Friday, November 9, 2012

New label, Brick Recordings offer up 3 slices of deep house due out November 26th

Brick Recordings is a new label out of the UK that will be releasing music on vinyl as well as digital formats. Their first release is a 3-track EP from Rob Gribbin.

The tracks on the EP are "Cracking Skies", "Sorry We Missed You" and "Canyon".

"Cracking Skies" is a great track. Lots of energy and it has an ethereal disco vibe to it. Here is a brief snippet of the song:

"Canyon" is the other stand out track for me on this release. A little more on the quirky side of things with some interesting sounds and vocal snippets. Here is a teaser clip:

Brick Recordings official site

Brick Recordings SoundCloud page

Brick Recordings Twitter

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