Friday, November 22, 2013

Check out the recently released techno EP 'To The Brink' by Sam Russo

This EP from Sam Russo is great! Featuring two original tracks and a remix by John Tejada - all three tracks are great techno / tech house tracks.

Here is a streaming clip of "To The Brink":

Here is a streaming clip of "Wanderer":

Click Here to purchase the EP from Beatport

As a bonus, here is a free DJ mix from Sam Russo to stream and download called Pulse Loves:

Here is the tracklisting for Pulse Loves:

01. Drexciya - Lake Haze
02. Clatterbox - Vector Model
03. Crc - Vaskitsaherra (E.R.P aka Convextion remix)
04. Thomas P Heckmann - Asimov's Law
05. Underground Resistance - Base Camp Alpha 808
06. Kenny Larkin - Lifeforms
07. Scape One - Klaatu
08. Deadbeat - Little Town Of Betlehem (russo's stolen vocal collection version)
09. Innmume - Vorticism
10. Silicon Scally - Deodexed
11. Carl Finlow - Hashtag (Radioactiveman remix)

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