Friday, November 9, 2012

Groove Armada recently released a new EP on Hypercolour!

Groove Armada have been making quality electronic music for many years. The "No Ejector Seat' EP is their second release on Hypercolour, foloowing up their release of 'Pull Up' earlier this year. This release has a couple of stand out tracks on it. "Activate My Heart" is a nice quirky house number with plenty of energy for the dancefloor. "Always Take Me Higher" flashes back to that classic acid house sound which will never sound dated. "Don't Take Your Love Away" is the other standout track for me. This one is more on the deep house vibe, but another great song.

Here is a SoundCloud widget with streaming preview clips of each track, the clips are only 1 minute each, but give you a decent preview of the vibe of each song.

Click Here to buy the EP from Beatport.

Click Here to buy Groove Armada music from iTunes.

Groove Armada SoundCloud page

Groove Armada facebook page

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