Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New album out now from Morcheeba!

Morcheeba recently released their new album, 'Head Up High'.

from the press release:

Their eighth studio album, ‘Head Up High’ is written by all three band members, Paul and Ross Godfrey and Skye Edwards with production by Paul Godfrey. The album reflects a series of significant changes in the trio’s lives while marking the success of the bands career spanning eighteen years since the release of their debut album, ‘Who Can You’, an acclaimed trip-hop blueprint and the root of Morcheeba’s universal success and appeal, having sold millions of albums worldwide.

The album plays host to a truly stellar mix of guest artists, from hip hop legend, Chali 2na (Jurassic 5), rap mogul Nature Boy, the smoky vocals of James Petralli (White Denim), cheeky UK rhymers, Rizzle Kicks and the fierce French-Chilean rapper, Ana Tijoux who Paul first encountered on hit TV show, ‘Breaking Bad’. The diversity of guests on the album is an inarguable accolade to Morcheeba, highlighting the magnitude of their career and influence on artist’s whole generations apart.

Here are my thoughts on the album:

Overall, it's a great album. It is lyrically strong - each song tells a unique story. I would personally rate the album a 9 out of 10. There were only two songs I didn't like, and it is personal preference, but I didn't care for the two ballads.

Stand out tracks for me are Gimme Your Love, Under the Ice, Release Me Now and To B. 'Gimme Your Love' was the first single off the LP and is a great way to start the album. It combines elements of trip-hop, funk and contemporary r&b. 'Under The Ice' is a beautiful mid-tempo song with a bit of a 2-step / garage vibe to it. 'Release Me Now' is a great vocal track with an MC backed by some drumstep beats. 'To B' is a really fun mid-tempo song meant for the dancefloor. It combines elements of jazz, swing, turntablism, trip-hop and more.

Other songs from the album I really enjoyed were Face Of Danger, To The Grave and Finally Found You. 'Face Of Danger' is a great uptempo song. It's got great lyrics and would definitely get a party started. 'To The Grave' is a really good bass heavy song. 'Finally Found You' is the closing song and is a sultry r&b duet with little elements of 60's Rock and Country in the song.

I highly recommend picking up this album. It's got something for everyone on it.

Here is an edit of the album version of "Gimme Your Love" :

Here is a full streaming preview of one of the album songs - "Make Believer" :

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