Saturday, November 30, 2013

Free downloads from Jamie Anderson!

Jamie Anderson has been making music for a long time and is a staple in the setlists of most tech house DJs. He has a ton of releases over his storied career, including releases on such labels as Cocoon, Artform, Rekids, Harthouse, OM Records and many more. Here is some praise he has garnered over the years from publications and producers:

“…Jamie Anderson is one of the best loved DJ/Producers in the Tech-House world.” iDJ Magazine

“Jamie perfectly combines the grooving subtleties of house with the twisted funk of techno.” DJ Magazine

“…elevating the sound of what Detroit was all about. He’s taken it to another level…” Derrick May

“Jamie Anderson has carved out a reputation as a producer able to mould techno and house grooves into a sound very much of his own.” DJ Magazine (2001)

“…one of the UK's best at surfing the techno / house hinterland in style.” DMC Update

Here are the free downloads as promised. Four edits / re-works, a remix of "Shake It" - a track released by O&A which is Louis Osbourne and Jamie Anderson, and a DJ mix from earlier this year. If you enjoy the music and the free tracks, show Jamie some love by buying his music from Beatport and checking out his social media links below.

Click Here to purchase Jamie Anderson music from Beatport

Jamie Anderson Soundcloud page

Jamie Anderson facebook page

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Jamie Anderson official site

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