Thursday, December 6, 2012

Free tracks from Urchins

One word that comes to mind immediately upon hearing some of the remix and production work from Urchins is fresh. The Urchins are a production duo from the UK who make beats that are hard for people to limit to genre labels. Give these great tracks a listen, and if you like them, the songs in this post are all free to download.

My recent introduction to Urchins came through the Plump DJs, who are offering up the Urchins remix of their track "Water Born Computer Virus". The track is part breakbeat, part future bass, all funky.

Next up is the Urchins remix of "Say Wha?!" by the Round Table Knights. This one is a great track in a 4/4 style, best described as funky tech house with a heavy bassline.

And if you need an instant party, check out their fun megamix for Kissy Sell Out's show on Radio 1. This mix has tons of classic songs in it.

Urchins SoundCloud page

Urchins facebook page

Urchins Beatport page

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