Friday, December 6, 2013

New LP from Debukas out now on 20:20 Vision

The moniker Debukas was just created in 2011, but John Clark has been making music for much longer, including a brief bit of pop infamy in Japan. This album is his first full-length release, having released several EPs on 20:20 Vision. This album is one of those rare electronic music albums that has a great flow and no "filler" tracks.

John Clark cites a variety of musical influences including Gary Numan, 808 State, Arthur Russell, Gino Soccio and and early release on Warp, Transmat and Metroplex. I think all of these influences can be heard to some degree on this album. It has a very organic feel to it, even though the standout instrument on the album is the synthesizer. It is also one of those albums that includes influences from a variety of genres, but for me the overall feel is firmly grounded in classic Detroit techno.

Here are streaming clips of all songs on the LP:

Click Here to purchase the album from Juno Download

Click Here to purchase the album from iTunes

For fans of classic rave sounds, he did an amazing live cover of "Evapor-8" by Altern-8. Here is a full preview of the song, which is free to download, and below that is the video showing him record the song live in the studio. The video shows off his versatility as a live performer.

Here is another live cover that is a free download - this time he covers the classic Detroit techno song "Jupiter Jazz":

One last free download, this is the live version of Debukas covering "Join In The Chant" by Nitzer Ebb:

Debukas Soundcloud page - with quite a few free downloads and some fun re-edits

Debukas facebook page

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