Saturday, November 30, 2013

New EP from Derek Marin out now

from the press release:

This new EP on the Superfreq label comes from a close and long time associate of the label and a 20-year veteran of the New York scene, Derek Marin, complete with standout remixes by Drumcode’s Alexi Delano and Alexander Lissau.

As well as running his own labels, Marin has appeared on an esteemed selection of other imprints including Plastic City and Thoughtless, and has countless techno missives in his essential back catalogue. With his two originals for Superfreq he embodies the label’s unhinged spirit perfectly at the same time as adding his own deeply unique spin on things.

Delightfully creepy Opener ‘I Like That Freq’ is a bulbous brew of one-finger bass notes, squelchy percussive rotations and alien echoes that comes right from the freaky dead of night. Some fat chords and heavily filtered vocals help embellish the track, as do some spraying sci-fi synth lines, but the groove remains ever present, ever infectious.

Swede and techno tastemaker Alexi Delano layers in his own melancholic piano keys and places the spraying synths front and center, allowing them to tear across the face of his measured and militant deep house rhythm.

Alexander Lissau is better and formerly known as Superfreq associate Luke vB. The lauded DJ goes even freakier with his great remix, stripping it to a raw kick and bounce inflected with rising scales played on what sounds like a glass, with watery trails leading off in the background and some beautifully tense melody work in the latter half.

Finally, Marin’s ‘We Bide Our Time’ is a patient, loose-limbed groove with eerie sonic whispers that eventually explodes into a brew of tense synth lines and robo-funk loops.

Here are streaming preview clips of all four tracks from the EP:

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As a bonus, here is a free download of a Derek Marin remix for David Kassi (free download from the Soundcloud page):

Derek Marin Soundcloud page

Derek Marin facebook page

Derek Marin Resident Advisor page

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