy for the dancefloor. "Always Take Me Higher" flashes back to that classic acid house sound which will never sound dated. "Don't Take Your Love Away" is the other standout track for me. This one is more on the deep house vibe, but another great song.

Here is a SoundCloud widget with streaming preview clips of each track, the clips are only 1 minute each, but give you a decent preview of the vibe of each song.

Click Here to buy the EP from Beatport.

Click Here to buy Groove Armada music from iTunes.

Groove Armada SoundCloud page

Groove Armada facebook page