Friday, December 6, 2013

Introducing Bavaria

Bavaria is John Tejada and Kimi Recor. Their debut artist LP 'We'll Take A Dive' is set for release in February 2014. While 'We'll Take a Dive' will be the first album from the duo's newly cemented partnership, they have appeared as guests on each others releases for nearly a decade. The duo decided to exclude any extraneous instrumentation so that Tejada could focus solely on his modular synth while Recor took on the role to provide that all too vital human element by way of her silky vocal delivery. The album showcases the duo's deft in getting the most out of their instruments of choice while creating a superb darkly-hued electronic pop album that showcases its own unique strain of affecting tension and restraint.

To start generating some buzz for this new project, the duo has given us a free mp3 for you to stream and download, their song "We Break Through" which will be on the album. The download is a full 320kbps mp3.

Bavaria - We Break Through [click to download]

Click Here to go to their artist page and find out more about the duo.

Bavaria facebook page

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