Friday, November 30, 2012

Free Techno music from Dub Shephard

Dub Shephard is a new project that Dibby Dougherty is involved with and they are giving away a free two-track EP and they are offering up all the parts for download so you can do your own remix of the song. The EP is called "The Others" and consists of two versions of "The Others" - a black version and a white version. The trick is the black version is the lighter vibe of the two, and the white version is the darker sounding track. Both versions are amazing. Don't forget they are free to download! If you decide to do a remix, we would love to hear it!

Click Here for direct download of "The Others (White)"

Click Here for direct download of "The Others (Black)"

Preview and download all the song parts available for doing a remix, or download all parts in a zip file:

Dibby Dougherty SoundCloud page

Dibby Dougherty facebook page

Dibby Dougherty Twitter

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