Saturday, November 30, 2013

Free downloads from Jamie Anderson!

Jamie Anderson has been making music for a long time and is a staple in the setlists of most tech house DJs. He has a ton of releases over his storied career, including releases on such labels as Cocoon, Artform, Rekids, Harthouse, OM Records and many more. Here is some praise he has garnered over the years from publications and producers:

“…Jamie Anderson is one of the best loved DJ/Producers in the Tech-House world.” iDJ Magazine

“Jamie perfectly combines the grooving subtleties of house with the twisted funk of techno.” DJ Magazine

“…elevating the sound of what Detroit was all about. He’s taken it to another level…” Derrick May

“Jamie Anderson has carved out a reputation as a producer able to mould techno and house grooves into a sound very much of his own.” DJ Magazine (2001)

“…one of the UK's best at surfing the techno / house hinterland in style.” DMC Update

Here are the free downloads as promised. Four edits / re-works, a remix of "Shake It" - a track released by O&A which is Louis Osbourne and Jamie Anderson, and a DJ mix from earlier this year. If you enjoy the music and the free tracks, show Jamie some love by buying his music from Beatport and checking out his social media links below.

Click Here to purchase Jamie Anderson music from Beatport

Jamie Anderson Soundcloud page

Jamie Anderson facebook page

Follow Jamie Anderson on Twitter

Jamie Anderson official site

New EP from Derek Marin out now

from the press release:

This new EP on the Superfreq label comes from a close and long time associate of the label and a 20-year veteran of the New York scene, Derek Marin, complete with standout remixes by Drumcode’s Alexi Delano and Alexander Lissau.

As well as running his own labels, Marin has appeared on an esteemed selection of other imprints including Plastic City and Thoughtless, and has countless techno missives in his essential back catalogue. With his two originals for Superfreq he embodies the label’s unhinged spirit perfectly at the same time as adding his own deeply unique spin on things.

Delightfully creepy Opener ‘I Like That Freq’ is a bulbous brew of one-finger bass notes, squelchy percussive rotations and alien echoes that comes right from the freaky dead of night. Some fat chords and heavily filtered vocals help embellish the track, as do some spraying sci-fi synth lines, but the groove remains ever present, ever infectious.

Swede and techno tastemaker Alexi Delano layers in his own melancholic piano keys and places the spraying synths front and center, allowing them to tear across the face of his measured and militant deep house rhythm.

Alexander Lissau is better and formerly known as Superfreq associate Luke vB. The lauded DJ goes even freakier with his great remix, stripping it to a raw kick and bounce inflected with rising scales played on what sounds like a glass, with watery trails leading off in the background and some beautifully tense melody work in the latter half.

Finally, Marin’s ‘We Bide Our Time’ is a patient, loose-limbed groove with eerie sonic whispers that eventually explodes into a brew of tense synth lines and robo-funk loops.

Here are streaming preview clips of all four tracks from the EP:

Click Here to buy the EP from Beatport

As a bonus, here is a free download of a Derek Marin remix for David Kassi (free download from the Soundcloud page):

Derek Marin Soundcloud page

Derek Marin facebook page

Derek Marin Resident Advisor page

New full length techno LP from Alex Dolby

Alex Dolby released his second full-length album earlier this month called 'Nefesis'. Release info, streaming preview clips and purchase and social media links below.

from the press release:

Italian producer Alex Dolby, drops his second full length L.P this November, via his newly launched Affekt Recordings imprint, the album’s built up of ten original tracks on a raw Techno tip.

Alex Dolby, better known to his friends as Alessandro Salvatori, has made quite an impact since stepping into the world of electronic music over ten years ago. Looking back over his discography, Dolby’s productions skills are evident, having released material with the likes of Bedrock, Viva, and Rawthentic Music. Last year saw Alex launch the Affekt nightclub in his hometown of Frosinone, which then led to the launch of the Affekt Recordings imprint, where this LP will be released. Since launching, the label has seen support from Jonas Kopp, Sei A, DVS1, Kirk Degiorgio, and Raresh, testament to the outstanding quality of its output.

As a whole ‘Nefesis’ embraces a hypnotic, ever-evolving Techno focus, Dolby opts for an energetic tempo throughout the L.P, and fuses cavernous atmospherics with up front drum programming and penetrating bass, to achieve a well rounded package instilled with an undeniable underground appeal. Records like ‘Eastern Market’ and ‘Interlude’ display an ethereal ruggedness to Dolby’s productions, while ‘Morphosis’ and ‘Ramshackle’ embrace a more hedonistic, insistent vibe. Further highlights come in the shape of ‘Spiral’ with its psychedelic, hypnotic vibe, and ‘Paranco’ with it’s dubbed out feel, glitchy synth lines and bubbling percussive hits.

‘Purple’ shows us another side to Dolby, with emotive string melodies, soft pads and straight 4/4 drums, dissecting some aesthetics of house music and cleverly blending them with the Techno vibe running throughout the record. ‘Acidness’ takes things in the opposite direction, opting for tension building atmospherics, earth shattering drum programming and murky vocal lines to create an eerie up-tempo number.

All in all, Dolby delivers a fantastic L.P here with ‘Nefesis’, adding yet another stellar release to the impressive early stage of the Affekt Recordings imprint. Alex Dolby’s ‘Nefesis’ LP, is out now on Affekt Recordings.

Tracklist for 'Nefesis':

01. Eastern Market
02. Paranco
03. Morphosis
04. Spiral
05. Interlude
06. Purple
07. Viral
08. Ramshackle
09. Acidness
10. Nefesis

Here are streaming preview clps from all songs on the album::

Click Here to buy the LP from Beatport

Alex Dolby Soundcloud page

Alex Dolby facebook page

Alex Dolby official site

Alex Dolby Resident Advisor page

Friday, November 29, 2013

Free downloads from Little Boots

Little Boots has given us two free downloads, the nocturnal versions of two songs from her latest LP, 'Nocturnes'.

Stream and download "Strangers (Nocturnal Version)":

Stream and download "Broken Record (Nocturnal Version)":

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Little Boots official site

Little Boots Soundcloud page

Little Boots facebook page

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New EP coming from Cropper

The new Cropper EP, 'Forever' is coming out next Monday, December 2nd. Early support from artists such as Maya Jane Coles, Maribou State, Pete Tong, Laurent Garnier, Tensnake and more. We have a full streaming preview of the title track, as well as the music video.

Full streaming preview of "Forever":

Here is the music video for "Forever":

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Cropper Soundcloud page

Cropper facebook page

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New EP coming soon from Memory9 + 2 free downloads!

from the press release:

Memory9, alias of groundbreaking musician Gadi Sassoon, is proud to announce the release of his third EP 'Red Falcon' this December, released via Mnemonic Dojo, with track "The Dodecahedron" available as a pre-release free download.

'Red Falcon' comes in the wake of his critically acclaimed single ‘Black Dragon’, which sold out worldwide in 3 days winning praise from the likes of Coldcut’s Jon More and Laurent Garnier, and 'The Abyss Within' EP, released in Spring 2013, which won praise from XLR8R ("exceptionally high end") and Noisey ("perfect for sound-tracking a dystopian future"). Memory9 builds upon the amazing success of these previous releases by maintaining their characteristic dance-inspired sound but with a more organic approach.

The 'Red Falcon' EP will be available digitally as well as on limited edition picture disc 12" vinyl designed by Memory9's long time artistic collaborator and partner-in-crime Andren. Gadi now spends most of his time in his studio in a quiet location, making music, writing soundtracks, crafting sounds and running his respected record label Mnemonic Dojo which was set up in 2012.

Here is the song "The Dodecahedron" which is from the upcoming EP, free to download:

Here is another free download, this one is a jungle remix of "Lost My Love" by DJ Vadim:

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Memory9 Soundcloud page

Memory9 facebook page

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Click here to buy other music released on the Mnemonic Dojo label

Beautiful Time Lapse Video set to a great ambient song

Aurah is a musical duo that makes inspiring ambient / Chillout / Organic Electronic Music. Their song "Summon The Sky" was set to an amazing time lapse video of the northern lights compiled from images taken over a 3 year span in Iceland by Stephane Vetter.

Here is the video:

Here is a full streaming preview of their cover of Bob Marley's "3 Little Birds":

You can download "3 Little Birds" by joining the Aurah mailing list, and you'll also stay up to date on mew music and other goodies from the group.

Click Here to buy Aurah music from iTunes

Aurah official site

Aurah Soundcloud page

Aurah facebook page

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Stephane Vetter official site

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Rain City Riot - free downloads and big news for next year!

Rain City Riot is a producer from London by way of Berlin. He is also the label boss for his own label - Rain Maker Records. Rain City Riot is poised for a break out year in 2014 with releases coming form such big labels as Defected and Toolroom! To celebrate, he is giving away another free track, "My Only" to celebrate the great news about the upcoming releases.

Here is the full streaming preview of "My Lonely":

This song and many more can be downloaded for free, just by liking the Rain City Riot facebook page: Click Here to go directly to the music page on the Rain City Riot facebook page

Below are full streaming previews of other free downloads:

Here is my personal favorite of the free tracks - Sunshine Anderson - Heard It All Before (Rain City Riot Garage VIP):

Here is another favorite - "Work The Love":

One more streaming track that is free to download, this one is a vocal house track called "Catch The Light":

Click Here to buy Rain City Riot tracks from Beatport

Rain City Riot Soundcloud page

Rain City Riot facebook page

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Sound Of Belgium

The Sound Of Belgium is both a film and an amazing 4xCD collection of electronic / dance music spanning four decades from a slew of talented Belgian producers. The 4xCD album is coming out tomorrow - November 25th, at a variety of online stores and record stores. The collection of music on it's own is amazing, but pairing it with the film tells a great story of how influential Belgian music has been on electronic music around the world for the past 4 decades.

from the press release:

'The Sound of Belgium' is an award-winning documentary by director Jozef Devillé that explores the rich but untold story of Belgian dance music, from the grand dance halls with Decap organs and the golden days of Popcorn onto the dark and cold Electronic Body Music and New Beat to Belgian House and Techno.

To accompany the film La Musique Fait La Force are proud to announce the release of a 4 disc set ‘The Sound of Belgium – The Compilation’ available from records stores and online from November 25th. ‘The Sound of Belgium - The Compilation' is a sonic journey through 4 decades of the wonderful and weird music that has soundtracked the nocturnal adventures of the 72 hour party people we call "The Belgians".

Showcasing how much of modern dance music has its roots in Belgian dance culture the compilation is an eclectic collection of innovative electronic music and just plain hard hitting club tracks from the likes of Klaus Schulze, Front 242, Neon Judgement, Lords of Acid, T-99, CJ Bolland and many more. This IS the Sound Of Belgium...

Tracklisting for The Sound Of Belgium:

CD #1

01. Trans Volta - Disco Computer
02. Carol & Snowy Red - Breakdown
03. Pas De Deux - Cardiocleptomanie
04. The Neon Judgement - TV Treated
05. Front 242 - Headhunter
06. Carlos Perón - Nothing Is True, Everything Is Permitted
07. Logo - Businessmen
08. The Caravan - Somewhere In Arabia
09. C Cat Trance - Shake The Mind
10. Max Berlin - Elle Et Moi
11. Au Pairs - Sex Without Stress
12. A Thunder Orchestra - Diabolical Gesture
13. Public Relations - Public Relations
14. White House White - Ouverture
15. L&O - Even Now
16. Klaus Schulze - Signs Of Dawn

CD #2

01. Hno3 - Doughnut Dollies
02. Fred Brown - Roman Days
03. Fatal Error - Fatal Error
04. Erotic Dissidents - Move Your Ass And Feel The Beat
05. Neon - Voices
06. In-D - Virgin In-D Sky's
07. Jc Project - Andromedia
08. 101 - Saigon Nightmare
09. Zsa Zsa Laboum - Something Scary
10. Rhythm Device - Acid Rock
11. 2 Body's - Body Drill
12. Confetti’s - The Sound Of C
13. Liaisons D - Future Fjp
14. Petra & Co - Just Let Go (Dub)
15. Neon - Don't Mess With This Beat (Instrumental)
16. Linea Alba - Chill-O-Matic

CD #3

01. Lords Of Acid - I Sit On Acid (Live American Tour Version)
02. T 99 - Anasthasia
03. Praga Khan - Rave Alarm
04. Phantasia - Violet Skies
05. Neon - Waves
06. Modular Expansion - Cubes
07. Second Chance - In Paradise
08. Joey Beltram - Energy Flash
09. Set Up System - Factory
10. Outlander - The Vamp
11. Le Mystere - Opus 303
12. Age Of Love - The Age Of Love (New Age Mix)
13. Lhasa - The Attic
14. The Mackenzie - Higher In The Sky
15. Digital Excitation - Pure Pleasure (Rave Mix)
16. World Party Ii - Forget It

CD #4

01. 2 Flying Stones - Maybe Tomorrow (After Outside Mix)
02. Innertales - Odyssee
03. Golden Girls - Kinetic (Frank De Wulf Remix)
04. CJ Bolland - Camargue
05. Insider - Destiny
06. Strong Heads - Frequency Response Test
07. Spokesman - Acid Creak (Pierre’s Reconstruction Mix)
08. Zolex - Time Modulator
09. Cherrymoon Trax - The House Of House
10. Jones & Stephenson - The First Rebirth
11. Emmanuel Top - Acid Phase
12. Push - Universal Nation

The first CD is a compilation of new wave, new beat, EBM (electronic body music), synth and post-punk. Stand out songs for me from the first CD are "Headhunter" by Front 242, "Public Relations" by Public Relations, "Disco Computer" by Trans Volta and "Somewhere in Arabia" by Caravan.

The second CD features EBM, new beat, early acid tracks and early rave sounds. Just listening to this CD, I can recognize samples from some of the songs that have been used multiple times by a variety of electronic music producers. The EBM / new beat sounds from the first 2 CDs showcases the impact this music had on what is now called industrial. My favorite songs from the sceond disc are "Acid Rock" by Rhythm Device, "Body Drill" by 2 Body's and "Just Let Go (dub)" by Petra & Co.

The third CD features sounds of rave music and techno. "Energy Flash" by Joey Beltram is an all time techno classic. I love most of the songs on this CD, but the other standouts besides "Energy Flash" are "Anasthesia" by T99 - a rave classic, "Waves" by Neon and "Pure Pleasure (Rave Mix)" by Digital Excitation.

The fourth and final CD contains sounds of techno, acid, house, electronic, rave and hard trance. Three of the songs on here are among my all-time favorites from this era - "Kinetic (Frank De Wulf remix)" by Golden Girls, "The House of House" by Cherrymoon Trax and "The First Rebirth" by Jones & Stephenson. Both "The House of House" and "The First Rebirth" are great hard trance tracks, a lot of music in this style was released on Prolekult Records in the United States. CJ Bolland was a huge influence on techno music (as was Joey Beltram) however I was surprised at the song choice for him. My favorite classic CJ Bolland song from that time was "Mantra".

Here are a couple of trailers / teaser clips about the film:

Here is an hour long DJ mix from Soulwax of New Beat music showcasing the sounds from the late 80s period of music, some of which is featured on the first CD.

The Sound of Belgium official site

The Sound of Belgium facebook page

Friday, November 22, 2013

Check out the recently released techno EP 'To The Brink' by Sam Russo

This EP from Sam Russo is great! Featuring two original tracks and a remix by John Tejada - all three tracks are great techno / tech house tracks.

Here is a streaming clip of "To The Brink":

Here is a streaming clip of "Wanderer":

Click Here to purchase the EP from Beatport

As a bonus, here is a free DJ mix from Sam Russo to stream and download called Pulse Loves:

Here is the tracklisting for Pulse Loves:

01. Drexciya - Lake Haze
02. Clatterbox - Vector Model
03. Crc - Vaskitsaherra (E.R.P aka Convextion remix)
04. Thomas P Heckmann - Asimov's Law
05. Underground Resistance - Base Camp Alpha 808
06. Kenny Larkin - Lifeforms
07. Scape One - Klaatu
08. Deadbeat - Little Town Of Betlehem (russo's stolen vocal collection version)
09. Innmume - Vorticism
10. Silicon Scally - Deodexed
11. Carl Finlow - Hashtag (Radioactiveman remix)

Sam Russo Soundcloud page

Sam Russo facebook page

Follow Sam Russo on Twitter

Check out the new EP from Brooks Mosher

Brooks Mosher is a talented producer and this EP has four tracks with reference to classic Detroit techno, acid house and classic house.

Here are streaming clips of all four tracks from the EP:

Click here to buy Brooks Mosher music from Beatport

Brooks Mosher facebook page

New LP from Rebel Sketchy out now!

Rebel Sketchy is a great breakbeat producer / DJ we have featured before. His first LP release, 'Goodbye Gravity' is out now and showcases his talent as a producer. The album features sounds including breaks, drum-n-bass, some uptempo 4/4 business and more. The album also features an array of guest singers and MCs.

Here is the tracklist for Goodbye Gravity:

01] Eclipse
02] Grinspiller
03] Unplug
04] What Will Be
05] Space
06] So It Goes
07] Animal
08] Tides
09] Kandamala
10] Tramore

Click here to buy the LP from Beatport

Here is a free bonus track from Rebel Sketchy that was not on the album. The song is called "Distant Light" and is one of his uptempo 4/4 tracks. Full streaming preview + free download:

Here is a live DJ mix recorded earlier this year that is also free to download:

One last song, this one is just for streaming / purchase, but it is the full song. This is one of my all time favorite Rebel Sketchy songs, called "Enjoy The Ride":

Rebel Sketchy official site

Rebel Sketchy Soundcloud page

Follow Rebel Sketchy on Twitter

Rebel Sketchy facebook page

Jamie Baggotts recently released EP of bass-infused house music

Jamie Baggotts is a producer from Britain, who is influenced by house, garage, and drum-n-bass. In his tracks you can hear the influences, and the tracks on this EP are two great house tracks. His music has beem played by Maya Jane Coles and by Frank Butcher on his Rinse FM show.

Here is a streaming preview of both songs from the release - "Angel In Disguise" and "Drop Out" :

Click here to buy the release from Beatport

Here is a full preview of a song you can download for free once you have liked his facebook page:

Jamie Baggotts Soundcloud page

Jamie Baggots facebook page

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mason is back with their unique brand of tech house

I've got streaming previews of both tracks from the EP - Wombat and Maybe.

Mason - Maybe [preview clip]

Mason - Wombat [preview clip]

Click Here to purchase the EP from Beatport

We also have a bonus for you, a recent DJ mix from Mason for streaming and download:

Mason SoundCloud page

Mason facebook page

Follow Mason on Twitter

Grab a fresh new DJ mix form house legend DJ Pierre!

DJ Pierre just released a new DJ mix to stream / download called 'Disco Trax and Acid Snax' via XLR8R. Here is what DJ Pierre had to say about the mix:

"The Disco Trax and Acid Snax mix features different genres & styles from Disco filter to Techno and Acid. I wanted to disregard any rules or expectations and I just dove in. I've also included some 90's wild pitch vibes in so listen closely. I think this mix represents some of the best and most creative tracks available today."

Here is the tracklisting for Disco Snax and Acid Trax:

01 DJ Pierre - We’ve Got The Power
02 Rokaz - Rings of Saturn
03 Felix Da Housecat - ILL Noise
04 Nathan Lee - Chocolate Cadillac
05 Josh Wink - Don’t Laugh
06 Vincenzo - The Phantom Image
07 Rhauder - Acid Jam
08 Unknown - Acid City
09 Detroit Grand Pubahs - Acid Dreams (DJ Pierre’s AC!D FACE Mix)
10 Unknown - King Of Disco
11 Eric Sneo feat. Chris The Voice - Shut Up & Dance (PleasureKraft Remix)
12 Dosem - Atica (DJ Pierre’s HEY Wildpitch Mix)

Click here to go to Soundcloud and stream and download the mix

Calling all producers!

Calling all producers! Dancefloor Mayhem is starting up a boutique digital label with all distribution going through Bandcamp. If you are interested in having us release your music, please send demo submissions of unsigned tracks to us @

We are only accepting the genres of house, deep house, tech house, tribal house, techno, breakbeats, future bass, and drum-n-bass / drumstep.

NO electro house, progressive house, dubstep, etc.

Submissions will be reviewed as quickly as possible. If you only have one song to submit, that is fine. In addition to artist EPs and LPs, we will also be releasing compilations.

I look forward to hearing your submissions! If you have any questions, please contact at the above e-mail address.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

School Daze out now - a release featuring 11 never before heard songs from Patrick Cowley

Patrick Cowley is back in a way. A recently released 2xLP called 'School Daze' features 11 never heard before tracks, recorded between 1973 and 1981.

from the press release:

Perhaps one of the most revolutionary and influential people in the canon of disco music, Cowley created his own brand of Hi-NRG dance music coined "The San Francisco Sound." Born in Buffalo, NY, on October 19, 1950, Patrick moved to San Francisco at the age of 21. He studied at the City College of San Francisco where he founded the Electronic Music Lab. During this time Patrick created radio jingles and electronic pieces using the school's equipment, first a Putney, then an E-MU System and finally a Serge synthesizer. He made experimental instrumental songs by blending various types of music and adapting them to the synthesizer.

By the mid-70's, Patrick's synthesizer skills landed him a job composing and producing songs for disco superstar Sylvester such as “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)”, “Dance Disco Heat” and "Stars." This helped Patrick obtain more work as a remixer and producer. Of particular note was his 18-minute long remix of Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” and production work with edgy New Wave band Indoor Life. By 1981 Patrick released a string of dance 12" singles, like “Menergy” and “Megatron Man”, creating the soundtrack for a generation. Also that year, he founded Megatone Records and released his debut album. Around this time Patrick was hospitalized and diagnosed with a then-unknown illness: that would later be called AIDS. Prior to his passing on November 12, 1982, he recorded two more Hi-NRG hits, “Do You Wanna Funk” for Sylvester and "Right On Target" for Paul Parker.

In 1981 Patrick was contacted by John Coletti, the owner of famed gay porn company Fox Studio in Los Angeles. John had heard about Patrick's music from the legendary Sylvester and proposed he write music for his films. Patrick jumped on this offer and sent reels of his college compositions from the 70s to John in LA. Coletti then used a variable speed oscillator to adjust the pitch and speed of Patrick's songs in-sync with the film scene. "School Daze" is a collection of Cowley's instrumental songs recorded between 1973 and 1981 found in the Fox Studio vaults. Influenced by Tomita, Wendy Carlos and Giorgio Moroder, Patrick forged an electronic sound from his collection of synthesizers, modified guitars and self-constructed equipment. The listener enters a world of dark forbidden vices, introspective and reflective of Patrick's time spent in the bathhouses of San Francisco. The songs on "School Daze" range from sparse proto- techno to high octane funk to somber post-punk to musique concrete, revealing the depth of Cowley's unique talent.

Featuring over 80 minutes of music, this compilation contains soundtrack music from two Fox Studio films, "Muscle Up" and "School Daze", never before released on vinyl. The tapes were restored and transferred using the same speed and pitch settings, then remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA. The vinyl comes housed in a glossy dual pocket gatefold featuring classic gay porn imagery from the Fox Studio vaults plus an essay from Indoor Life vocalist, Jorge Soccarras. These recordings shine a new light on the experimental side of a disco legend who was taken too soon. All proceeds from "School Daze" will be donated to the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, who have been committed to ending the pandemic and human suffering caused by HIV since 1982.

The album has already garnered positive press from NPR, SPIN and FACT.

I personally love this album. As a DJ I love to explore the roots of dance music, and disco is what gave birth to house music. Patrick Cowley was a very influential producer and remixer, and Menergy is one of my top disco songs of all time. Patrick Cowley took the synthesizer and used it like no one else in his time. He had an influence on a large number of producers in electronic music today.

This release explores the scope of his various production styles and the songs span a range of lengths, from 2 minutes and 38 seconds being the shortest song, and the longest clocking in at just under 16 minutes. Various parts of the album sound like they could have come from Pink Floyd, The Orb and Kraftwerk. This album is highly recommended for fans of any of those groups, as well as any synth music fans, disco fans, etc.

Here are snippets from every song on the album:

This album can be purchased via iTunes by Clicking Here - remember, all proceeds go to the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

Patrick Cowley website

New album out now from Morcheeba!

Morcheeba recently released their new album, 'Head Up High'.

from the press release:

Their eighth studio album, ‘Head Up High’ is written by all three band members, Paul and Ross Godfrey and Skye Edwards with production by Paul Godfrey. The album reflects a series of significant changes in the trio’s lives while marking the success of the bands career spanning eighteen years since the release of their debut album, ‘Who Can You’, an acclaimed trip-hop blueprint and the root of Morcheeba’s universal success and appeal, having sold millions of albums worldwide.

The album plays host to a truly stellar mix of guest artists, from hip hop legend, Chali 2na (Jurassic 5), rap mogul Nature Boy, the smoky vocals of James Petralli (White Denim), cheeky UK rhymers, Rizzle Kicks and the fierce French-Chilean rapper, Ana Tijoux who Paul first encountered on hit TV show, ‘Breaking Bad’. The diversity of guests on the album is an inarguable accolade to Morcheeba, highlighting the magnitude of their career and influence on artist’s whole generations apart.

Here are my thoughts on the album:

Overall, it's a great album. It is lyrically strong - each song tells a unique story. I would personally rate the album a 9 out of 10. There were only two songs I didn't like, and it is personal preference, but I didn't care for the two ballads.

Stand out tracks for me are Gimme Your Love, Under the Ice, Release Me Now and To B. 'Gimme Your Love' was the first single off the LP and is a great way to start the album. It combines elements of trip-hop, funk and contemporary r&b. 'Under The Ice' is a beautiful mid-tempo song with a bit of a 2-step / garage vibe to it. 'Release Me Now' is a great vocal track with an MC backed by some drumstep beats. 'To B' is a really fun mid-tempo song meant for the dancefloor. It combines elements of jazz, swing, turntablism, trip-hop and more.

Other songs from the album I really enjoyed were Face Of Danger, To The Grave and Finally Found You. 'Face Of Danger' is a great uptempo song. It's got great lyrics and would definitely get a party started. 'To The Grave' is a really good bass heavy song. 'Finally Found You' is the closing song and is a sultry r&b duet with little elements of 60's Rock and Country in the song.

I highly recommend picking up this album. It's got something for everyone on it.

Here is an edit of the album version of "Gimme Your Love" :

Here is a full streaming preview of one of the album songs - "Make Believer" :

Morcheeba official site

Morcheeba Soundcloud page

Morcheeba facebook page

Follow Morcheeba on Twitter

Fresh Deep House / House DJ Mix from Kid Creme!

Kid Creme recently posted a fresh new DJ mix of deep house and house music. Listen to the mix below. It is also free to download!

Kid Creme Soundcloud page

Kid Creme facebook page

Follow Kid Creme on Twitter

New EP release from Pete Graham on Food Music

Pete Graham is an upcoming producer / DJ from Birmingham. He makes a fun bass house music similar to stuff you might hear on the Dirtybird label. This is his first release on Food Music. Pete's music has been supported by DJs such as Justin Martin, Eats Everything, Claude VonStroke, Kry Wolf and Shadow Child.

Here is a Soundcloud preview with clips from all 4 tracks on the EP ::

Click Here to buy the EP from Beatport

Free House Track from essess

Not much is known about essess, except that they are a production duo from London. From the looks of things, they are just getting started. This free track is a great start! It is a really good vocal house track with a classic house vibe. Stream and/or download the track, and be sure to follow them on Soundcloud and facebook to get info on new releases from essess.

Here is the free house track from essess, 'Give You Love' ::

essess Soundcloud page

essess facebook page

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New release from Sagia - No Turning Back

If you didn't catch our post from earlier this year about a prior Sagia release, click here to read it now.

Here is a full streaming preview of "No Turning Back" ::

Here is a full streaming preview of the (2000 And One's 98 Step Up VIP Mix) ::

Here is her mix for DJ Mag streaming in full. You can download the entire mix, as well as a Sagia bootleg, just by liking her Facebook page.

Click here to buy this release from Beatport

Sagia Soundcloud page

Sagia facebook page

Follow Sagia on Twitter

Introducing Yasumo

I was just recently introduced to Yasumo by way of a YouTube sample for a recent release. Yasumo is a production / DJ duo from Melbourne. A lot of their production work is in the realm of house / disco house, and they also do a bunch of fun edits and remixes. I've got 5 free remix downloads for you from Yasumo below - please show some love to these guys if you like their music by checking out their other links at the bottom of the post. Thanks!

The Brothers Johnson - Stomp (Yasumo remix) ::

Silver Convention - Get Up and Boogie (Yasumo remix) ::

Earth, Wind & Fire - Boogie Wonderland (Yasumo remix) ::

Missy Elliott & MC Lyte - Fighting Temptations (Yasumo Remix) ::

Lyn Collins - Think (Yasumo Remix) ::

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New music from David Vangel

David Vangel recently released a new EP, 'BNAPTH'. If you haven't heard the name David Vangel yet, click here to check out our previous post on David Vangel.

The new 4-track EP can be purchased via iTunes, or you can order a limited edition vinyl run of the EP served up in a unique cover of an old floppy disk by clicking here

Here is the music video for "DumDum", which I love with it's strong anti-consumerism message.

Here is a song from the EP for free streaming / download - "Little Machinery" :

Enjoy a couple of other free tracks from David Vangel via his Soundcloud page :

David Vangel Soundcloud page

David Vangel facebook page

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David Vangel official site

Belleruche calling it quits

from the press release:

Belleruche have announced that they are saying farewell, or at least, “see you in a bit”; the close-knit London trio have decided to pursue individual creative and personal avenues after eight hardworking, exhilarating and globetrotting years of Belleruche.

Their three core elements of siren-like vocals (care of Kathrin deBoer), innovative guitar (Ricky Fabulous) and hip hop turntablism (DJ Modest) led Belleruche to coin their own genre of Turntable Soul Music; but a constant spirit of experimentation means each record and each live show has held new surprises in store. Recent years have found the band playing with myriad new bits of kit, including Ableton Live; while multi-talented front-woman deBoer has taken up bass guitar duties, as well an array of vocal loopers and delay pedals.

Defined by a down-to-earth DIY ethos and a real affinity with their fans all over the World, Belleruche have always had a boundless enthusiasm for hopping on a train (their preferred transport, for reasons including: the environment, the views and a good old-fashioned sense of adventure), and playing their music to as many people as possible. In addition to headlining major tours in the UK, Mainland Europe, USA, Australia, Russia and beyond, their diverse festival bookings include SXSW, Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party and Montreux Jazz Festival.

When they first started out, having discovered their odd musical chemistry over a cup of tea and a jam session, Belleruche grafted and improvised, lovingly producing three 7”s which attracted the attention of Tru Thoughts. Their debut album, ‘Turntable Soul Music’ pipped the likes of Bonobo and Quantic to become the fastest selling LP in the label’s history, and their unique, genre-blending sound has gone on to gain heavy tastemaker support across the board, from Steve Lamacq to Gilles Peterson (BBC 6Music), Mixmag to The Times.

Tru Thoughts recently released a "Best Of Belleruche" compilation, and the group played their last two live shows on November 8th and 13th in London and Brighton. The recent Belleruche single consisted of a new track - 'Eastern City Lights' as well as a standout track from their 2007 debut LP called "Minor Swing".

Here is the video for Modern Swing :

Belleruche main site

Belleruche Soundcloud page

Belleruche facebook page

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Introducing - Until the Ribbon Breaks

Until the Ribbon Breaks is a fresh new producer that makes some great tracks in the same vein as producers such as DJ Shadow and David Vangel. His various productions can be categorized as hip-hop, trip-hop, downtempo, future bass, and more. Besides being an eclectic and talented producer, he is also a generous one. We've got free downloads below, as well as the video to a great track called "Perspective".

We've got 2 versions of "Pressure", 3 versions of "2025" and a remix Until the Ribbon Breaks did of the song "Royals" by Lorde.

Here is the music video for "Perspective" featuring Homeboy Sandman :

Click here to get a free copy of Perspective from Soundcloud

Until the Ribbon Breaks YouTube channel

Until the Ribbon Breaks Soundcloud page

Until the Ribbon Breaks facebook page

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Until the Ribbon Breaks official site

New release from Timo Maas - Tantra EP

The Tantra single is taken from Timo's newest LP - 'Lifer', which is his first studio album in several years. The original version is a great slice of deep house / minimal techno with a great melody. The EP and LP are released by Rockets and Ponies - the label Timo runs with fellow producer Santos.

In addition to the great original version, there are remixes of 'Tantra' by Tom Demac, James Teej, Atelier Francesco and Wolfgang Haffner. The Tom Demac mix is deeper with a little beefier bassline. The James Teej mixes have a vibe that is similar to the original version, with the vocal version having James add his own original lyrics to the song. The Atelier Francesco version builds slowly into a great minimal techno groove, after the breakdown, it builds back up again and returns with more energy. The EP wraps up with the remix from Wolfgang Haffner. This version is a unique downtempo take on the song, bringing even more emotion to it. Wolfgang Haffner is an ECHO music award-winning German drummer famous for his work with Nightmares On Wax and other artists.

DJ support from a slew of great producers / DJs including Seth Troxler, Maceo Plex, Joris Voorn, Sasha, Dubfire, Tensnake, SLAM, Shinedoe, Max Cooper, Riva Starr, Monika Kruse, Maribou State and Ivan Smagghe.

Here is a full streaming preview of the entire 'Tantra' EP :

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Timo Maas Soundcloud page

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Timo Maas official site

Monday, November 18, 2013

Free Techno banger from Ben Sims!

Ben Sims is an amazing techno producer and DJ, and he recently posted his track "Raw Hide" for free download.

Ben Sims Soundcloud page - a lot of his DJ sets are free to download

Ben Sims facebook page

Follow Ben Sims on Twitter

New Release from Klasse Recordings out now - Classic Acid sounds on all 6 tracks!

Klasse Recordings has just released a great 6-track EP from various artists with the common theme being to create classic sounding acid tracks utilizing the squelchy sounds we have all grown to love from the TB-303. Early DJ support from Maya Jane Coles, Catz N Dogz, Robert Dietz, Osunlade, DJ Sneak and more!

Here is a full streaming preview of all six songs from the EP :

Buy this release and others from Klasse Recordings at Beatport

Klasse Recordings Soundcloud page

Klasse Recordings facebook page

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Free track from Mark Fanciulli

Mark Fanciulli is a great house producer, and he recently posted a track "High" for free download. Here is the stream / download of "High" by Mark Fanciulli :

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Mark Fanciulli Soundcloud page

Mark Fanciulli facebook page

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Introducing Rituel

Rituel (not to be confused with Ritual) is a house alliance formed by Christophe Monier (aka The Micronauts) and Thomas Regnault (aka Dew Town Mayor). Their sound is fairly unique in contemporary electronic music producers, and I can hear them as a current incarnation of Deep Forest from the 1990s.

I've got a great video to watch for the original radio edit of 'Club Zanzibar' :

Rituel- Club Zanzibar (Radio Version) from terrible twins on Vimeo.

Here is a free track to download, The 'Club Znazibar' (extended instrumental) :

I've also got full length streaming previews of all three tracks from their recently released 'Deux Remixed' EP.

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Rituel Soundcloud page

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Rituel tumblr

Rituel Mixcloud page

Free House Track from Andy After Dark

We just got this one in fresh, and I am loving it. A nice deep house twist with the vibe and vocal sample you will recognize from a Fatboy Slim song.

Andy After Dark Soundcloud page - including more free downloads and DJ mixes.

Andy After Dark facebook page

Follow Andy After Dark on Twitter

Friday, November 15, 2013

Introducing Only Girl

Only Girl is a fresh new voice in the singer / songwriter realm of artists that put their amazing voices over ambient / downtempo / electronic music. We did a post on Charlotte OC earlier this week who is also in that same vein.

We have a free download for you, her song 'End Of Time', which The Independent named "one of the best tracks of the year" :

Here is the music video to her song 'Mountain' :

Only Girl Soundcloud page

Only Girl facebook page

Only Girl Youtube channel

Free 12 track compilation from Bullet Train Records

Bullet Train Records released a great compilation this year to celebrate their 5-year anniversary.

I've got some full length songs from the compilation that I really liked below, and here is the download link to grab the zip file from Sendspace with all 12 tracks in there. Download Bullet Train Records compilation zip file here

Bullet Train Soundcloud page

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Free remix of 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds' by The Beatles

Rhythm Scholar did a fun remix of this Beatles classic. He keeps the vibe of the original and adds a bit of a downtempo / reggae-tinged twist.

Rhythm Scholar Soundcloud page - They have lots of other free remixes to download, lots of classic songs remixed.

Rhythm Scholar Facebook page

Follow Rhythm Scholar on Twitter

Free remix of the classic track "Good Life" by Inner City - remix by Topo

This is such a good classic house track, and Topo has done a great job updating so it will work really well in your house sets.

Topo Soundcloud page

Topo Facebook page

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New Video from Charlotte OC

Charlotte OC is a hot up and coming singer hailing from Blackburn, Britain, with a unique voice that sings over mellow / downtempo tracks. The new video is called "Hangover" and is off of her upcoming EP which will be released on November 25th. I've also got a song for you to stream called "Color My Heart".

Charlotte OC official site

Charlotte OC Facebook page

Charlotte OC Soundcloud page

Monday, November 11, 2013

Free Misun remix album from Nacey and Cousin Cole

Nacey is always generous with his music, and this time he gives us a whole remix album of ten tracks by Misun that he remixed with Cousin Cole. Below you will find the entire album for preview, and all tracks are available as free downloads via SoundCloud. The entire set of remixes has a really fun laidback vibe, perfect for warm weather.

Nacey Soundcloud page

Nacey facebook page

Nacey Twitter page

Cousin Cole Soundcloud

Cousin Cole facebook page

Misun facebook page

Free remix from Ben Mono of So High by Big Dope P

This remix is a great house / tech house treat meant for the dancefloor. Free download via SoundCloud.

Ben Mono Soundcloud

Free Techno banger from Solvane and Meat Katie

Solvane is a Producer and DJ based in Berlin. He produced the bulk of the track and Meat Katie provided a "re-rub". DJs - the download is a WAV file, so if you like it, play it out!

Solvane facebook page